Mysterious Super Saiyan Ball Xenoverse


Consider it an exclusive peek at our new game if you like, it’s not particularly revealing, but it is fun, that much we guarantee… mostly.Media Molecule, the team behindLittleBigPlanet andTearaway, is working on a brand new PlayStation 4 “project.” We know that because the studio has a, shall we say, teaser trailer Their recent work presented a crazy rendering glitch. This new PS4 project still sits shrouded in mystery, as far as we’re concerned.


Media Molecule is crazy, though, that much is certain. We’ll have more on whatever it is they’re making as it comes. Rather than laugh internally and move along the path towards completion, the studio elected to embrace their mistakes and share the glitch with the world. A rendering error on our new PS4 project caused this trippy sequence of colourful nonsense that begged to be shared.

The clip comes with a word from Media Molecule. This is that video. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂