Yet Google Maps Feature Revealed


Of course, Save doesn’t work outside of Facebook, so we assume apps like Pocket and Instapaper aren’t exactly crouching in fear.Facebook added a new feature for iOS, Android and the web today in a bid to take on increasingly popular services like Pocket,Instapaper and Readability that are designed to help you save longer articles for later reading. The company actually tested a similar feature back in 2012, but now it appears to be getting an official rollout. It makes sense for Facebook to offer a quick and seamless way to save links for later, potentially stopping some people from bothering to use another service at all.


The new “Save” feature is built right into Facebook’s News Feed and lets you save articles and other links within the app. Unlike other standalone apps like Pocket, Facebook Save won’t cache your articles for later offline reading. Your list of saved content isn’t exactly front and center on mobile or the web though, so most people may overlook it entirely. To save something, just click the options button in the top right corner of a link and then tap save.

But if the social networking giant decides to expand, or offer a stand-alone Save app in the future, it could be a real issue for smaller companies already offering a useful service. Instead, it simply stores a a list of links you’re interested in but don’t have time to click right away. Hope you guys enjoy it!