HTC L Roll-out For Oct-Dec.


Apple’s back-to-school sales always offer solid discounts for students who are starting to gear up for the fall. We’ll let you know tomorrow if Apple really does kick off the sale, and what’s included. Apple kicked off the sale on July 2 last year, for whatever that’s worth. The sale will apparently reflect the 2013 back-to-school sale. According toMacRumors, the company is preparing to launch its annual back to school sale tomorrow, July 1, and will offer gift cards with various products.


Also, keep in mind the sale will only be available to students and their parents, as usual. These are nice incentives, especially for stocking up your new gadget with fresh content, but it’s probably unlikely that the discount is enough to pull many people in who weren’t looking for a new Mac, iPhone or iPad anyway. Remember the days when Apple used to toss in a free iPod.MacRumorssaid, specifically, it’s likely students who purchase a Mac computer will receive a 100 gift card, while anyone who picks up a new iPhone or iPad will receive a 50 gift card.

Students will receive a gift card that can be used with iTunes to purchase media like TV shows, movies, apps and more. Thank you for reading!