Stabilized Patterson Bigfoot footage revealed


This latest release of the footage, which has been carefully stabilized by M.push; The most stable ever version of the infamous Patterson Bigfoot video has been released on YouTube. Image Credit: YouTube / M. The original footage was recorded in 1967 by Roger Patterson who, along with his friend Bob Gimlin, had been out in the woods near Bluff Creek to the north of Orleans in California.Special software was used to stabilize the video.


While many believe that the video is nothing more than a clever hoax, there are still some who believe to this day that it is genuine.K. The ‘Bigfoot’ famously glanced back at the men before disappearing in to the trees, seemingly unmoved by their presence.

Patterson quickly retrieved his camera from his pack and started to film the creature as it walked away.The resulting video is perhaps the single most famous piece of cryptozoological evidence ever recorded and would go on to spark controversy and debate for decades.K.As they rounded a corner they caught site of a strange creature crouched down a short distance away.

Davis, provides the clearest view yet of the creature encountered by the two men almost 50 years ago. Davis adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle . When it stood up they noted that it appeared to be a tall bipedal ape-like hominid covered in dark hair. Let me know what you are thinking.