OS Now Available, Is New


1.5. For now, though, we’ve to make do with OS X 10.4. As implied by the build number, the update is a rather rudimentary one, with fixes to Wi-Fi and a slight bump for Safari, among a couple of other tweaks, and below, we’ve got a full round-up.

First and foremost, OS X 10.10 Yosemite and iOS 8, Apple is still working on improvements for the current software line-up, and in conjunction with the release of iOS 7.10 Yosemite, set for release this fall.2 For iPhone, iPad Direct Download Links You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.

1. A couple of other minor fixes have also been bundled in, including improved reliability when waking up from sleep mode, and Safari, the company’s main browser, now sits at version 7. . Should we stumble across anything interesting, noteworthy, or otherwise not mentioned in the change log, we will be sure to let you guys know, and hey, if you happen to find anything intriguing yourselves, be sure to drop a comment via the usual channels! You may also like to check out: Download iOS 7.

As reported by some users, Macs have been struggling to auto-connect to known Wi-Fi networks, but upon updating to this new build, affected users should that this problem has been fixed. Given that this release is still very much hot off the press, we haven’t had the opportunity to take a close-up look at it just yet, but we will be doing so over the next few hours.4 – build number 13E28 – corrects an issue relating to Wi-Fi.Although we’ve been largely sidetracked with the goings on of OS X 10.

The ‘Continuity’ features, which further promote integration between iOS and OS X, are perhaps the most compelling of the Yosemite update, and as such, we cannot wait for the end user release later on this year.0.4, which can be downloaded right now via the Mac App Store.9.

9.2 for those rocking an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the company has also rolled out OS X Mavericks 10. Although Mavericks is largely unchanged from the preceding Mountain Lion, Apple will be making quite a few adjustments with OS X 10. Not only has the company revamped the entire aesthetic in line with the alterations it made with iOS 7 last year, but from a functional aspect, there’s much to be excited about.

9. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂


US money from physical stores


There is a bit of a dark cloud to this silver lining, at least for the booksellers.7 million copies, but revenue was flat between 2012 and 2013; it may have been lower prices that triggered a surge in demand, not a renewed interest in going digital. Even with that wiggle room in the data, it’s evident that there’s a transition underway — you just shouldn’t expect to see the corner bookstore disappear overnight. While the difference isn’t huge, it suggests that a large chunk of the American population is content with buying books that it hasn’t seen in person.Brick-and-mortar book stores have clearly been on the decline for a while — just look at Barnes & Noble’s rocky finances.


Image credit: Robert Michael/AFP/Getty Images. BookStats estimates that US publishers made more money from online orders and e-books in 2013 7. However, there’s now some tangible evidence that the pendulum has swung in favor of internet-based sales. BookStats notes that e-book sales jumped about 10 percent to 512.

With that said, researchers warn that their data doesn’t include books without ISBN numbers, so quite a few self-published e-books may have slipped through the cracks.12 billion.54 billion than they did from old-fashioned physical retail 7.

Lollapalooza to leave at home

In the event that merchants lose that requisite connection, the system will store transactions until network access is restored. The report from Adweek specifically mentions food and drink purchases, so you may want to stash a few bucks if you’re after artist merchandise. On site, bands can be used for transactions by tapping on a connected pad and entering a PIN code for verification. It’s worth noting that Lollapalooza isn’t the first festival to use the wristbands, as the Mysteryland USA festival this past May offered pre-loaded payments with Coachella, Bonnaroo and others using them for ticketing and marketing purposes. The Lolla Cashless method uses RFID-equipped wristbands to give audience members the ability to register the bracelet online and connect a credit or debit card for purchases prior to the event in early August.

Lollapalooza, the annual music fest in Chicago’s Grant Park, is the first big name event in the States to adopt the system. Image credit: Timothy Hiatt/WireImage.Festival goers across the US may soon have a cashless and cardless payment option when they road trip to catch their favorite acts. That is the news today. Have a great day!


Here’s saying about HTC One

Don’t have an Engadget account Sign up here.” However, though many users called the handset “beautiful,” a few also brought up the M8’s slippery nature. Great!” AhmadAAziz calls it “snappy, intuitive and very simple to use.” Others have had trouble keeping their phones out of the hands of others, with MaroonR noting that, “People will want to touch it, so be prepared to wipe it clean now and again,” while phlogiston says, “I like my wife’s iPhone, but it says something about the HTC One when she keeps trying to trade phones with me I am not making that up.” While professional reviewers do their best to gauge battery life on a phone, the real measure of how well it performs only comes after months of regular use, and jpspiderman says, “The battery on the phone has been lasting me about 36 to 30 hours everyday with moderate use moderate meaning movies, musics, phone calls and gaming.


” Mokaky agrees, saying, “it completes the day with me.” The best part of reading user reviews is seeing how a product affects the lives of everyday users.” And jaredvillhelm concurs, telling us, “If I wanted ultra clear camera shots, I’d buy a fancy Nikon; for my everyday quick pictures, I’m more than satisfied with this camera.The HTC One M8 has been a hit with critics: Our own Brad Molen calls it “a great smartphone that does a lot of fantastic things,” while Laptop Magazine goes so far as to say it’s “the best Android phone on the market.

” So it looks like users love the HTC One M8 as much as, if not more than, the critics did. The sides are really skinny, and the back doesn’t do much to help you grip it.

It’s living up to the hype of long battery life without the constant worrying of the phone dying in the middle of the day. are nice too. The software effects UFocus, etc.” MaroonR was pleased with the Sense UI, though, telling us, “The Sense gestures on this are really great — the phone is tall, so some might have trouble reaching the power button; a double tap turns the screen on.

Don’t have the M8 Well, that’s okay, because we have thousands of products in our product database that you can review. AhmadAAziz finds it useful at work, saying, “Sometimes I have to make a phone call from a factory’s production yard, with all machinery running, and the in-call sound clarity is awesome. Just search, add the product to your “have” or “had” list and you’re ready to tell us what you think about products like the Galaxy S5 or the Surface Pro 3. However, if you’re trying to use it with one hand in the car, you’re probably going to drop it.

The M8 scored top marks in the design department, with Mokaky saying he was “amazed by the elegant design and the superior construction of the device,” while jaredvillhelm tells us that “people double take when they see the phone in my hand. Indeed, MaroonR says, “Yes, the phone looks fantastic.” But now that the M8 has hit all four major carriers in the US and has had a chance to stretch its legs out in the wild, how has it fared in long-term, day-to-day usage To find out, we turn to user reviews, written by erudite Engadget readers like yourself, and they certainly haven’t held anything back.

If you’d like to tell us how you feel about the M8, it’s as simple as clicking the “write a review” button on the page, where you’ll be taken to a simple review form. no need to carry the charger again.” The camera also got quite a workout from our users, with JonSilver admitting, “I was nervous about the camera, but for posting/sharing to social media/text/email, the camera is great. Thank you for reading!


Egypt’s cure has been delayed


Now even stronger doubts have been cast following the announcement by a military spokesman that the miraculous cure, which was due to be made available this week, had been delayed and would require at least another six months of testing. Image Credit: NCI/NIH adsbygoogle = window.The claims have been widely criticized by the scientific community and to date no evidence of the device’s effectiveness has ever been made available for independent study.Medical professionals are skeptical about the claims. The strange device was introduced back in February as a “miraculous scientific invention” alongside the promise that it was capable of not only detecting HIV, AIDS and hepatitis C but also of curing those conditions as well.


adsbygoogle .push; The Egyptian military has backtracked on the release of its mysterious AIDS and hepatitis C cure.Many suspect that the device may actually be little more than a clever propaganda exercise.. Thank you for reading.

Galaxy S5 Mini Launch Expected Soon


, We expect to hear about pre-orders and release dates from the other three major U.80 if you want it off contract. launch date we’ve heard so far, though the phone will also land on Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint.”. T-Mobile hasn’t revealed its subsidized pricing for the LG G3, though its pre-order site says the phone will cost 598.


The phone’s highlight features include a 5.S.S. carriers soon, and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with that information as it’s made available.

We don’t expect it to be very cheap even with a subsidy, however, since the G3 offers some of the highest specs on a smartphone today. It’s one of our highest-rated devices ever, and in our review we called it the “superphone we’ve been waiting for.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor a 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and a large 3,000mAh battery.T-Mobile announced on Monday that customers can now pre-order the LG G3 flagship Android smartphone ahead of its official launch on July 16.

5-inch Quad HD display 2560 x 1440-pixels, a 2. This is the first U. This is definitely a phone to be excited about. Hope you guys enjoy it!


Android Android Auto OEM Skins


The company’s new Android-powered infotainment system was reportedly on display at Google I/O this month, though it sounds like LG will be more of a silent partner. With LG producing the parts for Android Auto, however, it’s still possible we could see some customization depending on what the company can get away with. For example, LG might offer support for some of its own mobile services since the new platform needs to connect to an Android smartphone to work, but you’ll still be able to use the service even if your handset was made by another OEM. The South Korean company will help produce connected car components for new vehicles, though its unclear exactly which car-makers will use its technology.


Android Auto definitely has serious potential to change the way we interact with our cars, mostly thanks to the predictive technology pulled directly from Google Now. Google and LG have collaborated in the past with solid resultsjust take a look at the Nexus 5so we’re excited to see what comes from their latest partnership.LG confirmed today that it’s jumping into the automotive market this year to help Google with its new Android Auto platform. Google recently confirmed that hardware makers won’t be able to offer their own skins for Android Auto as well Android TV and Android Wear as the company moves to promote a more consistent UI with these new platforms.

The first Android Auto cars will start rolling out this year, but LG says its new system won’t be ready to ship until sometime in 2015. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


Want Putin’s Face Be $4,360


If we’re honest, we’d rather have either of those, but then we’re not Russian. There are tons of reasons why you should, and should not, buy a phone with someones mugshot on its rear shell. But again, instead of convincing you, or taking you on a route otherwise, let us know in the comments section below why you would – or would not – buy the Putin iPhone. But we don’t particularly want one with our own country’s top guy on the back, either. Apparently the best way to express patriotism, the Putin-phone isn’t the first iPhone to come from the folks at Perla Penna that features the mug of a famous person on its rear.


If you’ve just read that title and done a double-take, then we don’t blame you. Nope, still doesn’t quite compute, does it You may have already heard of gold iPhones being sold for silly money to anyone daft enough to buy them, but the ‘Caviar iPhone 5s Supremo Putin’ takes things one step further by engraving Russian premier Vladimir Putin’s bonce on the back of it. The likes of Steve Jobs have also featured, as has Leonardo de Vinci.ru You may also like to check out: Worlds First 24kt Gold, Rose Gold And Platinum iPhone 5s Now Available IMAGES You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.

In fact, go ahead and have a third try at it. If that doesn’t put you off, then it’s worth remembering that in a few months, that 4-grand iPhone is going to be out of date thanks to the iPhone 6. . If you’re sat reading this with your credit card in-hand, waiting to find out where to buy one, then take pause – it ain’t cheap.

In fact, you’ll need 4,360 of your capitalist American dollars in order to get your mitts on one from luxury jewelery house Perla Penna. Were sure you have plenty of reasons, so why not share them with us! If you do plan to buy one, you can grab it from: caviar-phone. Just sayin’. We’ll wait right here.

Well, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, after all. In fact, just to make sure you get your patriotism badge – assuming you’re Russian, that is – the phone even has the first two lines of the country’s national anthem as well as its coat of arms engraved for good measure. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂


Google Android Wear, User Experiences


Hopefully it will mean that they will focus on things like industrial design instead of adding unnecessary fluff to devices. Picking up one Android phone having used another can often be a jarring experience, because while they’re both running Android of some description, it’s usually been smothered in some sort of skin that seeks to help phone and tablet makers differentiate themselves from the competition. Assuming it doesn’t stop manufacturers from jumping on board, that is. . It’s this that Google is seeking to block with Android Wear, TV and Auto, according to Burke.

Speaking to Ars Technica, Google engineering director David Burke explained that Auto, Wear and TV will differ from Android on smartphones and tablets in one major way, and it’s a difference that could see the platforms either flourish, or falter depending on how hardware makers take to the decision. Source: ArsTechnica You may also like to check out: Hands-On With Moto 360, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live Smartwatches Videos Google Android TV Announced, Heres Everything You Need To Know Google Android Auto Announced, Its CarPlay Competitor, Here Are All The Details You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. As a user though, this sounds like a brilliant move by Google. This should mean that swapping devices will be a much more painless experience than it often is in the smartphone world, but will no doubt receive a tepid response from the makers of hardware.

While differing hardware doesn’t help that fragmentation, the way OEMs fiddle with Android is also one of the biggest turn-offs for some people.Google’s new Android Wear, TV and Auto ventures were front and center during Google I/O, and as the dust settles on all the biggest announcements to come out of the developer event, we’re now starting to find out the more interesting details about what Google will be working on this year. If they can’t differentiate by making the user experience different, their avenues for standing out are greatly reduced. With the aim of trying to garner a more consistent experience across devices, Google will be blocking any attempt from OEMs to try and skin the versions of Android that run on their wearables, televisions or in-car systems beyond adding their own applications or services, according to Burke.

As everyone knows, Android on smartphones and tablets suffers from one main issue, and that’s fragmentation. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂


iPhone Antenna Design Shipping Unit


The report also notes that the device could pack a curved display, and although the blogosphere hasn’t sung this tune for a while now, it was something that, much earlier in the year, the rumor mill did entertain. Notably, the antenna – which has been noted as a bit of an eyesore – will probably not beset such unsightly, thick stripes on the final design, and that instead, Apple will come through with something a little more palatable with the finished article.This year, we’ve been in the rather unprecedented position of having access to iPhone 6 mockups many months in advance the manufacturing process, which is apparently set to commence at some point over the next couple of weeks.7-inch display, and a further, albeit delayed variant boasting a 5. .


We’ll keep you in the loop on any more iPhone 6-related info, so stay tuned! Source: Nikkei Google Translate You may also like to check out: iPhone 6 Specs, Features, Release Date Rumors Seemingly Legit 4. But what it does mean is that any case makers going by the mockups are likely to be off the mark, thanks to some minor disparities between these dummy models and the real deal. Japanese newspaper publication Nikkei, which has been the source of much iPhone 6-related information over the past couple of months, has been comparing mockups of the device with more precise information from suppliers, and having scrutinized some of the finer details, drawn the conclusion that our mockups are still quite a way off the final design. But while recent leaks of the device’s rear shell appear to have corroborated the many 3D print-outs we’ve seen of the upcoming handset, a new report suggests that the antenna’s design will greatly differ from what we’ve been seeing so far.

The device will also pack an improved Touch ID fingerprint sensor, an upgraded Apple A8 processor, and the expected bump in the rear-facing camera’s capabilities.5-inch panel.7-inch iPhone 6 Rear Shell In Silver Showcased On Video You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. There’ll apparently be a model sporting a 4.

iPhone 6 mockup We’re anticipating that Apple will release two variants of the iPhone 6 later on this year, both of which are set to increase significantly in size. This doesn’t mean that the curved, iPad-esque form factor is going to change, nor that the power button won’t still be relocated to the side of the device, alongside the volume buttons. That is the news today. Have a great day!


Google on YouTube, and Google+

Although users in the US never really took to it, Orkut remained popular in Brazil and India for the better part of a decade it’s been maintained by Google Brazil since 2008. The search giant said today that it’ll shut down the service on September 30th in order to shift its focus to bigger projects like YouTube, Blogger and Google. However, with Facebook and Google continuing to enjoy global growth, Google’s decided the time is right to pull the plug on the service that was originally built as a “20 percent” project.Google’s long suggested that Orkut, its other social network, was living on borrowed time, but today it’s finally confirmed that the end is coming. Once the deadline passes, they’ll be able to export their profile data, community posts and photos using Google’s Takeout tool for up to a year after it closes its doors.

Image credit: coletivomambembe, Flickr. While the company is now blocking new signups, current users can continue to contribute to the site until October. That is the news today. Have a great day!

LG’s every bit it sounds

It won’t actually be available until October, though, so you still have a few months to fill up the piggy bank. For the thrifty, there’s a 65-inch model also launching in October for a mere £6000, which you should easily be able to scrape together from the change lurking between your sofa cushions.How much would you fork out for a 77-inch, curved, 4K, OLED TV Well, LG hopes you’re hovering around a couple of grand per descriptor, having announced it’s launching such a gogglebox in the UK for only £20,000. As you’d imagine, the “world’s first” curved OLED UHDTV packs a ton of branded technologies that promise a perfect picture, including the necessary upscaling engine that converts lower-res video to “near-4K,” as well as LG’s webOS smart TV platform. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


iTunes teachers create your questions


It’s going to be much more useful on July 8th, when Apple releases a major overhaul to the app.Right now, iTunes U on the iPad isn’t a complete educational tool. Students, meanwhile, get some much-needed interaction — you can now ask questions from the app, or join in class discussions. The launch may be well-timed. It’s too soon to know whether or not the new iOS app will be strong enough to counter the fiercer competition, but it should at least be handy for classes that were already bent on using the iPad as a learning platform.


The new iTunes U lets teachers create and manage courses entirely from the iPad, plucking source material from other apps and even the device’s camera. You can read textbooks, but not much else — you still need to use old-fashioned email to ask the teacher a question, for example. It also arrives just after Apple lost a lot of support from the Los Angeles school system, which is now diversifying its device mix beyond iPads.

iTunes U’s upgrade is coming just as Samsung has unveiled a brand new version of its School suite that has its own collaboration tools; teachers can push content to all their students at once, and students can participate in group projects. Thank you for reading.


Privacy-focused Blackphone starts shipping for $630

It’s the offspring of a joint venture between Silent Circle and Geeksphone, who together have just announced that the first batch of devices is now shipping to customers who pre-ordered during the initial publicity rush. Everyone else will have the opportunity to place an order once general sales start on July 14th.If you missed our coverage during Mobile World Congress, then here’s what you need to know about Blackphone: it’s a mid-spec Android smartphone that comes pre-subscribed to and pre-installed with a bunch of privacy and anti-surveillance services, for a price of 629 off-contract. Check out our hands-on video from MWC below, but bear in mind that the device was only at prototype stage back then, and it wasn’t entirely stable. Thank you for reading!


Record-breaking into the golf ball


The team used high temperature superconductors that work at -320 degrees F or so — not exactly balmy, but less frigid than the -460 degrees F needed for regular superconductors.University of Cambridge scientists have broken a decade-old superconducting record by packing a 17. Image credit: University of Cambridge. With zero resistance, superconducting materials can carry up to 100 times more current than copper wires, but the resulting magnetic fields create huge internal forces. To get around it, the team modified the material’s microstructure and “shrink-wrapped” it in stainless steel.


That produced the largest magnetic field ever trapped in a standalone material at any temperature, according to the team.6 Tesla magnetic field into a golf ball-sized hunk of crystal — equivalent to about three tons of force. Since the cuprate materials used for the record are as fragile as dried pasta, they can actually explode under the strain. The research might eventually lead to more secure and efficient power transmission, better scanners and yes, levitating monorails. What you think?

Can our perception time ?


In another case a 58-year-old man from Japan found that his perception of people talking didn’t match the movements of their lips, making everything seem like a badly dubbed movie.”Baker was soon diagnosed as having suffered an aneurysm and as it turns out he was not the only person to have experienced strange temporal anomalies as the result of a medical condition. “They came into hard focus rapidly, over the course of a few seconds.Our perception of time, far from being set in stone, is actually something of an illusion that our brain stitches together.Other examples include the case of a 61-year-old woman who reported witnessing her train journey home and the movement of the passengers broken up in to slow motion “freeze frames”.


Brain disruptions can alter our perception of time. It was like a high-speed film, slowed down.”The healthy brain reconstructs the experience and glues together the different frames,” said brain expert Rufin VanRullen. Image Credit: CC 2.

adsbygoogle . “But if brain damage destroys the glue, you might only see the snapshots. When struck down with a sudden headache, Simon Baker decided to see if taking a warm shower would help make him feel better. Disruptions to the brain such as an epileptic fit or an aneurysm can alter this perception, making it seem as though time has been slowed down, sped up or is even standing still.

“I looked up at the shower head, and it was as if the water droplets had stopped in mid-air,” he said.When the water began to cascade down over him however he noted with puzzlement that the droplets seemed to be moving in slow motion until they had stopped altogether.push; A man who had suffered an aneurysm discovered that he was perceiving the world as if time had stopped.0 Andrew Mason adsbygoogle = window.

“. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

Stabilized Patterson Bigfoot footage revealed


This latest release of the footage, which has been carefully stabilized by M.push; The most stable ever version of the infamous Patterson Bigfoot video has been released on YouTube. Image Credit: YouTube / M. The original footage was recorded in 1967 by Roger Patterson who, along with his friend Bob Gimlin, had been out in the woods near Bluff Creek to the north of Orleans in California.Special software was used to stabilize the video.


While many believe that the video is nothing more than a clever hoax, there are still some who believe to this day that it is genuine.K. The ‘Bigfoot’ famously glanced back at the men before disappearing in to the trees, seemingly unmoved by their presence.

Patterson quickly retrieved his camera from his pack and started to film the creature as it walked away.The resulting video is perhaps the single most famous piece of cryptozoological evidence ever recorded and would go on to spark controversy and debate for decades.K.As they rounded a corner they caught site of a strange creature crouched down a short distance away.

Davis, provides the clearest view yet of the creature encountered by the two men almost 50 years ago. Davis adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle . When it stood up they noted that it appeared to be a tall bipedal ape-like hominid covered in dark hair. Let me know what you are thinking.

Google own apps your work

However, it marks the end to a long, long chapter in cellphone history.” You can still download it after that if you’re an existing fan, but newcomers will have no choice but to use either Google’s apps or their rough equivalents. The move isn’t surprising, since there’s no need for Google to keep a redundant app hanging around. Accordingly, the search firm is pulling the plug on the earlier software; it’s going to remove Quickoffice from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play “in the coming weeks.

Google bought Quickoffice to boost the productivity of its Apps suite, and it clearly accomplished that mission when it released a slew of mobile editing tools that merge Quickoffice’s file tech with Google Drive. Quickoffice was a mainstay of mobile workers before smartphones took off, and it has run on most major and not-so-major platforms over the span of roughly 12 years — it’s sad to see the name go, even if the technology will live on.


LA free iPads and hybrids


In the new scheme, materials from three different publishers are also being trialled Given the touchscreen keyboards, iPads were apparently difficult to use while sometimes exam problems were often obscured due to the screen size.An iPad for every student was the plan. “The benefit of the new approach is clear,” said Los Angeles school board member Monica Ratliff, talking to the LA Times. This fall, teachers and students will test these laptops to see if they fit.

“Why would we treat all our students – whether they are a first-grader or a high school freshman – as if they all had the same technology needs They don’t. iPad distribution across LA’s school district remains on hold, although some school are still scheduled to receive them later this year. Then, some students were too smart for their own good, quickly enabling their for-learnin’ iPads to access to anything on the web, including Twitter, Facebook and all that other fun stuff. LA’s school district now plans to differentiate what it offers its students, authorizing purchases for one of six different devices, including laptops and hybrids such as Chromebooks, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and Lenovo’s Yoga Touch.

” Last year’s iPad scheme rolled out to 47 schools, but alongside those aforementioned security filter woes, distribution of the tablets soon fell behind schedule. Worse still, educational materials were apparently often incomplete.

A written by their depth

The quantified self movement is all about strapping gadgets to our bodies to tell us that we don’t get enough exercise. The kGoal is designed to remedy that, as well as improving performance in more intimate scenarios. Her patients frequently say that they’ve been unable to keep up their exercises, since there’s a lack of feedback to let them know how well they’re doing. Obviously, the product is on Kickstarter, and 99 will you get an early-bird discount, while the Johnny-come-latelys will be asked to spend 125. The trend may have neglected certain parts of the body, which is something that adult toy manufacturer Minna Life wants to fix.


Bedroom matters aside, the pelvic floor also contributes to a healthy bladder, and women frequently struggle to maintain it, according to UCSF Medical Center Professor Liz Miracle. The hardware tells users how strong their pelvic floor muscles are, offering real-time feedback on strength as well as enabling people to track their performance. At least, that’s the idea behind the — wait for it — kGoal pelvic floor trainer.

Consisting of a squeezable, air-filled pillow and wireless dongle, the kGoal pairs with your smartphone to give you a strength rating and show you how you can improve, and the company is even working on games to try and make the experience more, erm, entertaining. Let me know what you are thinking.