Islanders defend against ‘werewolf’ threat


0 Angell Williams adsbygoogle = window.”People have been advised to hold their goats in a fenced area or under their houses where they can be given protection,” he said.adsbygoogle . Image Credit: CC BY 2.The islanders believe werewolves are to blame.


Department of Agriculture Regional Director Cipriano Santiago claims that more than 57 farmers have lost animals over the last two years.push; The people of an isolated island in the Philippines undertake nightly patrols to protect their animals. According to Inspector Brian Odien, Sibale Island’s chief of police, the region has seen an extensive spate of mysterious livestock deaths over the last few years and the islanders believe that werewolves are responsible.The attacks, which allegedly only occur on nights before a full moon, have seen more than 200 goats killed with their blood sucked out and internal organs removed.

“.”People have been told not to confront the animal on their own but to call for help.Hundreds of volunteers under supervision of the police have been undertaking regular patrols at night in an effort to protect the island’s dwindling goat population from the creatures.The phenomenon has become such a problem in fact that the locals now fear that the mysterious assailants will turn to attacking humans once all the goats are gone. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.