Apple’s Revealed In ‘iTime’ Patent


If you thought Apple was going to follow what others are doing for smartwatches, you couldnt have been more wrong. Of course, its not clear whether this is the rumored iWatch that weve all been so anxiously waiting for it might be that this device is something entirely different that Apple is working on but its exciting, and sure has the potential to give Android Wear a run for its money. Not only does it help production costs and efficiency, but also puts more control in the users hands with respect to what functionality theyre after. On the connectivity front, the patent outlines a personal wireless network that will enable communication and data sharing with the connected iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or even computer. source: USPTO You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.


Looking at the patent, it appears that Apple plans on achieving this high-level of functionality and features courtesy of sensors embedded in the watch strap. Should the iTime patent be indicative of anything, it shows that Apples different approach towards putting the sensors in the wrist band might actually pay off. The device is comprised to two distinct components, each lending its own bit to the overall feature set. Also, the patent refers to the device as being a wrist phone, which might indicate some form of cellular connectivity as well, although its practical implications yet remain unknown.

The patent, as the name suggests, appears to be for a smartphone connected watch that doesnt restrict itself to serving notifications from the accompanying device it offers advanced features such as proximity sensing, wrist and arm gestures, GPS positioning and much more. Or, at least, thats what the iTime patent that the Cupertino-based company was granted is having us believe. What it also indicates is that the users will be able to swap straps for different features, depending on what theyre after.  The strap will feature GPS, haptic feedback, gesture sensing extending to arm and wrist movement, and wireless communication.

What the mode of this communication will be, were not entirely sure. Apart from the aforementioned smart strap, the body of the iTime itself appears to feature an iPod nano like touchscreen media player, which were absolutely certain that will carry much superior tech than its look-alike sibling, even if the patent doesnt really shed more light on it. . Any comment guys?