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Xiaomi Metal Frame Flagship Specs

The companypreviously said it wants to release versions of its Zoe camera app and BlinkFeed news aggregator to a wider range of Android phones.Following Google and Motorola’s lead, HTC is spinning its pre-installed Android apps off into the app store. It also won’t install on any Google Play Edition devices, though if you opted for a stock Android smartphone you probably aren’t interested in HTC’s keyboard anyway. The new app is only available for the latest HTC phones, which presumably includes the One M8, the M7 and newer HTCDesire models. HTC Sense Input is pretty much the same as any standard Android keyboard, and offers predictive typing suggestions and a swipe feature the company calls “trace.

” Today’s update also adds some support for different languages and fixes a few bugs. Today, the company’s Sense Input keyboard popped up in Google Play, paving the way for seamless updates in the future whenever the company wants to push out a small improvement. HTC still hasn’t released either of those apps in Google Play, but following today’s news hopefully we’ll see more Sense software spinoffs in the near future, especially since it means quicker updates to individual apps. Any comment guys?


HTC Application to Google Play


Xiaomi has a history of offering its flagship phones at extremely low prices and the Mi4 is no exception. It’s the first phone from the Chinese company to include metal in its design and it boasts the same top-notch hardware you’ll find inside most other flagship Android phones on the market today. Xiaomi also says the device will get support for international FD LTE standards by the end of 2014, suggesting it may not launch outside of the country until later this year. The design definitely takes some inspiration from Apple, with its metal frame and chamfered edges, though the camera on the back reminds us more of Samsung’s Galaxy S5. The Mi4 offers LTE radios, though it only supports the bands supported by China’s carriers.


Under the hood, the Mi4 packs a Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz, a non-removable 3080mAh battery, a 13-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front-facing shooter, 3GB of RAM and 16GB to 64GB of internal storage no microSD card slot and a 5-inch 1080p display.Xiaomi’s next phone is finally here! The highly anticipated Mi4 was announced earlier today in China. The device starts atCNY 1,999 roughly 322 for the 16GB version, while the 64GB variant is priced atCNY2,499 about 400.

Xiaomi’s new flagship phone will be available in China starting on July 29 with 3G support; the LTE model won’t hit the market until September.. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂


Relive gamepad that real thing


Nintendo may never make the mobile games you’d need to complete the experience, but this may be the closest you get to reliving those many, many hours spent playing Mario forum member Ryukouki says that the NES30 is much-improved over its ancestor, the Famicom-inspired FC30. Indulging your nostalgic side will cost you 40, and you’ll face the inherent risks that come from importing a gadget from overseas. games in the family den.


The NES30 can talk to Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, and it can even double as a fairly awkward-looking Wii remote in a pinch. Even if it’s not quite true to life, you might not mind given the very broad device support. However, it might be worth the effort — GBATemp. The four extra buttons aren’t exactly true to the 1985 original, but the overall look and button presses are reportedly faithful to what you remember.

We’ve ripped apart knock-off gadgets more than a few times, but there are moments where a company’s urge to mimic others will pay dividends. Take 8Bitdo’s recently released NES30, for example: the Bluetooth gamepad recreates as much of the NES controller’s design as possible while still keeping its feet planted in the modern era. I guess that is the end of the story.


Amazon but you’re the sequel

Whether you use security or not and you should, a swipe to the left on the lock screen pulls up Amazon’s “photo locker,” a quick-access picture album that you can customize as you see fit. It had a hard time looking through sun glare and shrink wrap, and Firefly couldn’t grab information from an angle or at a distance read: more than 10 feet away. If Amazon wants to make the Fire phone successful, it’s not going to do so by making it available to just one network in the world. It simply doesn’t benefit the user enough. It’s also not launching with any international availability.


eng”eng. Firefly Another new feature on the Fire is called Firefly. But there’s a twist. Amazon Fire OS 3.

It scanned music and shows with near-perfect accuracy. Unfortunately, the company has a few lessons to learn before that’s going to happen. The only button is a Samsung-esque home key that protrudes out of the glass underneath the display. CEO Jeff Bezos says the only way to do that is to differentiate; to wow potential buyers with new features they didn’t even realize they needed.

First, the Fire has no official back button, as you’re supposed to swipe up from the bottom bezel instead. This is about average for a battery of this size, but then again, Amazon’s fancy features weren’t running at the time. Gestures were inconsistent, however, and I noticed quite a few hiccups.

Finally, the bottom of the phone houses a stereo speaker, mic and micro-USB 2. From there, the camera snaps a picture. It could easily pick up a large number of products within a couple seconds — even something as basic as an office telephone popped up immediately as I waved the phone in front of it — but this happened roughly 75 percent of the time. Long-press the camera button on the side of the phone, and you’re presented with a viewfinder with white bubbles moving all over the screen.

These specs sound great on paper, and we were hopeful when Bezos showed photos where the Fire’s shooter clearly beat out the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5. Though it’s not horrible by any means, the Fire’s display quality is not on par with other flagships.9 mm 5. Mayday One of Amazon’s most brilliant features is Mayday.

62 x 0. Also, I found the Fire was less consistent about keeping shots in focus in these conditions. White balance aside, the camera is decent enough for both night and day, even though it’s not the best in either situation.eng”eng.

But the only way you can use it is by paying an arm and a leg for international roaming plans or finding a place willing to provide you with the proper unlock code. If you’re already wary of Big Brother, the idea that five eyes are looking back at you won’t help your anxiety. and it didn’t work; she had to put the phone down after just two minutes. It’s a neat feature and developers may come up with some cool uses for it, but it isn’t enough to persuade millions of iPhone and Android users to leave their preferred platforms, and possibly carriers, to try it out — even if they are loyal Amazon shoppers.

The video quality isn’t quite as good as other flagships, but otherwise there’s very little to complain about aside from the difference in resolution. The other 25 percent was an exercise in frustration: Either it’d take too long to find anything, or it wouldn’t pick anything up at all. The company opened up the software to developers last month, and the Appstore already boasts over 60 titles with the 3D effects added in. It has a 4.

If you’re a tech enthusiast and you have relatives who aren’t as savvy as you are, you understand why Mayday is such a smart idea.0 aperture and optical image stabilization OIS. The service, which debuted on the Kindle Fire HDX tablet, promises to connect users with knowledgeable tech advisors in 15 seconds or less. 70 Amazon Fire Phone Pros Mayday provides quick access to tech support Comes with free year of Prime membership Good call quality Cons Exclusive to AT&T, no global options 3D effects can cause motion sickness Limited ecosystem Dynamic Perspective and Firefly need some work Unique features hamper battery life and performance Summary Amazon’s debut phone isn’t bad, per se, but there’s little incentive for anyone to switch carriers or platforms to buy it.

engReviews” Regardless of the bells and whistles on offer here, Amazon is walking down a difficult path: The Fire is only available on AT&T, and at 200 on-contract 650 full retail, it’s going up against high-end devices from companies that have been making phones for years. We accepted the challenge. The other stereo speaker is on the top, between the 3. This is perfect anytime you need a nap or have a work project you want to focus on.

Again, it sounds great on paper, but I wasn’t impressed. A 22 value — what a steal! This might make sense if the products I scanned weren’t available in Amazon’s store, but they were. Amazon Fire phone review See all photos 48 Photos when.init” Hardware Amazon appears to have put so much effort on the Fire phone’s unique features that it didn’t focus on making the device attractive.

It works well in some games, such as the Rubik’s Cube one, and an adventure game called Lili, which lets you steer by moving your head. The only exception is the One M8, which weighs exactly the same as the Fire and has a more premium-feeling aluminum body. Click here to see my sample shots in their full-res glory. The Fire’s camera did a good job capturing detail in daylight, but it had a warmer white balance compared to competing phones.

Vertically, it has a carousel on top and a standard app grid below; horizontally, there’s a slide-out menu for Amazon apps and services on the left and a tray for weather and upcoming appointments on the right. But if you’re making the move from a smaller smartphone — an iPhone, perhaps — it’s going to take some time to get used to a larger handset. The Fire is thicker than the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5, just as thick as the LG G3 and thinner than the One M8 and Moto X. When I scanned a Super Mario game’s instruction book, for instance, it showed me a Mario backpack.

0 20,195 22,236 25,548 Vellamo 3. It’s not as feature-rich as Siri, Cortana or Google Now, but it’s better than nothing: You can tell it to make calls, do web searches and send texts or emails. Dynamic Perspective might be useful in a few cases games, mainly, but it won’t provide the user with functionality they’d sorely miss if they went with an iPhone or flagship Android device. It looks more like a prototype than a phone that’s supposed to compete against well-designed beauts like the iPhone 5s, LG G3 and HTC One M8.

Camera Amazon didn’t skimp on imaging performance: The camera here has a 13-megapixel sensor with a five-element lens, f/2. Most phones have some sort of quiet hours feature, but this option comes in handy if you need to do it quickly or simply don’t feel like messing with your Do Not Disturb settings.7-inch 720p LCD panel, which offers a relatively unimpressive pixel density of 315 ppi. as long as you don’t activate Dynamic Perspective and Firefly.

It’s comfortable to hold and my thumb could reach nearly every part of the display, so I rarely felt like I had to use two hands unless I was typing a message.init” You can also double-click the home button to bring up a list of recent apps, whereas a long-press will prompt the Fire virtual assistant.0 not supported on Fire phone, so 2. The competition As I mentioned earlier, the Fire’s exclusive deal with AT&T severely limits its potential.

In most cases, I had to remain completely still in order to get a clear picture, and had to discard several shots that came out blurry. This is most useful for bragging rights; all you have to do is whip out your phone and in two seconds you can show your friends how much those kids of yours have grown. The sides are protected with a rubberized polyurethane material, however, which should improve the phone’s chances of survival if dropped.eng”eng.

If I may be picky, I’d like to customize this setting to fit whatever length of time I want; otherwise, it’s a feature I’d like to see on more phones. The company claims that’s because Firefly is optimized for the Fire, and while that may be true, availability on other platforms would translate into more sales on Amazon’s site — the company’s bread and butter. Much like Dynamic Perspective, my experience with Firefly was hit-or-miss.0LE SoC 2.

” At times, it’d scan an object and present me with a similar item, but not the actual product itself. On several other occasions, wrist flicks would bring up the exact opposite menu of what I intended. Also keep in mind that if you paid for an app in the Play Store, you’re going to have to pay for it again. Its effects were just as strong as the parallax feature introduced on iOS 7.

All of these factors will severely limit the number of phones Amazon can sell; very few people will want the Fire desperately enough to switch carriers or go through the hassle of unlocking it.4.5 Android-based Android 4. In my endless-video loop test, meanwhile, the phone lasted nearly nine hours before dying.

As long as you stick to official Amazon titles and services, you likely won’t run into the same issue. This means the rep will stay on the line with you and answer other questions while you wait. It topped the other two devices in a couple benchmarks and held its own on most of the others. You can pin specific apps to the front of the carousel and remove unwanted ones altogether, but you can’t reorder them.

Sadly, the front is a massive contrast to the minimal back, with the five lenses being the primary culprits. Another miss is the fact that Amazon isn’t planning to port Firefly over to iOS or Android. In Sonic Dash, for instance, you can only use it to look around the main menu, so there’s no in-game functionality; Mint.

Amazon also made a misstep with the Fire’s primitive Bluetooth connectivity.11 oz Screen size 4. The phone then scans each detail and places it into a clipboard that you access by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Although the gestures effectively allow you to get to different places in the phone with only one hand, it becomes less effective when you have to actually use a finger to select something.

So if you plan on using Firefly for comparison shopping, make sure you shop for an external charger first. The Fire only packs a 2,400mAh battery, which is small compared with the competition. These unique offerings include 3D head-tracking, product scanning and fast help from customer service agents. The company owes its success to millions of loyal online shoppers and bookworms who use Amazon for its convenience and aggressive pricing, so why come out with a smartphone that isn’t particularly convenient, and isn’t particularly cheap By no means is the Fire a horrible phone, but it’s a forgettable one.

In these cases, the effects would pause for a couple seconds before catching up with my movements. This strategy worked out fine for the original iPhone in 2007, but times are different now, and Amazon doesn’t hold enough sway to get its members to switch platforms or carriers or both on top of paying 200 on-contract. The Fire phone also comes with the feature built in; head to the quick settings to find a dedicated Mayday button. One of the nicer, but more low-key touches on the Fire is a setting that allows you to change your sound profile to silent for three hours, after which time it’ll revert back to normal mode.

Think of it like a window or doorway: When you move your head to the right side, you can peer through and view more stuff to the left that you couldn’t see when looking at it straight on.galleries.64 ounces 160g, it’s heavier than the competition.0 charging port, while the left side features a volume rocker, camera/Firefly quick-access button and nano-SIM slot.

The use of glass on the front and back is a throwback to the Nexus 4 and iPhone 4/4s, which means it’s a fingerprint magnet and more susceptible to breaks than polycarbonate.0 v4. Even worse, the phone is locked to only function with AT&T SIM cards, so if you plan to travel internationally, you’ll need to be lucky enough to get an unlock code, either through the carrier or unofficial means. HDR was subtler and less cartoonish on the Fire than on the Galaxy and about the same as on the iPhone.

Despite the fact that it’s now two generations behind the current flagship processor, it’s still a solid enough chipset that it should take care of business handily. Also, the LED flash on the Fire is noticeably less bright than on the iPhone and GS5. But many apps only use the tech as an afterthought. And at 5.

Flick the phone right or left to open up side panels with menus, settings and other features; a swivel motion opens the quick settings and notifications panel; and moving your head up or down tells the phone to begin scrolling through text yep, just like Smart Scroll on Samsung phones.init” I’ll break down the Fire’s low-light performance first, since this was one of the camera’s top selling points. It doesn’t feature a microSD card slot, however, so you’ll need to shell out another 100 if you want the 64GB model. These menus change based on which app you’re in.

Its unique features don’t provide enough utility, and come at the expense of both battery life and performance. You can also look at objects from different angles — in a Rubik’s Cube game, you can see “around” the sides of the cube just by moving your head — and if that object is in the foreground, you can actually take a look at what’s behind it, simply by shifting to the left or right of the screen. On a positive note, the viewing angles are good and text is still crisper than I would’ve expected.2 x 66.

Arguably the most intriguing part of the OS is the Carousel. The phone’s GPS also performed admirably, helping me navigate multiple routes without any lost connections. Wrap-up The Fire’s defining features are fun, but I can’t help but feel as though they’re merely gimmicks designed by Amazon to demonstrate the company’s brilliance — and at the expense of battery life, to boot.2 ms 752 791 918 GFXBench 2.

Now you can perform an action related to the item: Call a phone number; visit a website; or purchase something through Amazon. Although the Fire doesn’t lag too far behind its flagship competitors, Amazon put so much effort into what makes it unique that it didn’t focus enough on everything else. The device comes with Fire OS 3. These two things are such a huge drain on the device’s battery that I had to charge it up twice in the same day — once in the early afternoon and again later that night.

If any good can come out of Amazon’s partnership with AT&T, it’s this: If you ring up Mayday with a bill concern or carrier-related technical problem, the Amazon rep will “warm transfer” you to AT&T’s tech support department. Most, if not all, competing devices support version 4. Meanwhile, apps load reasonably fast and I didn’t experience any crashes. Weight 160 g 5.

On a positive note, it didn’t have a problem keeping motion smooth; however, it did so at the expense of detail — and it re-focused more than it should have in broad daylight. Fire Phone Samsung Galaxy S5 AT&T Pricing 199 on contract; 650 retail 199 on contract; 650 retail Dimensions 139. Even if Dynamic Perspective performed better, and even if it doesn’t make you sick, it’s still a tough sell.59 x 2.

It could be the ultimate guilty pleasure for the impulse buyer: Scan a friend’s Blu-ray disc; immediately compare several online prices; and order the cheapest option right away. That said, the Fire’s lower-res screen likely had an impact on at least one or two scores.7 T-Rex 1080p Offscreen fps 22. It’s similar to the approach used on the Nokia X and other devices sold in China because this gives manufacturers the flexibility to build whatever they want without being forced to use Google Play Services like the Play Store, Gmail, Games and Google, to name a few.

It wasn’t uncommon to lose 10 percent of my charge in a half-hour.0LE, which makes it possible for phones and wearables to communicate with each other.eng”eng.1 inches Screen resolution 1,280 x 720 pixels 315 ppi 1,920 x 1,080 pixels 432 ppi Screen type IPS LCD Super AMOLED Battery 2,400mAh 2,800mAh Internal storage 32 or 64GB 16GB AT&T version External storage None Up to 128GB, microSD Rear camera 13MP, OIS 16MP Front-facing cam 2.

I’ve confirmed that the Fire’s hardware technically supports this version, but its firmware doesn’t — at least, not yet. The device takes the details of your position and adjusts the field of view on your display to mimic the way you’d actually see things in real life. Concerned about how Dynamic Perspective may affect those with motion sickness, I asked Amazon reps if they’ve received any negative feedback so far.7 inches 5.

Since I prefer using my left hand, however, this was a big pain point. My calls into Mayday connected between 10 and 20 seconds, with my average wait time coming out to the promised 15 seconds. With my permission, each rep was able to view and remotely control my device to answer my questions; one rep even drew on my screen to show me how to get to a desired feature.8 27.

Choppiness was the most frequent issue, and it usually occurred because I was moving my head around too much and the sensors simply couldn’t keep up.5 x 8. As I mentioned earlier, Dynamic Perspective struggled from time to time, but unfortunately it also seemed to have an effect on other areas of the OS. It’s also capable of taking 1080p video at 30fps, recording at a bit rate of 20 Mbps.

As you spin it, you’ll find many of your recent apps with timely notifications. And since Dynamic Perspective is used in tasks both small and large, it seemed to have an impact on the performance of the entire phone. Not only is the Fire lacking in useful new features, but its high price and exclusivity to AT&T guarantee its irrelevance. Many lackluster cameras can at least earn a few brownie points by adding manual controls to let you take matters into your own hands, but the Fire has a minimal interface that features a toggle for HDR and flash, as well as the option to take pictures in lenticular mode aka, GIF-making mode and panoramic mode.

If that bothered you as well, you’ll want to turn off Dynamic Perspective in the settings right away. The 200 model comes with 32GB of internal storage, which beats out the 16GB that the iPhone 5s and GS5 offer at the same price.

After taking a hiatus from smartphones for a couple years, it first made its big comeback on Google’s Project Tango phone and then on the Fire phone. It uses Kinect-like cameras “invisible infrared illumination sensors” that can detect where your head is positioned and how far away it is from your phone.7 was used. On a related note, the phone is locked even when you buy it at full retail price directly on Amazon.

It isn’t able to scan street addresses, which you could then pull up on a map; it can’t read information on a whiteboard or notepad; and it can’t see signs for restaurants or other businesses. At least the Fire comes with a free year of Prime membership a 99 value to sweeten the deal, but the same price can also get the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, iPhone 5s and LG G3, all of which have better displays, faster performance, stronger ecosystems and, in most cases, longer battery life. Firefly has a lot of potential, but it’s only scratching the surface when it comes to convenience and usefulness. Software Existing Fire tablet owners may be the most willing group of people to buy Amazon’s first phone because they’re already tied into the company’s ecosystem.

After producing a long line of e-book readers and tablets not to mention a set-top box, Amazon has its sights set on the smartphone market. Despite being an AT&T exclusive, the carrier’s logo is nowhere to be seen on the device front or back. Firefly’s missing out on a few golden opportunities.galleries.

I prefer real-world experience over numbers, but for our readers who prefer the opposite, check out the benchmark-comparison table above.perm. The real test came against the iPhone, which holds its own in dimly lit conditions. It’ll also catch TV shows, movies and songs so you can buy or rent flicks at your leisure, find them on streaming services and locate a band on StubHub.

But finding success here won’t be easy, even for an established tech giant like Amazon. Gaming was exactly as fast and smooth as I’ve come to expect from a Snapdragon 800. Only two work at a time, but Amazon added four total lenses just in case a couple are obscured.

32 in. So they challenged my wife — who’s susceptible to getting sick from viewing moving backgrounds — to try it out. Performance and battery life Deep inside the Fire phone, a 2. Battery life is average and will last a full day.

Finally, you can tilt the device slightly to “peek” at your status bar if it’s normally hidden. Programs based on Google Play Services, such as Gmail, immediately crash. In most areas, the Fire can contend in the big leagues despite the fact that it’s on a previous-generation chipset running at a lower clock speed.48 x 2.

5mm headphone jack and power key; the latter is placed on the left side, which is perfect if you hold the phone in your right hand. GFXBench’s app uses Dynamic Perspective in its home screen so that each box looks like it’s moving. This is far lower than the GS5, One M8 and G3, and only a few ticks below the iPhone 5s.

The Fire outperformed the Galaxy S5, and it wasn’t even a close call; the images on the Fire picked up more light and were far less noisy.1MP 2MP NFC Yes Yes Radios LTE: 700/800/850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600 HSPA: 850/900/AWS/1900/2100 GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 LTE: 700/850/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600 AT&T HSPA: 850/1900/2100 AT&T GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 AT&T Bluetooth v3. Dynamic Perspective is primarily used in games, lock screens and maps iconic landmarks seem to poke out of the screen if you look at them from the right angle, but Amazon subtly applied it to app icons as well; as you tilt the phone or lean your head to one side, you can see the icons move too. I discussed gestures earlier, but there are a few other tricks worth noting.

In general, the phone’s performance is solid. Even when phone numbers and websites were nearby, it’d sometimes take two or three tries before giving me an accurate read.7 inches and the sides are easy to grip.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 chipset is running the show.

I prefer it this way. Gestures Thanks to its relatively petite size, the Fire functions well as a one-handed device. If you want to download apps, you’ll need to do so through the Amazon Appstore, which features 240,000 titles. On one occasion, I scanned an “888” number and Firefly thought it started with “408.

when. I monitored CPU usage with the 3D effects turned on and off, and indeed, there was a considerable difference; all four cores worked harder and more consistently when the feature was turned on. One of the biggest disappointments about the Fire phone is its agreement with AT&T. They told me that they hadn’t; it’s less likely to make you sick, they said, because the user is in control of how far and how fast the effect goes the same way many people experience less motion sickness when driving than they do in the passenger seat.

The difference is that Amazon’s implementation is more extensive than the rest it comes with more features and boasts a catalog of 70 million products to draw from and it’s open to developers, so other services can take advantage of the feature. The audio quality is better than most. And though the camera takes perfectly acceptable shots with the appropriate amount of detail, my own image comparisons with the same three phones didn’t always come out in the Fire’s favor. 142 x 72.

5, a proprietary operating system based on the Android 4. You know, the phone’s two most unique features. User interface The Fire OS experience is much different than what you’ll find on any other phone in that it has both vertical and horizontal components. Executives emphasized that the Dynamic Perspective cameras act as sensors, and any images or data they collect are never stored anywhere on the phone; everything is deleted almost immediately, and none of it can be accessed through another part of the device.

Amazon has added one-handed gestures to help you navigate through different parts of the operating system without needing to use a second hand. The back isn’t as busy as I expected. Just don’t get too close to the edge and you’ll be fine. I’ve also uploaded test shots I took with the iPhone and Galaxy S5, which you can find here and here.

Dynamic Perspective works well most of the time, but I still noticed plenty of flaws. Amazon’s goal was to make the Fire ideal for one-handed use, and indeed, it succeeded: The screen measures a manageable 4. This means Fire OS is all about Amazon. Turn the extra features off, and you’ll have a grand time using the phone.

In order to win over customers, Amazon has to convince them that the Fire is worth dropping loyalties, switching carriers, resigning contracts and handing over a lot of money. Be careful, though: On several occasions, I found myself looking at an unwanted drawer when I was actually swiping through my photo albums. Each app has a list of relevant details underneath it, and the content often depends on what you look at the most. Calls were clear; in-call volume was more than adequate; and the stereo speakers were loud, if a little tinny.

Amazon Fire phone sample shots See all photos 49 Photos when.2 TouchWiz Unique features Dynamic Perspective The 3D fad didn’t die — it just went on vacation for a while.1 mm 5. There’s a Kinect-like sensor on each corner and a selfie cam just to the right of the earpiece on the top.

That may sound like a lot, but this is only a fraction of the Play Store and iOS App Store size; it’s even smaller than Windows Phone’s selection! Quality certainly trumps quantity, of course, and I’ll give Amazon some credit for having a lot of popular apps, but I recommend you check out the store before you buy the phone to see if your favorite apps are in there. You’ll see your most recent emails — complete with the first two lines of each one — as well as missed texts, settings you’ve opened lately, your most frequented websites, suggested apps in the Appstore and even third-party stuff like a Zillow app that displays a list of the last few houses you’ve looked at. I wish only third-party apps were half-baked, but unfortunately the performance issues are more far-reaching than that. Point the camera at a phone number, email address, website, product, book or bar code, and the bubbles will congregate over the relevant information.

Is there a reason to be concerned about having five cameras staring back at you Not according to Amazon.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801, Adreno 330 GPU RAM 2GB 2GB WiFi dual-band a/b/g/n/ac dual-band a/b/g/n/ac, WiFi Direct, Operating system Fire OS 3. Doing the same for a bottle of Coke, I was prompted to buy a soundtrack of every Coke commercial from 1962 to 1989.35 in.

All you’ll see here is Amazon’s logo near the top and the obligatory federal certification details near the bottom; aside from that, the camera, LED flash and mic are neatly tucked away in the top-right corner.85 x 0. If you’ve heard of this before, that’s because it’s been done before, to an extent, by Microsoft, Google, Apple and app makers like Shazam.5 x 8.

You’ll encounter fewer frame skips and stutters. Many times, a flick of the wrist or hand swivel wouldn’t do anything, so I’d have to exaggerate the gesture once or twice before it did what I wanted.2 open-source platform AOSP. It simply can’t reach as many customers when it’s only available on one carrier in the entire world.

You might want the eventual Fire Phone 2, perhaps, but for now, you’re better off sticking with what you know. You can do the same from every side: The top pulls down quick settings and notifications; the left brings up the Amazon tray; and the right accesses your miscellaneous drawer. Out of curiosity, I sideloaded the Pebble app it’s not available in the Amazon Appstore and tried to pair my Steel with the Fire; it connected successfully, but the Pebble consistently dropped its connection within a couple minutes. Of course, since Fire OS is based on Android, it’s easy to sideload apps known as APKs as long as you know how to get them.

galleries.0. With the Fire phone, the online retailer is coming in as an unproven underdog, hoping to bring iPhone and Android users into its fold. The comparison was much closer this time, but the iPhone ultimately came out on top because it was able to grab more errant light and with less noise.

4 27. On a few occasions, the feature stopped working entirely after I sideloaded and ran apps that aren’t available in the Amazon Appstore more on that later; it immediately began working again after I stopped running those apps.9 CF-Bench 29,321 35,352 30,414 SunSpider: Lower scores are better. You can have as many as you’d like.

Other apps may not work properly either, and as I mentioned earlier, some of them may even adversely affect the defining features on the Fire. I don’t expect it to get everything right within a couple seconds, but it needs to be able to recognize more types of stuff for it to become a part of my regular app selection.5 screenshots See all photos 58 Photos when. It seems pretty clear, then, that Amazon is trolling us.

2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, Adreno 330 GPU 2. Yet Amazon’s inaugural phone feels thicker than all of them due to its blocky design: The sides are mostly blunt, but they taper toward the back, which lies completely flat. But there were other times in which barely tilting the phone at all triggered a gesture. Its colors are accurate and the 590-nit display is incredibly bright, which makes a difference when you’re trying to read the screen in direct sunlight.

This means that if you use a smartwatch or a fitness band, you’ll want to hold off on buying the Fire until it’s updated with official support.64 oz 145 g 5. Of course, this is one of the Galaxy’s major weaknesses, so that wasn’t much of a surprise.0 1,784 1,676 1,761 3DMark IS Unlimited 14,145 10,757 16,662 SunSpider 1.

Unless Amazon can drum up stronger developer interest, you’re likely to see lots of apps like this with half-baked implementation. Fire phone Samsung Galaxy S5 AT&T LG G3 Quadrant 2. Instant Video, Kindle books, Newsstand, Music, Audible audiobooks and Games are all included here. The Fire’s loaded with cellular connectivity: The phone is compatible with nine LTE frequencies for use in most parts of the world, in addition to penta-band HSPA and quad-band GSM/EDGE. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


Google’s for Android out now

You might not like everything about the new storefront — there’s considerably more scrolling involved, for one thing. On the whole, though, it’s both prettier and easier to understand at a glance.twitter. Our latest update is rolling out right now! We’re excited to share a sneak peek of what you’ll get in the coming days pic.It looks like you won’t have to wait long at all to check out Google’s visually rich Play Store revamp — it’s rolling out now.

com/k5BidxR4Vu – Google Play GooglePlay July 23, 2014. The refresh doesn’t appear any different on the surface, but a quick dive shows very different product pages that are clearly inspired by the company’s multi-layered Material Design philosophy. The revamp should reach your device within days, but Android Police has an installer if you just can’t wait to see what’s new. Cover art plays a much larger role, and details like rating overviews and genres have been moved into easy-to-read icons. Any comment guys?

Apple Out All Right Here


Its not a huge deal, but worth noting. Lines are smooth, the curved back fits well in your hand.3 or 2. If you fall into that second category, and prefer a softer touch, the One E8 is the device for you.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor depending on where you buy it, BoomSound speakers, 13-megapixel camera 5-megapixel front, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage microSD expandable, 2600mAh battery and dual-SIM support in select markets.


Strangely enough, HTC decided to put the volume rocker on the right side, right where your thumb would go, and displace the power button to the very top, which is difficult to reach with one-handed use. While its not as flashy as its M8, HTCs latest polycarbonate device is very nice, and should really appeal to those who want something more affordable compared to its more premium aluminum cousin. Even though it doesnt sport the same aluminum build of the M8, the E8 is surprisingly well-built, and features wonderful quality considering whats on display.2 KitKat and Sense 6, 1.

Others love it because of its great feature set and terrific software. Also gone is the M8s Duo Camera, though were really not all that sad to see it gone, to be honest.4.People find the HTC One M8 most appealing for its killer aluminum design.

On either side of the display are SIM trays, while the bottom feature a microUSB port and 3. A lot has been said about HTCs design prowess to the point of nauseation, but it bears repeating even in a device with no aluminum to speak of. The E8 is essentially the M8s polycarbonate cousin, coming with many of the devices features without the aluminum build.

The HTC E8 is mostly tailored for Asian markets, though it could make its way to more areas soon. I will say, though, that it does feel a little slippery, though no less than the M8.5mm headphone jack. Other specs include Android 4. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂


Apple’s Revealed In ‘iTime’ Patent


If you thought Apple was going to follow what others are doing for smartwatches, you couldnt have been more wrong. Of course, its not clear whether this is the rumored iWatch that weve all been so anxiously waiting for it might be that this device is something entirely different that Apple is working on but its exciting, and sure has the potential to give Android Wear a run for its money. Not only does it help production costs and efficiency, but also puts more control in the users hands with respect to what functionality theyre after. On the connectivity front, the patent outlines a personal wireless network that will enable communication and data sharing with the connected iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or even computer. source: USPTO You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.


Looking at the patent, it appears that Apple plans on achieving this high-level of functionality and features courtesy of sensors embedded in the watch strap. Should the iTime patent be indicative of anything, it shows that Apples different approach towards putting the sensors in the wrist band might actually pay off. The device is comprised to two distinct components, each lending its own bit to the overall feature set. Also, the patent refers to the device as being a wrist phone, which might indicate some form of cellular connectivity as well, although its practical implications yet remain unknown.

The patent, as the name suggests, appears to be for a smartphone connected watch that doesnt restrict itself to serving notifications from the accompanying device it offers advanced features such as proximity sensing, wrist and arm gestures, GPS positioning and much more. Or, at least, thats what the iTime patent that the Cupertino-based company was granted is having us believe. What it also indicates is that the users will be able to swap straps for different features, depending on what theyre after.  The strap will feature GPS, haptic feedback, gesture sensing extending to arm and wrist movement, and wireless communication.

What the mode of this communication will be, were not entirely sure. Apart from the aforementioned smart strap, the body of the iTime itself appears to feature an iPod nano like touchscreen media player, which were absolutely certain that will carry much superior tech than its look-alike sibling, even if the patent doesnt really shed more light on it. . Any comment guys?


Engadget Tablet, Atari’s and more!


Today, we take a look at NVIDIA’s new Shield Tablet, investigate Atari’s future with the LGBT community, ponder an Apple smartwatch patent and learn about a potential HIV breakthrough. But now, the company’s betting its future on on the LGBT community with its upcoming game called Pridefest. This latest patent application details an ‘iTime’ device with interchangeable, sensor-equipped bands. NVIDIA’s new Shield is a tablet built for gaming NIVIDIA’s second generation Shield claims to be the “ultimate tablet for gamers. Apple ‘iTime’ patent details a modular smartwatch with sensors in the band Yep, it’s time for more Apple smartwatch speculation.


By injecting patients with a man-made strand of RNA, the virus can be excised from infected cells, leaving them intact and HIV free. Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last 24 hours. You also might like: Xiaomi’s latest phone gets a steel frame, IR blaster and top specs for just 320 Samsung’s curved, 105-inch 4K TV can be yours for just 120,000 A newer kind of web tracking is almost impossible to stop.” But is this 8-inch, Android-powered slate all it’s cracked up to be Researchers fully ‘delete’ HIV from human cells for the first time Thanks to the bright minds at Temple University, a cure for HIV is that much closer to a reality.

Atari’s betting its future on gays and gamblers Atari, once a giant of the gaming industry, stands on the precipice of irrelevance. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.


OnePlus Best Smartphone Can’t Buy


Worse, if Lyft isnt available in your area the app just crashes providing no explanation as to why. Youll have to either dig through menus or try to launch an app using your voice-only, which isnt always easy depending on your environment. Theres also not an easy-to-reach launcher, unless you install third-party software. The battery life was really upsetting, even though LG doesnt promise anything more for its smartwatch. G Watch I know its still very early for Android Wear.


Either a watch fails to impress with its design, it doesnt have quite enough battery life, there arent any apps or the price is too high. Davidson is right, especially with Android Wear, since its potential is yet to be fully realized. /column LG G Watch Video Review Hardware The G Watch packs impressive hardware for its size. For now, theres just too much swiping and not enough useful applications to take advantage of Android Wear.

Most consumers want a device that runs for more than just a day on a charge, thats a fact published in a recent Nielsen survey, so Im still scratching my head why both LG and Samsung released these new devices with such short life spans. Under the hood youll find the aforementioned 1. If you want a watch that lasts, avoid theG Watchand the Gear Live. Software Im not going to shy away from it: Android Wear is terrible right now.

As our gaming editor Joey Davidson told me, reviewing these products now is like reviewing a roller coaster right after you strap in before you even climb to the crest and before the ride has even started. LG doesn’t offer too much customization on the G Watch, Google isn’t allowing hardware partners to tamper too much. Its display cant be viewed in most bright outdoor conditions, it feels and looks cheap, and the battery life isnt good. Ive already written an opinion piece on it, but heres the gist: the applications dont have any sort of uniformity.

That said, the LG G Watch is a 229 product that doesnt deliver enough, even with the potential of Android Wear yet to be realized. Of note: there arent any buttons on the G Watch, save for a small reset switch on the underside. It might be easy to use AllTheCooks to send recipes to your wrist, for example, but then another app like Lyft requires you to use your voice and theres no immediate information on how to use it or what the commands are. It looked like a platform that could potentially address a lot of my concerns, particularly on the software side.

That means you cant turn it off/on easily with a button, and instead need to rely on the software settings menu. Whats the point of that Snapdragon 400 processor, then Perhaps its just a sign that better things are coming. There are a few unique watch faces to choose from, but none particularly struck my fancy and I’m looking forward to the new watchfaces developers release with the new APIs. The Pebble smartwatch gets more than just a couple of days of battery life, as do Samsungs latest crop of smartwatch devices.

I understand LG needs to make some sacrifices to keep the device somewhat affordable, especially with the hardware under the hood, but this is too low-end looking for my tastes. Thats why I was super excited when Google first introduced Android Wear. If you juice it up every night, youre going to end up with a dead smartwatchsometime in the morning, if it hasn’t already died.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, a 400mAh battery, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

65-inch watchface has a low-resolution 280 x 280-pixel display. Neither will get you through two full days. That seems to be powerful enough for the few apps that are already available, and I didnt ever experience any stuttering or freezing. Pros One of the first Android Wear Devices Cons ExpensiveLooks CheapPoor DisplayBad Battery Life.

The G Watch doesnt help, particularly outside where the screen isnt visible at all. Thankfully, popping it into the charger is a cinch, thanks to embedded batteries. The rubber band is comfortable, though again cheap looking and thankfully it can easily be swapped for a different band. It also means the only way to power it up is to drop it on its charging cradle, which seems like a silly overlook on LGs part.

I couldnt really contain my excitement, and when the first watches went on sale back in June, I quickly pre-ordered the LG G Watch. Final Thoughts Rating 5. The design itself is non-impressive and boring, however. Disclaimer: Todd Haselton purchased the LG G Watch with his own funds and used it for a week and a half before writing this review.

There are plenty of smartwatch options on the market right now, but Id argue there arent many that nail each one of my needs. Ive now been using it for about a week and a half, and Ive gathered more than just a few words on the device. The rectangular 1. Sit it out and wait for newer Android Wear devices to hit the market.

I like that Android Wear relies on a users voice when it works the idea is novel and seemingly futuristic, but it doesnt always work. I didnt know which was the better choice: the G Watch or the Gear Live, but I picked the G Watch simply because it had a larger battery on paper. I know that will change with time, and so Im not drawing any final conclusions other than to warn our readers that its just not worth the money as of today. That means text looks pixelated and, in general, the screen just looks cheap.

In fact, the Snapdragon 400 processor is more powerful than some entry-level smartphones on the market. I get it: the idea is to have an always-on watch, but when you need to charge the G Watch as often as you do, it just doesnt make any sense.5 out of 10 G Watch The LG G Watch is a 229 product that doesnt deliver enough, even with the potential of Android Wear yet to be realized. I expected, perhaps wrongly, to have full-fledged Android apps on my wrist, but instead most just tap into the Android apps that are running on your smartphone.

If you read our site frequently, you probably know by now that I went into the purchase blind. Can it meet every one of my pain points Lets find out. Were still in the very early days of the smartwatch operating system, and there are millions of bright developers out there who can take the platform and really change the way we think of smartwatches and what we can do with them. This thing could be running a fully polished version of Android Wear, complete with millions of apps, and Id still have a hard time recommending it.

Battery Life I used theG Watchfor about a week and a half and I havent had any issues with a dead battery on the nights where I remember to charge it. End of story. Have a great day guys!


This Android Waterproof Price [Video]


Check out the demo below and see for yourself what youll be getting once you part from your hard-earned cash: Ready to make the purchase Simply go to: invisiblewaterproofing. .Waterproof smartphones are all the rage right now, a trend which Sony brought to the mainstream with the release of its Xperia Z handset, and other big names followed suit, such as Samsung, with the release of the Galaxy S5. The second option, which will cost 10 more than the first one, is applied outside as well as inside of the device, and takes things a little further by adding complete waterproofing credentials. The price varies between 35 and 40.


com You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. The company also boasts, that apart from waterproofing, it will also make your device scratch resistant, and will give it an IPX7 rating, which means that it will survive in a depth of 1 meter of water or 3 feet, for up to 30 minutes, which isnt a bad deal at all. The first one, which is a simple neigh-on solution, is a 30 kit shipped, which you can apply yourself on your iPhone or Android smartphone and will add basic water resistance to the device, protecting it from simple water spills or light rain. At this point, there are two options which Impervious is currently offering.

And if youre asking us, wed go for the 40 option, after all, those extra 10 bucks means a load of protection in our books. The Impervious kit is not just limited to smartphones, the company is also offering solutions for tablets as well, and the iPad and a range of other Android tablets are covered. But the big question in everyones mind is: is it possible to add waterproofing credentials to your existing smartphone without busting your bank Well, yes, its possible, and it will cost you only 30 bucks! A new do-it-yourself nano spray, which comes from a manufacturer called Impervious, is all you need to add waterproofing credentials to your iPhone or Android device. Keep one thing in mind, the 1 meter for up to 30 minutes option is the expensive one of the two, so you have to spend 10 bucks more if you want to protect your device completely from any sort of every day liquid. I guess that is the end of the story.


Zepp baseball with data analyzer

In my case, I set up a session with a Bat Speed Impact goal of 73MPH, to which I fell extremely short by taking a swing of 59MPH.galleries. Zepp also does the same for other sports — that same sensor works with golf or tennis sessions; you just need a different mounting kit for each. Regardless of my subpar baseball skills, though, the Zepp sensor performs as advertised. Zepp Baseball app See all photos 11 Photos when.


For others, however, things might be a little different.As someone who doesn’t play baseball often, if ever, I need all the help I can get.” Fass also said to me that while the focus right now is on the current-generation Zepp sensor, the plan is to continue to expand the technology to more sports next year, including both types of football, which could mean some competition for Adidas’ miCoach ecosystem. At roughly six grams the rubber mount adds 13 grams, the only element reminding you of its existence is the big, bright, greenish-yellow color it features; otherwise you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

Once you actually get going, the companion app, available for iOS and Android, takes care of showing you the results of your swings, including how fast you’re hitting the ball and the amount of time it takes for you to make contact. “The target market isn’t just kids,” he said. Additionally, Zepp’s device can determine the exact shape and angles of your swing, which you, or your coach, can later analyze and break down to determine what you need to do better next time out.init”.

galleries. Enter the Zepp baseball swing analyzer, an itty-bitty sensor that attaches to a baseball bat and can be utilized to record a ton of useful information, with the ultimate goal being to use this data to help improve your skills. Embarrassing, I know, but it got even worse: At one point, I managed to completely miss a ball that wasn’t even pitched at me !. Of course, not everyone is able to perform at the same level, and that’s why Zepp made it easy to adjust goals depending on where people think they fit in.

Zepp’s baseball swing analyzer See all photos 20 Photos when. The app does a great job of compiling all that data and making it fun to look at — for example, the 3D viewer lets you see your swing from various angles, from start to finish. But since America’s Pastime isn’t my first sport of choice to practice, I’m okay admitting how extremely terrible I am at it.eng”eng.

“I think the biggest thing in this wearable space is capturing meaningful data and using it properly.init” On the baseball or softball front, it’s as easy as placing the sensor inside the rubbery holster and, subsequently, securing it around the bottom of the bat.” Zepp Labs CEO Jason Fass told me that his product, despite its short history, has already been adopted by “a number” of Major League Baseball teams, though he didn’t go into any further specifics. “The biggest thing in this wearable space is capturing meaningful data and using it properly.

At 150, it may not be for everyone, but there’s definitely a market for it. Thankfully, I had other people around who could make better use of the tiny device.eng”eng. Whether it’s kids who are just starting to play the game or those who would like to make a career out of it, Zepp Labs, creator of the GolfSense, believes it has made something that can help them along the way. What you think?


Samsung iPhone 6 Announced [VIDEO]


Apple hasn’t even managed to get the iPhone 6 out the door yet, but Samsung has already begun poking fun at not just the phone, but those lining up to buy one, too. With the iPhone 6 expected in two new screen sizes of 4. The smaller 4. . It just, well, got a little carried away while doing so.


Apple’s current iPhone 5c and 5s are dwarfed by Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 handsets, which has led Apple to finally consider moving away from the ‘smaller is better’ attitude that has so far governed its smartphone design.5-inches, Samsung is keen to point out that it’s already shipping phones of similar sizes to its happy customers. Those of us with small hands will be opting for the 4. As we all know, Samsung is never shy about prodding Apple and its band of followers and/or customers, but it usually at least waits for the company to get a product out the door before laying into it.

We’ll find out for sure in a few weeks now anyway.7-inches and 5. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. The advert follows Samsung’s usual modus operandi by choosing a particular feature of the upcoming iPhone 6 with which to beat Apple – this time, it’s the expected growth in screen that the new iPhone is to receive that has Samsung pulling out the big guns.

7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to be announced in September, but the larger model currently has a cloud over it. Some reports point to a later release date for that version of the iPhone 6, though at this moment in time there’s little concrete proof either way.7-inch iPhone 6, but there’s no doubting that a larger, even phablet-esque screen will appeal to many. It seems that Samsung is so giddy about what the iPhone 6 could do to its own sales that it just couldn’t wait to start pulling Apple’s pigtails, hence a brand new ad. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.

Wacom’s Android, Kindle Windows 8

Thanks to Wacom’s Ink Layer Language, your notes will seamlessly be shared between your devices — enabling you to sketch out a plan on your leisure tablet before passing it to your work one. That changes from today, now that the company has launched Windows, Android and Kindle Fire versions of Bamboo Paper.Wacom loves doodlers almost as much as serious artists, but its Paper-esque sketching app was limited to iOS devices only. The free app is available to download at the links below, and you’ll also be able to try out the various premium brushes for a limited time before you’re asked to open your wallet to keep them..

iWatch: Evidence Yet It’s Real


The news outlet said Apple is going to manufacture around 70 million to 80 million new iPhone units between now and December, including both the 4. To put that in perspective, Apple built between 50 million and 60 million units of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c during the same time period last year,The Wall Street Journal said. AAPL. The news outlet suggested that sapphire could also make things more complicated for Apple’s supply partners. The in-cell technology used in the larger displays has caused production issues for the larger 5.


5-inch screens, respectively, it’s going to target Android manufacturers that have already attracted consumers to phablets. Apple’s so confident that its new devices are going to take market share away from those OEMs that it is reportedly about to kick off the “largest initial production run of iPhones,” according to a recent report fromThe Wall Street Journal.5-inch iPhone, which means it may launch sometime after the iPhone 6. Powered by Yahoo Finance.

The 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch and 5.When Apple releases the iPhone 6 and the rumored iPhone Air, with 4.

7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September, andThe Wall Street Journal said that’s when Apple’s partners will start manufacturing the 5.5-inch iPhone Air screen. Apple still faces some roadblocks along the way, however.5-inch models.

At those levels last year, however, Apple still faced shortages of the iPhone 5s, so the company does definitely need to increase manufacturing at least on some level. Thank you for reading!

Voice 4 Displays Real-Time [Video]


Apple is notorious for adding and then removing features during its iOS betas, but we can’t see this being one of those examples. Just like Android – an operating system that has long been the pinnacle of voice-to-text dictation, iOS 8 beta 4 sends voice to Apple’s servers in real time, meaning you’ll see words appear as you speak. Real-time voice dictation is something that iOS power users have been crying out for, and Apple would do well to make sure it irons out any kinks before it brings it to the masses. In iOS 7, users have to dictate their message, for example, and wait for iOS to send that voice up to Apple’s server for translation before that same server tells the dictation device what text to use. That means that errors won’t get picked up until everything has been said and, in turn, translated into text.


The voice-to-text dictation in iOS has always been one of those features that people either use extensively, or have never even noticed. That’s a real pain when you’re trying to get a few hundred words into a text document, for example. It’s often a slow way of doing things, but the main irritation for many is that nothing is translated into text until the user has said everything they want to say and has ended the dictation process. source: 9to5Mac You may also like to check out: iOS 8 Beta 4 Download Released For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 10 New Features In iOS 8 Beta 4 You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.

Those that do make heavy use of dictation have long had one main complaint though, and that’s been about the way their voice is converted to text. . That’s a real boon for those that like to receive actual feedback as they speak, especially if they want to make corrections as they go along. As of iOS 8′s fourth beta, that is no-longer the case.

After all, this is a beta for a reason. Thank you for reading!

Xiaomi’s IR blaster just $320


eng”eng. The boost in Xiaomi’s sales figure is helped by the company’s expansion into other parts of Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and, very recently, India.init” Admittedly, from afar, the black Mi 4 does remind us of the iPhone 5 or 5s, but you have to give credit to Xiaomi and its partners — Foxconn and HiP — for the extra work gone into crafting the metal parts. As usual, the Mi 4 will be very affordable: Just CN¥1,999 or about 320 for the 16GB version, and CN¥2,499 or about 400 for the 64GB version both off-contract, of course.5mm-wide body — beating the Smartisan T1’s 67.


On a related note, there are now 65 million activated MIUI users, who will be able to upgrade to version 6 as of August 16th. The Mi 4 will be available for pre-ordering in China as early as July 29th, and you’ll also be able to pick up one of the many back covers to suit your taste — be it bamboo, wood, leather, cloth or even stone textures. Xiaomi MI4 See all photos 21 Photos when.

11 million phones — which translates to 33 billion yuan or about 5.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 16GB/64GB of internal storage, 13MP f/1. As a bonus, you also get an infrared transmitter to play with the TV which Xiaomi also sells. You can thank ex-Googler Hugo Barra for that, who has been very hands-on with this project.

The internal specs are as you’d expect: 2.32 billion — so far this year, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun expects to sell a grand total of 60 million phones in 2014, which would be more than twice of that from 2013.11ac WiFi plus a 3,080mAh battery.Having sold 26.

galleries. The shiny chamfer alone takes more than six hours to finish, apparently, and they’ve also added a nano-coating to the sides to deter fingerprints and liquids. After 26. On top of that, you can add CN¥99 or about 16 for an annual insurance for broken screen plus accidental liquid damage.

With that price point and Lei’s promise to keep a tighter grip on the supply chain, this will no doubt be a walk in the park for Xiaomi. Sadly, Xiaomi reps told me that there’s no info regarding the phone’s global availability just yet, so stay tuned. Update: Xiaomi’s also launched a 13 fitness band alongside the Mi 4.74mm — that sits comfortably in your hand, and the phone only weighs 149g.

We have a feeling that it’s going to sell very well.11 million phones in the first half of this year, the beast from the East that is Xiaomi is back again with a new flagship Android phone: the Mi 4.8 main camera, 8MP selfie camera, LTE radio at last, 802. For the first time ever, the company is adding a touch of metal — SAE 304 stainless steel, to be exact — to the phone’s frame, which is sandwiched between a flat 5-inch 1080p screen and a swappable, slightly curved plastic back cover.

The result is a 67.

Yet Google Maps Feature Revealed


Of course, Save doesn’t work outside of Facebook, so we assume apps like Pocket and Instapaper aren’t exactly crouching in fear.Facebook added a new feature for iOS, Android and the web today in a bid to take on increasingly popular services like Pocket,Instapaper and Readability that are designed to help you save longer articles for later reading. The company actually tested a similar feature back in 2012, but now it appears to be getting an official rollout. It makes sense for Facebook to offer a quick and seamless way to save links for later, potentially stopping some people from bothering to use another service at all.


The new “Save” feature is built right into Facebook’s News Feed and lets you save articles and other links within the app. Unlike other standalone apps like Pocket, Facebook Save won’t cache your articles for later offline reading. Your list of saved content isn’t exactly front and center on mobile or the web though, so most people may overlook it entirely. To save something, just click the options button in the top right corner of a link and then tap save.

But if the social networking giant decides to expand, or offer a stand-alone Save app in the future, it could be a real issue for smaller companies already offering a useful service. Instead, it simply stores a a list of links you’re interested in but don’t have time to click right away. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Facebook Steals Another Feature From Startups

Hopefully we’ll see the update rollout to even more people in the near future. For now it sounds like the new feature is only available for a small subset of Android users, suggesting Google is just starting to test it out on the public. The Google Maps “Explore Nearby” feature used to live inside the search bar, it now has a dedicated button on the bottom right of the app. There’s also a drop down menu for clarifying what time of day you want to go out to return more focused results.

Tap the button to pull up a list of nearby points of interest, organized into groups like Quick Bites and Night Clubs. Last weekAndroid Police revealed how Google Maps was getting better for bikers and drivers, now it looks like the app has has improvements for recommending nearby restaurants and other points of interest.Google rolled out a pretty big update for Google Maps on Android late last week, and we’re still hearing about new features and improvements to the app. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

Twitch biggest game and center

Twitch has revamped its Android app with a fresh interface that lets you get to the biggest game streams as quickly as possible, with impossible-to-miss links to the hottest titles. It’s much easier to sift through search results, too. The remake isn’t well-timed — it’s arriving right as Valve’s The International tournament is winding to a close — but it’s still a big deal if you like to spectate games as often as you play them.If you regularly catch up on eSports or “let’s play” sessions while on the move, today’s your lucky day.

It’s also much better suited to tablets, and you can now check out both user profiles and offline channels; that’s handy if you missed a big event or want to follow someone with similar tastes. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂


Media PS4 Game Your Mistakes”


For some reason, the scouter on his ear remains totally intact and won’t break with the surge in power as they became accustomed to doing halfway through the Frieza Saga. In the screenshots, the hero leaps to the aid of Vegeta after he has worn himself out battling Android 17 and Android 18. Let’s hope he is someone new, like a distant descendant or maybe even someone totally unrelated. A futuristic Gohan has already been done before, in fact, fighting the very two androids we see in the screenshots. A lot of speculation has suggested that this is just Gohan wearing some ridiculously silly clothing and dawning some red hair, but I would rather just hold out and wait to see if it is someone new.

The hero has free reign of the show’s West City and sparks up a conversation with Yamcha, indicating some exploration, quest, and RPG elements are in the mix. Via All Games Beta. Whenever a character gets a massive surge in power, what better visual representation is there than a scouter exploding The screenshots also reveal that fighting won’t be the only portion of the game. Oh Yamcha, I remember when he was a threat to take seriously.

The original Z fighter, known only as Future Warrior, who has mysteriously popped up in Bandai Namco’s next-gen Dragon Ball Xenoverseis indeed a Super Saiyan. As if there was any doubt based on his spiky hair style and the fact that Super Saiyans have been the sole driving force of the series since the Android Saga, several screenshots have emerged showing off his golden form. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.