OnePlus Best Smartphone Can’t Buy


Worse, if Lyft isnt available in your area the app just crashes providing no explanation as to why. Youll have to either dig through menus or try to launch an app using your voice-only, which isnt always easy depending on your environment. Theres also not an easy-to-reach launcher, unless you install third-party software. The battery life was really upsetting, even though LG doesnt promise anything more for its smartwatch. G Watch I know its still very early for Android Wear.


Either a watch fails to impress with its design, it doesnt have quite enough battery life, there arent any apps or the price is too high. Davidson is right, especially with Android Wear, since its potential is yet to be fully realized. /column LG G Watch Video Review Hardware The G Watch packs impressive hardware for its size. For now, theres just too much swiping and not enough useful applications to take advantage of Android Wear.

Most consumers want a device that runs for more than just a day on a charge, thats a fact published in a recent Nielsen survey, so Im still scratching my head why both LG and Samsung released these new devices with such short life spans. Under the hood youll find the aforementioned 1. If you want a watch that lasts, avoid theG Watchand the Gear Live. Software Im not going to shy away from it: Android Wear is terrible right now.

As our gaming editor Joey Davidson told me, reviewing these products now is like reviewing a roller coaster right after you strap in before you even climb to the crest and before the ride has even started. LG doesn’t offer too much customization on the G Watch, Google isn’t allowing hardware partners to tamper too much. Its display cant be viewed in most bright outdoor conditions, it feels and looks cheap, and the battery life isnt good. Ive already written an opinion piece on it, but heres the gist: the applications dont have any sort of uniformity.

That said, the LG G Watch is a 229 product that doesnt deliver enough, even with the potential of Android Wear yet to be realized. Of note: there arent any buttons on the G Watch, save for a small reset switch on the underside. It might be easy to use AllTheCooks to send recipes to your wrist, for example, but then another app like Lyft requires you to use your voice and theres no immediate information on how to use it or what the commands are. It looked like a platform that could potentially address a lot of my concerns, particularly on the software side.

That means you cant turn it off/on easily with a button, and instead need to rely on the software settings menu. Whats the point of that Snapdragon 400 processor, then Perhaps its just a sign that better things are coming. There are a few unique watch faces to choose from, but none particularly struck my fancy and I’m looking forward to the new watchfaces developers release with the new APIs. The Pebble smartwatch gets more than just a couple of days of battery life, as do Samsungs latest crop of smartwatch devices.

I understand LG needs to make some sacrifices to keep the device somewhat affordable, especially with the hardware under the hood, but this is too low-end looking for my tastes. Thats why I was super excited when Google first introduced Android Wear. If you juice it up every night, youre going to end up with a dead smartwatchsometime in the morning, if it hasn’t already died.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, a 400mAh battery, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

65-inch watchface has a low-resolution 280 x 280-pixel display. Neither will get you through two full days. That seems to be powerful enough for the few apps that are already available, and I didnt ever experience any stuttering or freezing. Pros One of the first Android Wear Devices Cons ExpensiveLooks CheapPoor DisplayBad Battery Life.

The G Watch doesnt help, particularly outside where the screen isnt visible at all. Thankfully, popping it into the charger is a cinch, thanks to embedded batteries. The rubber band is comfortable, though again cheap looking and thankfully it can easily be swapped for a different band. It also means the only way to power it up is to drop it on its charging cradle, which seems like a silly overlook on LGs part.

I couldnt really contain my excitement, and when the first watches went on sale back in June, I quickly pre-ordered the LG G Watch. Final Thoughts Rating 5. The design itself is non-impressive and boring, however. Disclaimer: Todd Haselton purchased the LG G Watch with his own funds and used it for a week and a half before writing this review.

There are plenty of smartwatch options on the market right now, but Id argue there arent many that nail each one of my needs. Ive now been using it for about a week and a half, and Ive gathered more than just a few words on the device. The rectangular 1. Sit it out and wait for newer Android Wear devices to hit the market.

I like that Android Wear relies on a users voice when it works the idea is novel and seemingly futuristic, but it doesnt always work. I didnt know which was the better choice: the G Watch or the Gear Live, but I picked the G Watch simply because it had a larger battery on paper. I know that will change with time, and so Im not drawing any final conclusions other than to warn our readers that its just not worth the money as of today. That means text looks pixelated and, in general, the screen just looks cheap.

In fact, the Snapdragon 400 processor is more powerful than some entry-level smartphones on the market. I get it: the idea is to have an always-on watch, but when you need to charge the G Watch as often as you do, it just doesnt make any sense.5 out of 10 G Watch The LG G Watch is a 229 product that doesnt deliver enough, even with the potential of Android Wear yet to be realized. I expected, perhaps wrongly, to have full-fledged Android apps on my wrist, but instead most just tap into the Android apps that are running on your smartphone.

If you read our site frequently, you probably know by now that I went into the purchase blind. Can it meet every one of my pain points Lets find out. Were still in the very early days of the smartwatch operating system, and there are millions of bright developers out there who can take the platform and really change the way we think of smartwatches and what we can do with them. This thing could be running a fully polished version of Android Wear, complete with millions of apps, and Id still have a hard time recommending it.

Battery Life I used theG Watchfor about a week and a half and I havent had any issues with a dead battery on the nights where I remember to charge it. End of story. Have a great day guys!


This Android Waterproof Price [Video]


Check out the demo below and see for yourself what youll be getting once you part from your hard-earned cash: Ready to make the purchase Simply go to: invisiblewaterproofing. .Waterproof smartphones are all the rage right now, a trend which Sony brought to the mainstream with the release of its Xperia Z handset, and other big names followed suit, such as Samsung, with the release of the Galaxy S5. The second option, which will cost 10 more than the first one, is applied outside as well as inside of the device, and takes things a little further by adding complete waterproofing credentials. The price varies between 35 and 40.


com You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. The company also boasts, that apart from waterproofing, it will also make your device scratch resistant, and will give it an IPX7 rating, which means that it will survive in a depth of 1 meter of water or 3 feet, for up to 30 minutes, which isnt a bad deal at all. The first one, which is a simple neigh-on solution, is a 30 kit shipped, which you can apply yourself on your iPhone or Android smartphone and will add basic water resistance to the device, protecting it from simple water spills or light rain. At this point, there are two options which Impervious is currently offering.

And if youre asking us, wed go for the 40 option, after all, those extra 10 bucks means a load of protection in our books. The Impervious kit is not just limited to smartphones, the company is also offering solutions for tablets as well, and the iPad and a range of other Android tablets are covered. But the big question in everyones mind is: is it possible to add waterproofing credentials to your existing smartphone without busting your bank Well, yes, its possible, and it will cost you only 30 bucks! A new do-it-yourself nano spray, which comes from a manufacturer called Impervious, is all you need to add waterproofing credentials to your iPhone or Android device. Keep one thing in mind, the 1 meter for up to 30 minutes option is the expensive one of the two, so you have to spend 10 bucks more if you want to protect your device completely from any sort of every day liquid. I guess that is the end of the story.


NBA To Apple Ive [VIDEO]


Interestingly, it seems that it was Kobe whos been calling up various tech industries to figure out how their processes worked. At that time, it was speculated that Apple brought him on for a possible partnership for testing the companys latest fitness wearables. Do you agree Let us know in your comments below. The interview is quite interesting to watch, and you can get a glimpse of it below. Come to think of it, everything in life is just like that, but hey, were not judging.


Bryant explains that his discussions with Ive led him to understand that at the core of it, his line of work and that of Apples arent really that different both of them strive to achieve a certain end goal that involves several complex and connected steps. . It was interesting that Bryant neither confirmed nor denied the earlier reports surrounding Apples possible partnership with different stars in various sports for testing and calibrating its fitness wearables something that the iWatch is expected to have.Earlier in May this year, news circulated the internet that Los Angeles Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant, spent a day in Apples Cupertino complex, meeting with different executives including Apple Inc.

You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. While we dont really have confirmation around that still, in a recent interview with Bloomberg, Kobe confirmed the meeting with Ive and shed some light on how the discussion went. It would make sense to consider such a partnership with athletes like Kobe Bryant, but until we have confirmation, its all speculation. Akin to a basketball game, where the end goal might be a slam dunk, design and manufacture go hand in hand, and once you have a vision that you aim to make a reality, theres only so much work that needs to be done before it can see the light of day.

The move stems from Kobes winding career in basketball himself, and the superstars plans of entering the gadget manufacturing industry.s Senior Vice President of Design, Jony Ive. In the world of tech news, were always interested in such happenings, even if they dont directly relate to a gadget themselves, since they not only offer us insight into what might be coming, but also keep the rumor mill going. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.

Apple iPads And Last Quarter


7 billion.2 million units, which is a full 9 down compared to number of iPads Apple sold this time last year. Coming to the iPad, Apple has managed to sell 13. And if all the reports on the interwebs are to be believed, then were destined to see two new iPhones this year, along with a couple of new iPads, maybe an Apple TV refresh, and an iWatch too, if were lucky enough. Were certain that these numbers will see a dramatic turnaround when Apple comes through with new devices for the lucrative holiday season.

Despite the launch of a cheaper, fifth-generation iPod touch, which is a great iOS device to begin with, the numbers havent really taken off for Apple despite its best efforts, and it will be interesting to note how things pan on as we move towards the holiday season and new numbers are revealed. The Mac is still growing strong, and the company notes that it has managed to sold 4. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.4 million units.

2 million iPhones this quarter, compared to 43. The Cupertino outfit managed to shift 35. This shift in trend is something which weve become accustomed to in the years, considering that a new iPhone is on the horizon.7 more iPhones this time.

7 million it sold in the previous.4 billion with profits accounting to 7. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook in the official press statement: Our record June quarter revenue was fueled by strong sales of iPhone and Mac and the continued growth of revenue from the Apple ecosystem, driving our highest EPS growth rate in seven quarters The iPod has seen a dramatic slow-down over the years, and this time things arent that different, with the Cupertino company managing to shift only 2.

Full details and breakdown of the earnings results can be found right here.Apple has posted its Q3 2014 earnings results, and as ever, the Cupertino giant has raked in revenues in billions, and has also revealed how many iPhone, iPads, iPods and Macs it has sold in the last quarter.9 million units. According to the official press statement from Apple, the company has generated revenues of 37.

Compared to same time last year, Apple has managed to sell 12. That is the news today. Have a great day!


China growth as demand wanes

3 billion over the same period last year, thanks in no small part to boosted sales in Asia. Tim Cook doesn’t seem to be concerned about the drop in iPad sales. The company’s third quarter results, released today, reflect a similar trend.4 billion and a 7. Still, Apple fell short of expectations.


“This isn’t something that worries us,” he told the Wall Street Journal. At 37.3 billion and a 6.7 billion net profit, but bested Q3 2013, when Apple posted revenue of 35.

6 million last year. iPhone and Mac adoption remains strong, with 13- and 18-percent increases over the same period in 2013, respectively, but iPad and iPod sales both slipped, registering 9-percent and 36-percent respective drops.3 million, from 14. A smartwatch is expected soon, following several related hires, while a larger iPhone may appear this fall alongside the launch of iOS 8.

Earnings were 600 million shy of that amount, however, with revenue of 37. Meanwhile, Apple’s projecting boosted revenue in Q4, between 37 and 40 billion — the company reportedly has quite a few new products in the pipeline, which could impact its balance sheet for the rest of the year.9 billion profit.

Apple sold 35 million iPhones during Q3 of this year, compared to 31 million in 2013, while iPad sales dropped to 13.4 billion, revenue is up 2. iPhone sales were up significantly over Q2 2013 and the company pocketed 700 million more in profit than it did during the same period last year, even though iPad sales slipped slightly.Apple had a very strong second quarter.

During its Q2 conference call in April, in what’s typically a conservative estimate, reps suggested that Q3 revenue could approach 38 billion. What you think?


Government robots for security interviews


Though, the current system still includes connecting people up to traditional polygraph equipment and follow up interviews would need to be conducted with actual human beings. Turns out the pretend applicants were much more likely to admit to mental health problems or alcohol abuse when speaking to the computer than they were when filling out a form. When you apply for security clearance, you first have to fill out a form that requires you to disclose all past drug use, crimes and mental health issues. Alright, well not robots exactly but a virtual avatar powered by a computer program. The program behind the interrogator is able to recognize responses from the subject and follow multiple branches of conversation, but it’s not quite a proper artificial intelligence.


As it does more often than not, “the future” in this case means robots. But by turning to machines, the government could reduce gender or cultural bias in interviews while also eliciting more honest responses from subjects. It’s more like a menu triggered by vocal cues.

Those same subjects are then revisited with an actual human, but the NCCA thinks it might be more effective to jump straight to an interview with a computer. Not only that, but at the end of the interview they simply volunteered additional info after being asked if their was anything else they’d like to talk about.National Center for Credibility Assessment is looking to bring the process of doling out national security clearances into the future. In a study Army trainees were put through a mock interview with a racially ambiguous avatar.

But the NCCA is still hopeful that they can save the government both time and money. We can only assume future iterations will include a proper AI and the ability to recognize human emotion. Let me know what you are thinking.

Zepp baseball with data analyzer

In my case, I set up a session with a Bat Speed Impact goal of 73MPH, to which I fell extremely short by taking a swing of 59MPH.galleries. Zepp also does the same for other sports — that same sensor works with golf or tennis sessions; you just need a different mounting kit for each. Regardless of my subpar baseball skills, though, the Zepp sensor performs as advertised. Zepp Baseball app See all photos 11 Photos when.


For others, however, things might be a little different.As someone who doesn’t play baseball often, if ever, I need all the help I can get.” Fass also said to me that while the focus right now is on the current-generation Zepp sensor, the plan is to continue to expand the technology to more sports next year, including both types of football, which could mean some competition for Adidas’ miCoach ecosystem. At roughly six grams the rubber mount adds 13 grams, the only element reminding you of its existence is the big, bright, greenish-yellow color it features; otherwise you wouldn’t even know it’s there.

Once you actually get going, the companion app, available for iOS and Android, takes care of showing you the results of your swings, including how fast you’re hitting the ball and the amount of time it takes for you to make contact. “The target market isn’t just kids,” he said. Additionally, Zepp’s device can determine the exact shape and angles of your swing, which you, or your coach, can later analyze and break down to determine what you need to do better next time out.init”.

galleries. Enter the Zepp baseball swing analyzer, an itty-bitty sensor that attaches to a baseball bat and can be utilized to record a ton of useful information, with the ultimate goal being to use this data to help improve your skills. Embarrassing, I know, but it got even worse: At one point, I managed to completely miss a ball that wasn’t even pitched at me !. Of course, not everyone is able to perform at the same level, and that’s why Zepp made it easy to adjust goals depending on where people think they fit in.

Zepp’s baseball swing analyzer See all photos 20 Photos when. The app does a great job of compiling all that data and making it fun to look at — for example, the 3D viewer lets you see your swing from various angles, from start to finish. But since America’s Pastime isn’t my first sport of choice to practice, I’m okay admitting how extremely terrible I am at it.eng”eng.

“I think the biggest thing in this wearable space is capturing meaningful data and using it properly.init” On the baseball or softball front, it’s as easy as placing the sensor inside the rubbery holster and, subsequently, securing it around the bottom of the bat.” Zepp Labs CEO Jason Fass told me that his product, despite its short history, has already been adopted by “a number” of Major League Baseball teams, though he didn’t go into any further specifics. “The biggest thing in this wearable space is capturing meaningful data and using it properly.

At 150, it may not be for everyone, but there’s definitely a market for it. Thankfully, I had other people around who could make better use of the tiny device.eng”eng. Whether it’s kids who are just starting to play the game or those who would like to make a career out of it, Zepp Labs, creator of the GolfSense, believes it has made something that can help them along the way. What you think?


Destiny One, and Like This


I assume the trailer stays because it’s language is far less committed than the tweet.Microsoft’s marketing deparatment fired off a tweet and a new video clip in order to drum up some more love for the Xbox One. Now, I don’t mean to proverbially rain on Microsoft’s “Xbox One is DA BEST” parade here, but there are really only two genuine exclusives in the trailer and mistaken tweet. Perhaps the Xbox Oneis the best place to playCall of Duty; it is not, however, the only place. Here’s a screenshot of the exclusivity tweet, care ofKotaku.


Using words like “exclusive,” though, means that consumers only have one choice if they want to get the stuff featured in the marketing material. Which, to be frank, is dishonest. I totally recognize that these tweets and trailers are designed to convince consumers to buy the Xbox One. The tweet has since been deleted, but the trailer still stands.

They should find a way to do it without misinforming consumers.Sunset Overdrive, of course, andHalo 2: Anniversary. Microsoft pays a staff of people, both internal and external, to market its wares.

Every other game can be played on other platforms, old and new. Both pieces of advertising center around the platform holding the best exclusives of the year. The problem These exclusives mostly aren’t exclusive at all. There’s a big difference there. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.


NVIDIA Is One Gaming Slate

If you’re the least bit tempted, you’d better act fast as this deal will disappear by the end of today! Order This From Amazon. You’ll find all of the models have shaved 100 off their price meaning at the lowest end you can pick one up for today only for 229. A great price no matter how you slice it. Amazon has marked down the 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX with LTE connectivity for both AT&T and Verizon, as well as the unlocked version.If you’re in the market for an excellent tablet with LTE connectivity, Amazon may have exactly what you’re looking for today. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


Samsung iPhone 6 Announced [VIDEO]


Apple hasn’t even managed to get the iPhone 6 out the door yet, but Samsung has already begun poking fun at not just the phone, but those lining up to buy one, too. With the iPhone 6 expected in two new screen sizes of 4. The smaller 4. . It just, well, got a little carried away while doing so.


Apple’s current iPhone 5c and 5s are dwarfed by Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 handsets, which has led Apple to finally consider moving away from the ‘smaller is better’ attitude that has so far governed its smartphone design.5-inches, Samsung is keen to point out that it’s already shipping phones of similar sizes to its happy customers. Those of us with small hands will be opting for the 4. As we all know, Samsung is never shy about prodding Apple and its band of followers and/or customers, but it usually at least waits for the company to get a product out the door before laying into it.

We’ll find out for sure in a few weeks now anyway.7-inches and 5. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. The advert follows Samsung’s usual modus operandi by choosing a particular feature of the upcoming iPhone 6 with which to beat Apple – this time, it’s the expected growth in screen that the new iPhone is to receive that has Samsung pulling out the big guns.

7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to be announced in September, but the larger model currently has a cloud over it. Some reports point to a later release date for that version of the iPhone 6, though at this moment in time there’s little concrete proof either way.7-inch iPhone 6, but there’s no doubting that a larger, even phablet-esque screen will appeal to many. It seems that Samsung is so giddy about what the iPhone 6 could do to its own sales that it just couldn’t wait to start pulling Apple’s pigtails, hence a brand new ad. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.

Apple For iOS Yosemite Betas


In an attempt to make the process as seamless and transparent as possible, the Cupertino-based company has taken the additional step of emailing all registered developers with more in-depth information regarding the purge. Today’s deletion of all public CloudKit databases will be the second such occurrence in the time that has followed since the introduction of the technology at WWDC. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. As part of the process of upgrading internal storage servers to work alongside the launch of the latest iOS 8 and Yosemite betas, Apple performed a similar wipe of CloudKit public data back on July 7th. The creation of CloudKit will ultimately afford developers with the ability to focus on creating impressive and immersive client-side experiences rather than having to deal with the issues that come attached with server-side cloud storage code.


Apple’s introduction of the various CloudKit APIs within iOS 8 and OS 10. Early adopter developers who have chosen to get down and dirty with the new CloudKit APIs will surely appreciate that the wiping of any stored data is ultimately part of the roadmap to launch. As the APIs are being developed and ironed out it seems that testers will need to put up with some bumps in the road with Apple once again notifying developers that all CloudKit data will once again be wiped at some point today. The follow up email sent out to all iOS and OS X developers goes a little further by clarifying why the purge is necessary as well as outline specific data that won’t be part of the deletion: As per Apple’s instructions, if you’re one of the developers tinkering with the new APIs, then make sure you create a copy of any important data that is stored within a public CloudKit database before it’s gone forever.

Yesterday’s iOS 8 beta 4 release and Yosemite’s 4th Developer Preview came attached with release notes informing of the data wipe. .10 Yosemite at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference was greeted with much glee and excitement from attending developers.

LG’s are (predictably) very flexible

Remember when LG announced that it had managed to create a rollable 18-inch display Well, here’s the proof: a very much flexible OLED display. The resolution might not be there yet 1,200 x 810, alas but the hopes and dreams of a picnic-blanket TV set — they’re getting more real every day. End of story. Have a great day guys!

Wacom’s Android, Kindle Windows 8

Thanks to Wacom’s Ink Layer Language, your notes will seamlessly be shared between your devices — enabling you to sketch out a plan on your leisure tablet before passing it to your work one. That changes from today, now that the company has launched Windows, Android and Kindle Fire versions of Bamboo Paper.Wacom loves doodlers almost as much as serious artists, but its Paper-esque sketching app was limited to iOS devices only. The free app is available to download at the links below, and you’ll also be able to try out the various premium brushes for a limited time before you’re asked to open your wallet to keep them..

Apple episode of on Netflix


For some reason, however, this post-play feature didn’t work on the Apple TV, until it suddenly did a few days ago, without warning. The Roku-rival has even popped up on Netflix’s list of supported devices, so never again will you have the option of stopping House of Cards after a single episode.When you start chugging a series, it’s hard to stop, even for trips to the bathroom, or going to work, or catching up on sleep. Well, unless you disable it, of course.


It’s a problem that Netflix loves to exploit, only giving you a few seconds before offering up the next episode of whatever series you’re currently immersed in. Let me know what you are thinking.


iWatch: Evidence Yet It’s Real


The news outlet said Apple is going to manufacture around 70 million to 80 million new iPhone units between now and December, including both the 4. To put that in perspective, Apple built between 50 million and 60 million units of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c during the same time period last year,The Wall Street Journal said. AAPL. The news outlet suggested that sapphire could also make things more complicated for Apple’s supply partners. The in-cell technology used in the larger displays has caused production issues for the larger 5.


5-inch screens, respectively, it’s going to target Android manufacturers that have already attracted consumers to phablets. Apple’s so confident that its new devices are going to take market share away from those OEMs that it is reportedly about to kick off the “largest initial production run of iPhones,” according to a recent report fromThe Wall Street Journal.5-inch iPhone, which means it may launch sometime after the iPhone 6. Powered by Yahoo Finance.

The 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch and 5.When Apple releases the iPhone 6 and the rumored iPhone Air, with 4.

7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September, andThe Wall Street Journal said that’s when Apple’s partners will start manufacturing the 5.5-inch iPhone Air screen. Apple still faces some roadblocks along the way, however.5-inch models.

At those levels last year, however, Apple still faced shortages of the iPhone 5s, so the company does definitely need to increase manufacturing at least on some level. Thank you for reading!

Apple on iPhone iPhone Air


“Applications operating on a user’s electronic device can also initiate an alert to a nearby electronic wristband,” the patent says.” It’s common for tech firms to patent technology, even without plans to eventually create a product using the patented intellectual property.Apple’s iWatch is expected in October but, without any official word from the company, there are still plenty of folks who aren’t convinced Apple is going to release the device.” It describes receiving and interacting with notifications on the wrist, wireless headphone accessories, a touchscreen display, GPS, Bluetooth, an accelerometer and even applications.

Also, applications can also seek remote user input from the electronic wristband. Still, with all of the rumors surrounding the iWatch, and all of Apple’s recent hires, this seems like the best evidence that a wearable is indeed coming soon. Apple was recently granted a patent titled “Wrist-worn electronic device and methods therefor,” that basically describes a lot of the functionality we expect in the iWatch, though it calls the device the “iTime. Now, thanks to a new patent filing, we have even more evidence that Apple is indeed working on developing its own wearable that syncs with iOS devices.

“For example, the alert could pertain to calendar alerts, stock alerts, weather alerts, etc. Thank you for reading!

Voice 4 Displays Real-Time [Video]


Apple is notorious for adding and then removing features during its iOS betas, but we can’t see this being one of those examples. Just like Android – an operating system that has long been the pinnacle of voice-to-text dictation, iOS 8 beta 4 sends voice to Apple’s servers in real time, meaning you’ll see words appear as you speak. Real-time voice dictation is something that iOS power users have been crying out for, and Apple would do well to make sure it irons out any kinks before it brings it to the masses. In iOS 7, users have to dictate their message, for example, and wait for iOS to send that voice up to Apple’s server for translation before that same server tells the dictation device what text to use. That means that errors won’t get picked up until everything has been said and, in turn, translated into text.


The voice-to-text dictation in iOS has always been one of those features that people either use extensively, or have never even noticed. That’s a real pain when you’re trying to get a few hundred words into a text document, for example. It’s often a slow way of doing things, but the main irritation for many is that nothing is translated into text until the user has said everything they want to say and has ended the dictation process. source: 9to5Mac You may also like to check out: iOS 8 Beta 4 Download Released For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch 10 New Features In iOS 8 Beta 4 You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.

Those that do make heavy use of dictation have long had one main complaint though, and that’s been about the way their voice is converted to text. . That’s a real boon for those that like to receive actual feedback as they speak, especially if they want to make corrections as they go along. As of iOS 8′s fourth beta, that is no-longer the case.

After all, this is a beta for a reason. Thank you for reading!

Intel CPUs, Likely Pro Refresh


. source: CPU World You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. The now popular 4th-gen Intel Haswell CPUs were originally launched back in June 2013. Retina MacBook Pros were last updated in fall 2013. The updated chips, which cover the i5 and i7 families of silicon, see the range receive a 200MHz speed bump for each existing chip, with the low-end offering now being 2.

With its MacBook Pro lineup tightly tied to Intel’s chip release schedule, Apple will be pleased to learn that the chip maker has launched an update to its Haswell line of CPUs.2GHz for Core i7 with the high-end peaking at 3.6-2. Intel’s Broadwell family of CPUs are expected to eventually find a new home in an updated MacBook Air as soon as the silicon is ready, with the rumor being that Apple will hope to ditch all internal fans thanks to the new CPU’s power efficiencies.

Longer lasting batteries and quieter fans are always a plus for us, and if Apple can do away with fans completely, then we’re totally down with that. All the Pro models should see nice speed bumps this fall as part of the newly updated Haswell lineup.0GHz. Clockspeed for Core i5 now ranges between 2.

9GHz.0GHz chip in its base 13-inch non-retina MacBook Pro, and a high-end 2.6GHz part in the built-to-order 15-inch retina model. Apple refreshed its MacBook Air lineup when Intel upgraded its Haswell chips earlier this year, and it’s expected that it will do a similar refresh for the MacBook Pro model’s i5 and i7 chips.

Each new refreshed line coming out of Intel will mean chips that create less heat and need less power – something that notebook computers are always in need of. Updated 2014 version of Intel Haswell CPUs. Apple currently offers the old 2. Let me know what you are thinking.


Apple Access For Snooping Claims


The user must agree to share this information, and data is never transferred without their consent. So there you have it. As we have said before, Apple has never worked with any government agency from any country to create a backdoor in any of our products of services. Zdziarski’s report, which was presented to the HOPE/X conference in New York, managed to ruffle a few feathers by suggesting that iOS contained a number of suspicious background services that could potentially expose a user’s clipboard, voicemail, calendar, notebook and address book data without the need for authentication. As devices become more and more capable with each generational release it’s logical to assume that they will become vital parts of our daily professional and personal lives; even more so than they are now.


In a statement emailed directly to Financial Times journalist Tim Bradshaw Apple has strongly denied working alongside any government agency with the intention of creating backdoor access in any of its products or services. The intricacies and merits of that report are still regarded as questionable at best, but while additional investigation into the claims is being carried out Apple have acted quickly to deny any wrongdoing whatsoever. A user must have unlocked their device and agreed to trust another computer before that computer is able to access this limited diagnostic data. .

Apple’s official response on the subject. Is the word of the fruit company enough to satisfy your concerns as an iOS user Or do we need more transparent investigation into the matter You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web. As part of its almost immediate response to the situation, Apple has not only reaffirmed its previous statements that the company has not worked with any government agencies to expose data, but goes a step further in an attempt to clarify the background services that have been brought to the public’s attention: We have designed iOS so that its diagnostic functions do not compromise user privacy and security, but still provides needed information to enterprise IT departments, developers and Apple for troubleshooting technical issues. The security and integrity of the data that we trust to our mobile devices is on an ongoing basis is rightly an extremely important topic.

You may have been a little concerned to read a presentation from iOS Security Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski earlier this week that claimed Apple had purposely created backdoor entries that would allow various sets of system and user data to be accessible without the need to authenticate via the usual means.


First wireless speakers head on


In fact it was making HiFi kit long before home streaming was even a thing.eng”eng.init”. For streaming, that means Sonos — company Denon is tackling head-on with its Heos range of internet-connected wireless speakers.Denon is no stranger to the home audio market.


In this first look, we put both systems side by side to see how they stack up. Heos by Denon V Sonos See all photos 16 Photos when.galleries. We’ll give them a deeper dive at a later date, but for now head to the gallery to see how they compare.

With three products in the range numbered 3, 5 and 7 — rather than 1, 3, and 5 there’s little doubt that Denon is gunning for a share of the Play series’ market space. Times change, and new markets get new dominant players. Thank you for reading.