Facebook Steals Another Feature From Startups

Hopefully we’ll see the update rollout to even more people in the near future. For now it sounds like the new feature is only available for a small subset of Android users, suggesting Google is just starting to test it out on the public. The Google Maps “Explore Nearby” feature used to live inside the search bar, it now has a dedicated button on the bottom right of the app. There’s also a drop down menu for clarifying what time of day you want to go out to return more focused results.

Tap the button to pull up a list of nearby points of interest, organized into groups like Quick Bites and Night Clubs. Last weekAndroid Police revealed how Google Maps was getting better for bikers and drivers, now it looks like the app has has improvements for recommending nearby restaurants and other points of interest.Google rolled out a pretty big update for Google Maps on Android late last week, and we’re still hearing about new features and improvements to the app. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.