Xiaomi Metal Frame Flagship Specs

The companypreviously said it wants to release versions of its Zoe camera app and BlinkFeed news aggregator to a wider range of Android phones.Following Google and Motorola’s lead, HTC is spinning its pre-installed Android apps off into the app store. It also won’t install on any Google Play Edition devices, though if you opted for a stock Android smartphone you probably aren’t interested in HTC’s keyboard anyway. The new app is only available for the latest HTC phones, which presumably includes the One M8, the M7 and newer HTCDesire models. HTC Sense Input is pretty much the same as any standard Android keyboard, and offers predictive typing suggestions and a swipe feature the company calls “trace.

” Today’s update also adds some support for different languages and fixes a few bugs. Today, the company’s Sense Input keyboard popped up in Google Play, paving the way for seamless updates in the future whenever the company wants to push out a small improvement. HTC still hasn’t released either of those apps in Google Play, but following today’s news hopefully we’ll see more Sense software spinoffs in the near future, especially since it means quicker updates to individual apps. Any comment guys?