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The Walkthrough Video, Goes Fast


Mobile purchasing and the low battery pop-up are both features I’m looking forward to using when the update goes live. You’ll be able to see when friends were last online when looking at your friends list. You can also share, like, and comment on game clips via the activity feed and Upload Studio app. This update doesn’t, unfortunately, include any of the adjustments to account for Kinectless Xbox Ones we were hoping for, but the update is meaty all the same. Finally, Major Nelson gave us a preview of a feature that won’t be part of the August update.


Coming in a future update is the Friends tab, which will show you your friends’ most-played games, a leaderboard, and friend activity. This feature will apparently be available only to preview users indefinitely until Microsoft feels they have it just right for a full release. The feed is being revamped into a single-column list that is much longer and includes more of the content gamers have requested from Microsoft.

com and, if you use the Xbox One’s ‘instant on’ feature, the content will automatically download for you. The activity feed is getting a pretty big overhaul. The feed reminds me a lot of Twitter. If you’re heavily engaged in the social aspects of Xbox One, this update is for you.

Major Nelson showed off over the weekend a bit of what we can expect during the next Xbox One update, and there’s a lot to look forward to. With the August update, you’ll be able to purchase games and game content via the SmartGlass app or Xbox. A few notification changes are coming as well: Not only is there that low battery indicator in the corner of the screen added a few months back, but now when your battery is getting low, a notification will pop up letting you know so that you can pop in a new set of batteries between matches instead of ending up stuck like a sitting duck outside your Titan. Mobile purchasing is finally coming to Xbox One. Stay tune for the next updates! πŸ™‚

Microsoft Previews Xbox One August Update


This closed beta appears to be a very playable version of the game, so folks who get in will be treated to a lot of the stuff we’ll all see at release. You can, of course, still sign up for a chance to crack into this week’s closed beta. Anyone get into the beta so far. Sign up right here. It runs from today until the 25th, and it’s only on the PC platform.


Speaking of release,The Crew is set to drop for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. As for the walkthrough above It features things like story missions, PvP stuff, dealers, tuners, free roam and playing with friends.The closed beta forThe Crew launches today on PC, and Ubisoft put together a lengthy walkthrough video to give participants a glimpse of what they’ll be getting into. You will need Uplay.

Of course, that means even non-participants will get a look atThe Crew in action for themselves. We’ll have more on the socially suited multiplayer racer as it comes. 11, 2014. I guess that is the end of the story.

Here’s iTunes 12 Like [Screenshots]


And yes, it comes with a brand-new icon as well, ditching the old blue one along the way. With that said, it’s still a major focal for a large portion of Apple users and non-Apple users alike, and although we’ve heard quite a bit about what the Mac maker has in store for iOS 8 and OS X 10. You may also like to check out: OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 4 With Redesigned iTunes 12 Beta Released You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. Nothing ground-breaking here, but it looks good nonetheless. The complete change log of the update is as follows: iTunes 12 beta is available as a part of the new OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 4, and below, you can check out some of the screenshots that we have hand-picked to highlight this new release.


10 Developer Preview 4 and iOS 8 Beta 4, the Cupertino giant has also made iTunes 12 Beta available as part of Yosemite. Given that iOS users are now gathering new content via the iTunes and App Store apps on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices, the iTunes desktop application doesn’t get quite as much attention as it used to. There’s also an intriguing new Family Sharing Feature, which allows you to readily share with family purchases from the App Store, iTunes and iBooks. So, what’s new Well first and foremost, the design has been “streamlined,” as per the change log, and as we think you’ll agree if you happen to check this beta out in OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 4, the subtle alterations do make for a better overall aesthetic.

Users are currently in the process of migrating their digital lives over to this so-called “post-PC” environment that, in many respects, negates the requirement of iTunes’ services. Playlist functionality has also been enhanced, while the info window is now cleaner and easier to digest.It’s been a busy day for software-in-progress over at Apple today, and as well as rolling out OS X Yosemite 10.

This is, in some respects, already possible, but whereas current sharers would need to run the same Apple ID account to share apps, books, music, games and such, Family Sharing makes this possible for family members who wish to still run their own accounts.10, we now have the opportunity to get up close and personal with iTunes 12 beta. As well as some serious design tweaks, there are also quite a few new features packed into this release, and as ever, you can check the details – as well as some first-hand screenshots – right here. Thank you for reading!


Redesigned analog stick index finger

Hori’s layout is designed to allow players to move their character and manipulate the camera with just one hand, freeing up their right thumb for attacks and in-game actions. Hori’s new 3DS slide pad accessory throws this notion out the window: it installs a second control pad on the same side as the handhelds primary input, putting the slider directly behind the console’s L button. The accessory available in both 3DS and 3DS XL variants is available in Japan only, for now, to the tune of 2,980 yen. The accessory is built specifically to accommodate Monster Hunter diehards, but it’s not as odd as it sounds: Japanese gamers have made a habit of modifying Nintendo’s analog accessory into obtuse and unexpected configurations.

Dual-analog controls are pretty standard these days — two analog sticks on either end of a control pad designed to fall directly under the user’s thumbs. Hope you guys enjoy it!


BBC and Android Chromecast support

That’s why it’s also included an option to set medal alerts and access dedicated sections for UK nations, letting you to catch up on related news, analysis and performance charts over the next couple of weeks.Four months after it updated the iPlayer app to play nice with Google’s Chromecast, the BBC has extended support for the streaming dongle to its sport apps. As part of today’s update, BBC Sport users can now stream live and on-demand video to their TV from their iOS or Android device. The feature comes just days ahead of the start of the Commonwealth Games, allowing the BBC to double down on its in-app coverage. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.


Gameloft iOS And Trailer [VIDEO]


The previous games in the Modern Combat franchise have all been hits, and having watched the new launch trailer more than a few times, we see absolutely no reason whatsoever as to why this new installment will be any different. We’ve already got the 24th blocked out in our diaries.Mobile gaming has been growing at an impossible rate ever since the iPhone and Android smartphones arrived, and Gameloft is one developer that has made a handsome business out of games that are built for smartphones and tablets. Gameloft will obviously be hoping for a similar result this time around, too. Titled ‘Modern Combat 5; Blackout," the new game will make an appearance on July 24th and will be available on both iOS and Android.


One of Gameloft’s most successful and indeed most popular games, Modern Combat, has received a launch trailer for the latest game in the franchise. A first-person shooter that gives games on ‘real’ gaming platforms a run for their money, the Modern Combat franchise always loves towards the top of the charts in any app store that it makes an appearance in. Check out the embedded launch trailer and we’re sure you’ll agree that Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a game that any first-person shooter fan will want to check out when it launches. .

You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. The new video shows quite a bit of in-game action and, it has to be said, it looks absolutely awesome. What you think?

Mario June NPDs, of Top


If you’re looking for a rechargeable battery charger for your PlayStation 4, Nyko’s Power Pak might be your best bet. With so many devices including Micro USB ports lately – smart phones, tablets, e-readers, controllers – these sorts of devices are becoming more and more common.99, but it’s already up on Amazon for less than 16. One of the few complaints consistently leveled at the system is the DualShock 4′s incredibly short battery life – the only spot the PlayStation 3 can really claim an advantage. If you’re the type of gamer who turns the system on Saturday morning and off on Sunday evening, Nyko’s Power Pak might be for you.


Nyko aims to double the battery life of the DualShock 4, bringing it from 7-10 hours up to 14-20. Nyko lists the item as retailing for 19.With the not only PlayStation 4 consistently outselling the Xbox One but selling better than anyone could’ve guessed this time last year, it’s hard to pick out too many flaws aside from a strong desire for more games. Order This From Amazon.

Nyko claims the Power Pak doesn’t add substantial weight to the controller or impede its ergonomics. The accessory snaps onto the back of your DualShock 4 controller and includes a Micro USB port, allowing you to recharge the controller while you play just as you normally would. Stay tune for the next updates! πŸ™‚


Space the Works Warner Bros


Mario Kart 8, the PlayStation 4, and WatchDogs are all at the top once again, with very few changes among the rankings. The popularity of the Mario Kart franchise still keeps it afloat, with Nintendo claiming it boost Wii U sales 233 percent year-over-year. The two will carry this path into a dry holiday season, where is it anybody’s chance to take the lead. Interested parties can still register Mario Kart 8 and get a free Wii U game from Club Nintendo. Once again, WatchDogs took the month as the best selling overall game across all five of its major platforms.


Not much of a change over from May on the NPD front. On the hardware front, Sony still reigns supreme with the PlayStation 4. Software was up 47 percent, but new releases were actually down 67 percent without the aid of a new huge hit like The Last of Us. However, despite taking second overall, Mario Kart 8‘s Wii U SKU was the best selling individual game of the month, outselling each separate copy of WatchDogs with 470,000 units.

Overall, hardware sales were up two hundred percent over June, 2013. Watch Dogs PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Mario Kart 8 Wii U Minecraft PS3, Xbox 360 EA Sports UFC PS4, Xbox One FIFA 14 PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One NBA 2K14 PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Wolfenstein: The New Order PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One Tomodachi Life 3DS Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3, Xbox 360 Via Gamasutra. Microsoft claimed that the Xbox One sales have doubled from month-to-month since the Kinect-free 399 option went live on June 9th, but it still was not enough to counteract the PlayStation 4′s momentum. However, the ongoing deal with a free Wii U game most likely can also attribute to its success. That is the news today. Have a great day!

Guess Up-and-Comer That Your Attention


5 million on behalf of parents that were affected. FTC for unauthorized in-app purchases, and even agreed to pay back 32. While Google has committed to working closely with the European Commission to make improvements, no concrete and immediate solutions have been made by Apple to date to address the concerns. In a statement to Re/code, Apple didnt address the European Commissions request head-on, instead taking an opportunity to say it already has strong parental controls in place to avoid issues regarding in-app purchases. Beginning in September, the search giant will no longer list these freemium games, which rely on in-app purchases, as free in the Google Play store.


Under the new guidelines, Google said it is committed to making clear which apps are free and which arent, and also said it will notify developers directly about adhering to EU rules about targeting children. Apple has already been targeted by the U. Amazon is the latest company to come under fire regarding how it handles freemium apps, while Google and Apple have also been at the center of heated controversy.The popular freemium model is getting a swift right hook to the jaw over in Europe.

Right now, its unclear whether the new rules will make their way outside of Europe, or if if these same guidelines will also apply to apps other than games. According to a statement made by the European Commission, Google has decided to change how it refers to so-called free apps to avoid confusion in the future. Weve been working closely with the European Commission and consumer protection agencies for the last few months to make improvements to Google Play that will be good for our users and provide better protections for children, Google said.

However, Apple has said it will address the commissions concerns at so point, though a commitment has not been made just yet. There has been a lot of discussion over how companies and developers handle free-to-play apps, especially when it involves kids accidentally racking up thousands of dollars in in-app purchases.S. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Looking Today We In Total


All apps are great, but we really love apps that go free for a limited time, which is why we feel it’s our civic duty to make sure that you, the dear reader, get to take advantage of such temporary price drops. Download it on iTunes here. We love apps as much as anyone else, and we’d argue possibly a tad more, too. Each new level will bring with it some new enemies to take on.99 FREE / iPhone and iPad Perfect for playing in short bursts, IQ Mission by YUMMY Factory will see you visit eight cities, with the aim of the game being to solve puzzles as you go.


Download it on iTunes here. Download it on iTunes here. Tesla Wars HD 1. If you can avoid the IAP, then this free game is worth checking out.

Today we’ve got a selection of apps that span a variety of categories, so we’re sure that there will be a little bit of something in here for everyone. Awesome. You can then share the resulting slideshow on a variety of social networks, just as you’d expect. A look at any of the app stores and their download figures should set aside any thought to the contrary.

99 FREE / iPhone If you like the idea of inspirational quotes, but don’t fancy taking the time to go and find them, then this app will send you a push notification with a new quote at 12pm each day. Download it on iTunes here. Get Inspired 0. You can share them with your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram followers too, should you find a quote particularly inspiring.

If you’re on the lookout for a new app to try, then you’re going to want to give this little list the once over. Frame Blur for Instagram 0. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.99 FREE / iPhone and iPad Free for the weekend, Slide X Pro will let you create slideshows using your favorite pictures and range of transitions, filters and soundtracks.

Apps are what make the world go round, of that there’s little doubt these days. IQ Mission 2. We’re not going to spoil it any further though, so download IQ Mission to see where that map takes you! Download it on iTunes here. What are you waiting for Get downloading now! Be sure to check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

That’s about as complicated as it gets.99 FREE / iPhone An iPad game that does unfortunately have a range of in-app purchases, Tesla Wars HD is a strategy and reaction game in which you’ll have to beat off a range of enemies armed with things like chainsaws, missiles and fuel tanks. Slide X Pro – Awesome Slideshow Creator 2. Quotes.

99 FREE / iPhone The name of this app really does give the game away. Each completed puzzle will result in a new piece of a map being made available to you. . It’s an app that lets you add blurs to images and then share them directly to Instagram or, should you so wish, save them as your wallpaper. I guess that is the end of the story.


iPhone Display Isn’t It Was


The deal still allows customers to use the Moto Maker service, meaning you have the opportunity to customize your device as you see fit. Yes, the OnePlus One isnt exactly easy to find, butwhat do you knowwe happen to be giving one away. The price cut, via SlickDeals, is valid until Wednesday, July 23, so you only have a few days to take advantage of the deal. The 16GB model typically starts at 399, and so on and so forth.

And it can now be had for just 299 without a contractjust use promo code MBXISMOT. This late into the game, the Moto X might not quite have the allure it once did, especially with a dual-core chip and 720p screen.Were edging closer and closer to a Moto X successor, yet the first device is still holding strong. So, for example, the 16GB model will lowered to 299, the 32GB down to 325, and the 64GB model to 375.

The promo code will slash 100 off each storage option. Still, it features a number of great software tweaks, and you cant beat the Moto Maker option. At that price, though, there is one option in particular you should consider before going down the Moto X route. Any comment guys?


Chromebook Popular Dell Halted Sales


1 from Windows 8 for the general public back in October of last year, though there are still many users who have been unable to make… Read More Original Postby Paul Lilly, Reposted Courtesy of Maximum PC Covering everything from hi-end gaming PCs to tablets, peripherals and home theater rigs, Maximum PCs print and Web editions stay one step ahead of the fast-changing world of everything computer and computing related. Whether its the latest on building your own desktop system, reviews of the latest laptops and accessories, or roundups of the games and software that make your machine go, Maximum PC brings it to you with news, reviews, and years of expertise.A desktop replacement that’s short on compromises Looking to replace your desktop system with a laptop but weary of the performance you might be giving up If so, then you owe it to yourself to check out MSI’s new GT72 Dominator Pro laptop line.1 Upgrade Woes Let’s everyone cross our fingers Microsoft first offered up its free update to Windows 8.


1, and a 9-cell battery. Available in two SKUs, the Dominator Pro is a 17. If that’s not enough horsepower, the GT72 Dominator Pro-007 ups the ante with 34GB of DDR3L-1600 RAM and four 128GB SSDs in a RAID 0 array, along with everything included in the 010 model.0 ports, HDMI 1.

Case in point –Bell Labs, the research arm of Alcatel-Lucent, just set a new broadband speed record of 10 gigabits per… Read More Computers Microsoft Testing Automatic Update to Fix Windows 8.5GHz to 3. TechnoBuffalo is thrilled to bring you the best of Maximum PC right here on our own pages to keep you immersed in all things digital.3-inch laptop that wields an Intel Core i7 4710HQ processor 2.

Both the GT72 Dominator Pro-010 and GT72 Dominator Pro-007 are available now for 2,600 and 3,000, respectively. More From MaximumPC Internet Bell Labs Zips Past Google Fiber to Set Broadband Speed Record Can we get some of that 10Gbps, please Records are meant to be broken, but sometimes they’re downright shattered. All of this hardware goodness comes wrapped in a completely redesigned one-piece aluminum chassis that’s less than 2 inches thick with customizable lighting effects. More specifically, the GT72 Dominator Pro-010 sports 24GB of DDR3L-1600 RAM, along with two 128GB SSDs in a RAID 0 array flanked by a 1TB hard drive 7200 RPM, Blu-ray burner, Killer E2200 Game Networking, Killer N1525 Wireless-AC, SD card reader, Dynaudio speakers with subwoofer, half a dozen USB 3.

4, two mini DisplayPorts, 1080p webcam, SteelSeries full color backlit keyboard, Windows 8.4GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 880M graphics, and gobs of RAM. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

Save Sniper Elite 3 DLC


Don’t look now, but his credits also include beloved classics Batman Forever and Batman & Robin. That little tidbit, whether its urban legend or fact, is far more interesting than the setup of the game. In fact, much of the intrigue of Space Invaders lies around the mystery of the history and popularity of the game. Space Invaders has no storyline, and it has no characters other than the seafood inspired aliens raining down on Earth in a predictable pattern. Standard fare.


If Goldsmancan come up with a clever screenplay in which retro arcades cause pixelated sushi to come down and conquer 1970′s bubble era Japan, I’m totally game. Love triangles, troubled father/son relationships, politics. I can already picture it. Space Invaders is the exact polar opposite with its low detailed sprites and open interpretation, but that it and of itself is why this is also a bad idea.

Think of that wonderfulBattleship movie and you’ll have a decent comparison. studios. For example, the game was so popular in Japan during 1978 that the country suffered from a shortage of 10 yen coins.

Again, far more interesting than the actual game itself. The Wrap points out that the only name attached to the project isAkiva Goldsman, screenwriter and producer of I Am Legend, Winter’s Tale, and the Paranormal Activity franchise. The aliens in the game are inspired by Japanese seafood like squids and crabs, and they are also the first video game “characters” ever in that they have personality and aren’t just blocks and tubes. Yesterday, I pointed out with the Uncharted film that video games are a little too detailed these days with modern day graphics to make an accurate recreation with real life actors.

Is it really Space Invaders at that point, though To make an adaptation, there has to be some kind of story, character, and mythology to wrap itself around, but you won’t find such things here. If Japan can only fight back by training disgruntled Japanese salary men to fire huge tanks with standard arcade decks, sign me up. Judging by his credits though, none of these scenarios is going to be the case, and this will be standard alien invasion fare below the like of Independence Day and the rest of our nostalgia exploitation these days. Space Invaders, the 1978 arcade classic from Japan, has a brand new film in the works at Warner Bros.

It is the most basic setup for a generic alien invasion, and to fill in the gaps, the screenwriters can make up any old trite they please and call it a day. If the war faces crisis because the government can’t whip up the 10 yen coins to train its soldiers, I’ll die of happiness.We’ve seen Hollywood make some really silly choices in the nostalgia it’s exploiting these days, but as a gamer, this is one of the most ridiculous. Thank you for reading!

Watch: Panel Vs Arrow [Video]


The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced in September with a worldwide launch in October.Apples next big smartphone release, known as the iPhone 6 in the interwebs, is set to embrace sapphire glass for its front panel, if countless reports are to be believed. The very thought of putting an arrow through anything at all is rather scary in a lot of ways, but still, its very interesting to see how sapphire holds up. And with the Cupertino outfit having already tested sapphires toughness in the iPhone 5ss Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the iPhone 5 and 5ss camera lens, it was logical to take things up a notch this time around. The first video, which comes from well-known YouTube reviewer Marques Brownlee, explains in detail what sapphire is and how it will be useful to the end-user when the iPhone 6 finally bears fruit.


And as ever, we will be covering the big announcement as it happens, so stay tuned to our coverage. It might stand the test of time by facing a bunch of keys, bumps and mild drops occasionally, but it wont definitely survive a Game of Thrones like battle situation in any case. via: 9to5Mac You may also like to check out: iPhone 6 Specs, Features, Release Date Rumors Infographic: All iPhone 6 Rumors And Expected Features In One Place! 4. With one video pitting the iPhone 6s sapphire glass panel against a sandpaper, and other sees the panel come face to face with an arrow.

The results, as you can see from the video below, are actually quite interesting: The second video – which is a rather daunting one – pits the sapphire panel against a high-speed, air piercing arrow. Yes, an arrow. . And rather than laying down spoilers, it’s best to check out the video embedded below: From both the videos its fairly evident that sapphire is, by no means, indestructible as some had might hoped it to be.

But exactly how tough is sapphire compared to Gorilla Glass, which Apple currently uses in its smartphone lineup A couple of new videos that have surfaced on YouTube aim to find out exactly that.7-inch iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass Put Through Its Paces In Scratch Test Video You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. And the video goes further to test the toughness of the glass by bringing it head-to-head with a sandpaper. Stay tune for the next updates! πŸ™‚


Recommended smartwatch craze skin listening


getpocket.jsv=1″;var w=d.src=”https://widgets. Does Anyone Outside Silicon Valley Even Want a Smartwatch by Kevin Roose, New York Magazine Pocket!functiond,iif!d. But is that enough to attract the masses Do people really want an extension of their phone as a wrist-worn device Music for your Skin by Sujata Gupta, Nova Next The current gadget landscape features a number of devices that provide tactile feedback through vibrations.


com/v1/j/btn. The folks in Mountain View have spent over a year redesigning the typeface for use not only on mobile devices, but also on the screens of wearables and smart TVs.body.src=”https://widgets.

appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; How Google’s New Font Tries to Anticipate the Future by Cliff Kuang, Wired Google first outed its Android-mined font Roboto alongside Android 4. We hope you enjoy the read. With Google’s Android Wear initiative, new options bring closer ties with the operating system and improved aesthetics.getElementByIdi;d.

src=”;;j. Of course, given the FAA’s stance on commercial drones, this could lead to further issues if you’re looking for a bird’s-eye view of your nuptials.

Devices from smartphones to game controllers serve up said alerts for new activity or enhanced experiences.getElementByIdivar j=d.body. That said, shooting a wedding with the remote-controlled vehicles has become an increasingly popular, albeit expensive, option.

It sounds very covert ops, and the team is looking to nix the so-called zero-day issues before they’re exploited by those seeking to do harm.getpocket. Android’s head of design Mathias Duarte tells Wired that “the idea of having a typeface that’s thought out as a UI typeface — that’s not been done before.jsv=1”;var w=d.


getElementByIdi;d.createElement”script”;j.getElementByIdivar j=d.Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web.

Pocket!functiond,iif!d. Medina, The Atlantic It’s no secret that drones have become a popular choice for filmmakers to capture amazing footage without chartering a chopper.appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; The first wave of smartwatches has its popular entries ahem, Pebble, but widespread adoption has yet to take


getElementByIdi;d.appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”;. But what if that sort of dermal interaction could be used to hear music Well, researchers are working on ways to experience music and sound with our epidermis, and not our ears.body.

0 Ice Cream Sandwich a couple years back.getElementByIdi;d.getElementByIdivar j=d.getElementByIdivar j=d.

” Pocket!functiond,iif!;″;var w=d.

getElementByIdivar j=d.jsv=1″;var w=d.getElementByIdi;d.getpocket.

appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; Meet ‘Project Zero,’ Google’s Secret Team of Bug-Hunting Hackers by Andy Greenberg, Wired This week, Google revealed a group of hackers it’s calling Project Zero, tasked with sniffing out security flaws in software. Wired has a detailed look at the cleanup

Pocket!functiond,iif!;j.appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; The Rise of the Wedding Drone by Daniel A. Pocket!functiond,iif!d.


Some weeks, you’ll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.


Russian Gear Screenshot Soldiers Report


Following Microsoft’s news that it was shutting downXbox Entertainment Studios, many began wondering of the fate of various projects under its umbrella. Via Polygon. Of course, that’s a franchise Microsoft is not willing to sacrifice, but we’ll have to see how big of a hit Quantum Break becomes if Microsoft wants to continue its mysterious television show/video game ambitions with the project. Strange that it took the closure of its studio for Microsoft to give us an update on it. “The news of Xbox Entertainment Studios has not impacted our progress and we’re excited toshare more details ofQuantum Breakat Gamescom in August.


Quantum Break has a lot of people excited with the writers and developers of fan-favoritesAlan Wake and Max Payne working on it behind the scenes.” Good to hear. Microsoft is shutting down the studio included with a larger series of layoffs that could affect up to 18,000 employees. Microsoft has issued a statement about the TV-show video game hybrid, and not only will it continue development as planned, but more will be ready to see next month.

Well relax and worry no more. Microsoft will keep several key people aboard to complete projects currently in development like Halo: Nightfall and other Halo projects. One of the biggest of these projects, Quantum Break, is a highlight of the Xbox One’s reveal line-up, and many are worried about its fate. Honestly, I nearly forgot about Quantum Break since its been so long since we’ve seen anything new on it. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Quantum the Shutdown Entertainment Studios

A couple weeks ago, we saw Fox news lift the Bioshock Infinite logo for a segment called ‘Defending the Homeland. How many Russia Today viewers noticed something was off, and how many just saw it as related to the story and didn’t give it a second thought Via AllGamesBeta. As realistic as Metal Gear Solid V looks, it still seems to me to be climbing out of the uncanny valley with obvious telltale signs that it’s CG rather than photography.’ This week, it’s not Fox, but the FOX Engine, as news program Russia Today used a screenshot from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.Video games are appearing in mainstream news in the weirdest ways.

Is it because I play video games all the time Does the image in question, shown below, look like a photograph to someone who doesn’t As the CG used in film becomes ever more convincing, and games along with them, this seems like something that might happen more frequently. The image appeared during an interview with former child soldier, now hip-hop artist, Emmanual Jal. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Amazon version of is ‘imminent’


Even though Amazon has apps for its Android-based Kindle family of devices along with iOS, game consoles, Roku and other TV boxes, the rest of the Android family tree is left out of the party.” The news came at the firm’s Christmas show yes, in July, just go with it, however it’s unclear if it will apply to both phones and tablets. Despite repeated attempts to contact Amazon PR in the US and UK we have not received a response concerning the report, but if an app arrives soon it would help make Amazon a much better competitor against the likes of Netflix and Hulu.Amazon’s video service is well-rounded, with both video-on-demand selection and Prime all you can eat viewing, but there’s one big hole — Android.


He also indicated that work on 4K content is progressing, confirming what we’d heard at CES, but there’s no word on when the high-res video will hit Amazon’s service. That could change soon however, as PC Advisor reports Amazon UK Marketing & Merchandising Director said that an app for the platform is “imminent. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.


The Forward One October 14th


Maybe it’s not such a bad idea. A lot seems to happen in this episode, everything from group in-fighting to Kenny breaking down once again and the birth of a child amidst a zombie raid. Via All Games Beta. I haven’t been keeping up with this one, but most likely, just like the last season, I’ll pick up the whole shebang on a sale or something and give it a straight runthrough. I’m getting the itchy finger to jump in right now before the slow summer months wrap up, and I find myself up to my neck in holiday games.


The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4 will be available next week, and and who knows if we’ll be seeing a Season 3 with all of the other projects Telltale has landed. Tough stuff.We’re coming close to the end of another season of The Walking Dead. Episode 4Amid the Ruins will be available from July 22 for PC, Mac, and PlayStation, July 23 for Xbox, and July 24th for iOS.

Those who are keeping up with this latest season though should empty some time next week to complete the fourth episode. What you think?


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The best experience is delivered on an iPhone 5s thanks to its M7 motion co-processor, and it just might help you break iPhone addiction if you suffer from that.99 – FREE / iPhone Hands down the best TV show tracker for the iPhone. The app features an easy to use interface designed for young minds and sports narration in English, French and Korean. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. Tracking features are there as well, making Quick Fit a dont-miss title for exercise buffs.

Mr. The app provides the normal 7-minute routine, as well as offering additional Quick Abs and Quick Yoga segments.99 – FREE / iPhone An interesting game that gives you reward points for not moving your phone. Superbars basically creates wallpapers for you that, when applied, provide status bar and icon overlays that essentially turn your device into a new one! The app isnt for the iPad just yet, but the developers promise a version is in the making.

Thats it for today – stay tuned for more apps tomorrow. Must have for travelers and people working in global setups.They say no good thing in life is free, but we disagree.99 – FREE / iPad Another title aimed at growing minds, this app is perfect for teaching your little one how to build effective sentences.

Sentence Builder App 4.99 – FREE / iPhone From the infamous Splashtop, this app will basically turn your iPhone into a gesture-supported touch-pad for your Windows 8 PC, complete with all the Win 8-specific gestures. Download it on iTunes here. Download it on iTunes here.

Download it on iTunes here. Over here, theres something free every day – thanks to our daily offerings of best paid apps across the iTunes App Store that can be obtained for free for a limited time. iShows 2. Download it on iTunes here.

Globo 0. 7 Minute Workout 1. The app offers sight words, sentences, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, pronunciation and a lot more, and will find fans even in those households where kids arent the primary focus.99 – FREE / iPhone World clock and weather combined into a beautiful interface essentially summarizes Globo.

Download it on iTunes here. The app allows you to keep track of episodes watched, upcoming releases, when a season is going on break, and loads more, all with an easy to use neat interface. The app features time zone conversion, comparisons and even timers for different time zones. Download it on iTunes here.

Do Not Move 1. Download it on iTunes here. Koope the hedgehog 2. Download it on iTunes here.

99 – FREE / iPhone A great app for non-jailbreak iPhone and iPod touch users who want to change the look and feel of their device.99 – FREE / iPhone and iPad Have toddlers in your household that need some engagement This engaging narrative story book will serve exactly that.99 – FREE / iPhone Seven minute workout techniques are all the rage these days, and for good reason – the method is scientifically proven to be effective.

Superbars 4. Be sure to check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Gesture Touchpad for Win8 0. Today, we have 8 such apps for the iPhone and iPad, and you can browse our findings right past the jump. Thank you for reading!