Relive gamepad that real thing


Nintendo may never make the mobile games you’d need to complete the experience, but this may be the closest you get to reliving those many, many hours spent playing Mario forum member Ryukouki says that the NES30 is much-improved over its ancestor, the Famicom-inspired FC30. Indulging your nostalgic side will cost you 40, and you’ll face the inherent risks that come from importing a gadget from overseas. games in the family den.


The NES30 can talk to Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, and it can even double as a fairly awkward-looking Wii remote in a pinch. Even if it’s not quite true to life, you might not mind given the very broad device support. However, it might be worth the effort — GBATemp. The four extra buttons aren’t exactly true to the 1985 original, but the overall look and button presses are reportedly faithful to what you remember.

We’ve ripped apart knock-off gadgets more than a few times, but there are moments where a company’s urge to mimic others will pay dividends. Take 8Bitdo’s recently released NES30, for example: the Bluetooth gamepad recreates as much of the NES controller’s design as possible while still keeping its feet planted in the modern era. I guess that is the end of the story.