Mysterious gigantic hole appears in Siberia


Image Credit: YouTube / Siberian Times adsbygoogle = window.A team of experts, including two from the Centre for the Study of the Arctic and one from the Cryosphere Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, are now set to investigate. The most likely explanation at this point is that the hole opened up due to an underground explosion ignited by a mixture of water, salt and gas.Early speculation suggested that the hole had been caused by a meteor strike however that has since been ruled out.


The hole is located 30km from the biggest gas field in the Yamal peninsula, with the name ‘Yamal’ translating to ‘end of the world’.adsbygoogle .The hole may have been the result of a gas explosion. The deep circular chasm measures around 80m wide and descends so far down that its depth has yet to be determined.

push; A massive crater has inexplicably opened up in Siberia’s remote Yamal peninsula region. Thank you for reading.