Azure You “Kudos” Gameplay Trailer


It goes without saying that No Man’s Sky is a huge undertaking.Publishers can keep their social gaming, I’d like them to explore actual gameplay elements like these.In a gaming world still leaning on safe, previous-generation conventions to appease its massive audience, No Man’s Sky‘s unprecedented ideas convinced me that maybe we won’t be stuck in the mud for the next five to six years. Will there be objectives to undertake in this world, and if there are, will they be just as random Will there be a reason to dive into this place after the shock of its gorgeous art and random world wear off How easy is Hello Games going to make finding a game under all of this ambition Minecraft had infinite possibilities with its item creation mechanic, but we’ve seen no such hook from No Man’s Sky just yet. I hadn’t seen the reveal trailer from earlier in the year, so it might have had a bigger affect on me than most others, but the brief trailer rocketed it up to the top of my must play list.


For all of its grand ideas, I do have one little reservation about No Man’s Sky, and that is I find it hard to see the game in here. How exactly does a studio go from making a cute motocross game like Joe Danger to No Man’s Sky You can hear it from Murray’s voice in the video.One of the highpoints of E3 was Sony showing of Hello Games’ marvelous looking No Man’s Sky. Anybody else looking forward to No Man’s Sky It will be released for PlayStation 4 and possibly other unannounced platforms.

That aside, this is the game which pushed me to jump into the next-gen consoles. Much like Mass Effect before it, an original science fiction franchise brought the wall down. Is it just me, or does procedurally generated worlds seem like the only new “next-gen” idea that is really worth exploring Minecraftalready proved that it has legs, and hopefully No Man’s Sky is the game that proves it can be something even bigger.

Shortly after the convention, PlayStation Blog sat down withHello Games Sean Murray and discussed the ambition of his indie studio and what challenged them to take on such a massive project. I guess that is the end of the story.


Facebook Defends Its Creepy Psychological Experiment

After launching back in 2004, Orkut never really caught on here in the U.S. The service was particularly popular in Brazil and India, where it held on as the most popular social network until Facebook came along. Today the company announced that the service will shut down completely on September 30.


The company is also preserving an Orkut archive, which should launch as soon as the service goes down. If you want to get nostalgic you can still use Orkut for a few more months, though unfortunately Google has already shut down its sign-up page for new accounts. Orkut users can transfer their profiles, photos and community posts to Google anytime between now and September 2016 using Google Takeout, but the service shuts its doors this September. It is always sad to see a Google service bite the dust, and the Orkut closure is no different.

You may not remember it, but Google actually helped spark the social media phenomenon ten years ago with Orkut. Google stopped updating Orkut around 2012, and the site’s official blog hadn’t been updated for almost two years until today’s announcement. It’s not a huge surprise, especially since the site hasn’t received much attention from Google in the past few years while other services like Google and YouTube continue to improve and grow., but it managed to find a following in other parts of the world.

Google is using the opportunity to boost usage for its more recent social network. What you think?

No Speaks on Games’ Ambition


The idea of performance affecting a game’s soundtrack is nothing new, but it is an ambitious idea that has gone far under-appreciated over the years. Area attacks that will shock his enemy and standard gun attacks, for example. She acts as an immediate 1up and will provide Gunvolt with a free-life and invincibility if she likes him enough. 9. The better Gunvolt performs in battle, though, the higher a point counter on the left of the screen rises.


The other new idea comes from the character ofLumen. Gunvolt will interact with this sweet girl throughout the game, and depending on his relationship with her, she will be able to provide aid in battle from time to time. You’ll be able to pick up Azure Striker Gunvolt digitally on the Nintendo 3DS later this year. Our protagonist, Gunvolt, has his own arsenal of unique skills and psychic abilities which his trainer, Asimov, schools him on.

Once Gunvolt hits 1,000 Kudos points, the soundtrack lets loose and bursts into an exciting J-pop song. At first, it seems pretty standard.Azure Striker Gunvolt is the latest from Inti Creates, the developers of the Mega Man Zero games and the upcoming Kickstarter smash hit Mighty No. Via Siliconera.

While it might look like a typical old-school run ‘n gun platformer, a handful of new mechanics put on display in a gameplay trailer show that there is still plenty that Inti Creates can bring to the age-old genre. These are called “Kudos,” or points which can be saved for bonuses in between levels, when using a Save point, or performing a huge attack. A little BioWare influence in there Inti Creates claims that two songs can be played when hitting 1,000 Kudos or being resurrected. Inti Creates won’t be putting out a retail release. Thank you for reading!

The Recovering NASA’s flying saucer

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. What’s pictured is actually the result of NASA’s first Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator LDSD test-flight that took place over the weekend, and the image was captured a few hours after the vessel touched down over the US Navy’s Pacific Missile Test Range.Despite Independence Day being right around the corner, what you’re seeing up above shouldn’t get your hopes up about welcoming any aliens to Earth. Currently there are plans to test the aerospace outfit’s not-a-UFO at least two more times ahead of its ultimate goal: a trip to Mars. Besides, everyone knows that the government would likely never release pictures of that sort of thing anyhow. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

Unmanned off with in tow


There’s also a thin-film solar panel to test if the sun can provide all the energy needs of a human settlement, and a camera system that the org will use to get a live feed of Mars 24/7. Since anyone’s welcome to bid, it’s definitely possible for huge corporations with big advertising plans to snap them up. So, where do advertisements come in, you ask Well, there are still three payloads left, and two of those will go to the highest bidders, because let’s be real here — the company’s end goal isn’t cheap, and a reality show’s profits won’t be enough. If you’re doubting whether all these will ever happen, we don’t blame you. Apparently, though, the org’s already hired Lockheed Martin who also built NASA’s Phoenix Lander to make the spacecraft.


In other words, a university can get a free ride, so long as its proposal which can be anything from experiments to marketing stunts garners the most votes from a panel of experts and Mars One’s community members. The last slot, however, is reserved for the Mars One University contest winner. After all, a simple Google search reveals that Mars One remains controversial, and people are still looking for signs that it’s a hoax or a joke.

Mars One says the vehicle will have seven payloads in all, four of which are scientific experiments that’ll help determine if a human settlement can thrive on the planet by 2025. These payloads include a liquid extractor that’ll attempt to extract water from Martian soil collected by the another payload. And besides, an unmanned mission sounds much more doable than sending people on a one-way trip to Mars. Today, the non-profit org has finally revealed that mission’s details, and by the looks of it, the unmanned spacecraft could very well carry advertisements to space.

Mars One announced sometime ago that it plans to scope things out with an unmanned mission before it ships off humans to the red planet in 2025. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Engadget sharpshooting with and more!


Watch a sniper nail his target from 500 yards without even ‘looking’ at it What’s scarier than a regular ole’ sniper One who doesn’t have to see the target. while looking in another direction. You can find part one here. Google will have sole control over the interfaces of Android Auto, Wear and TV Google’s engineering director David Burke told Ars Technica that the company will retain official control of its new platforms: Android Auto, Wear and TV.


Disclaimer: it’s incredibly difficult. Besides providing a consistent experience, this move allows for a much more streamlined update process. Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last 24 hours. At 170 200 with the heart rate monitor, this somewhat bulky device combines the functionality of a sports watch with fitness tracking basics.

Today, we review Garmin’s new Forerunner 15 sports watch, learn how to escape social media, watch a sniper hit his target while looking in another direction and hear what our readers have to say about the new HTC One. Armed with a futuristic targeting system and Smith Optics I/O Recon Goggles, this sharpshooter nails a target 500 yards away. How to Disappear almost Completely: a practical guide Ever thought of dumping social media for a more private life In this week’s installment of How to Disappear, Dan Cooper discusses some practical first steps toward going completely off the grid.

Garmin Forerunner 15 review: sports watch first, fitness tracker second If you’re already an athlete or active jogger, Garmin’s new Forerunner 15 might be the fitness accessory you’ve been looking for. You also might like: Record-breaking magnet crams three tons of force into the size of a golf ball Here’s what our readers are saying about the new HTC One A piece about a smart pelvic floor exerciser, written by someone totally out of their depth.