No Speaks on Games’ Ambition


The idea of performance affecting a game’s soundtrack is nothing new, but it is an ambitious idea that has gone far under-appreciated over the years. Area attacks that will shock his enemy and standard gun attacks, for example. She acts as an immediate 1up and will provide Gunvolt with a free-life and invincibility if she likes him enough. 9. The better Gunvolt performs in battle, though, the higher a point counter on the left of the screen rises.


The other new idea comes from the character ofLumen. Gunvolt will interact with this sweet girl throughout the game, and depending on his relationship with her, she will be able to provide aid in battle from time to time. You’ll be able to pick up Azure Striker Gunvolt digitally on the Nintendo 3DS later this year. Our protagonist, Gunvolt, has his own arsenal of unique skills and psychic abilities which his trainer, Asimov, schools him on.

Once Gunvolt hits 1,000 Kudos points, the soundtrack lets loose and bursts into an exciting J-pop song. At first, it seems pretty standard.Azure Striker Gunvolt is the latest from Inti Creates, the developers of the Mega Man Zero games and the upcoming Kickstarter smash hit Mighty No. Via Siliconera.

While it might look like a typical old-school run ‘n gun platformer, a handful of new mechanics put on display in a gameplay trailer show that there is still plenty that Inti Creates can bring to the age-old genre. These are called “Kudos,” or points which can be saved for bonuses in between levels, when using a Save point, or performing a huge attack. A little BioWare influence in there Inti Creates claims that two songs can be played when hitting 1,000 Kudos or being resurrected. Inti Creates won’t be putting out a retail release. Thank you for reading!