Did its Own Wear Smartwatch?


Apple still hasn’t confirmed that an iWatch is on the way, but the company’s also dropped a few big hints suggesting it’s definitely working on some sort of wearable device. Now Bryant has confirmed he met with Apple’s design chief Jony Ive earlier this year, though he doesn’t mention the iWatch either way. He also adds that much of his trip to Cupertino was spent answering Ive’s questions, though he did ask the Apple exec for a bit of insight into his design process. In an interview withBloomberg, Bryant says his meeting with Ive was part of a series of one-on-one discussions he’s had with industry leaders ranging from Oprah Winfrey to Arianna Huffington. We’re expecting the iWatch to offer a ton of fitness tracking features while also serving up notifications and other services.


The rumored smartwatch is expected to launch sometime this fall, with recent reports pointing to an October release.Earlier this year someone who looked a lot like NBA all-star Kobe Bryant made an appearance at Apple’s Cupertino campus, sparking rumors he might be collaborating on the long-rumored iWatch. But Apple has reportedly brought in a number of professional athletes to test out the upcoming device, and we’re guessing Bryant may have been one of them.

Even if Bryant did get a chance to see the iWatch, he obviously wouldn’t be allowed to say anything about it to the press. Thank you for reading.