Mystery crop formation appears in Russia

A video of a man walking through the formation was uploaded on Sunday to the Russian social network Vkontakte, providing a ground-based view of the flattened sunflowers.push; A series of strange markings appeared in a sunflower field in the Krasnodar region last Thursday. According to local news site Svet Mayakov, the formation covers an area approximately 40m in diameter and consists of a network of flattened crops in the shape of squares and rectangles of various sizes. Image Credit: sxc.


The formation turned up in a sunflower field last adsbygoogle = window.Nobody seemed to have any idea who had created the markings however one resident told a local news station that several of the villagers had witnessed a strange object rising up out of the field while shining a beam of light down on to the crops.adsbygoogle .

The region itself is no stranger to crop circles and is believed to account for almost 40 of all crop circle reports in Russia. I guess that is the end of the story.