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In another case a 58-year-old man from Japan found that his perception of people talking didn’t match the movements of their lips, making everything seem like a badly dubbed movie.”Baker was soon diagnosed as having suffered an aneurysm and as it turns out he was not the only person to have experienced strange temporal anomalies as the result of a medical condition. “They came into hard focus rapidly, over the course of a few seconds.Our perception of time, far from being set in stone, is actually something of an illusion that our brain stitches together.Other examples include the case of a 61-year-old woman who reported witnessing her train journey home and the movement of the passengers broken up in to slow motion “freeze frames”.


Brain disruptions can alter our perception of time. It was like a high-speed film, slowed down.”The healthy brain reconstructs the experience and glues together the different frames,” said brain expert Rufin VanRullen. Image Credit: CC 2.

adsbygoogle . “But if brain damage destroys the glue, you might only see the snapshots. When struck down with a sudden headache, Simon Baker decided to see if taking a warm shower would help make him feel better. Disruptions to the brain such as an epileptic fit or an aneurysm can alter this perception, making it seem as though time has been slowed down, sped up or is even standing still.

“I looked up at the shower head, and it was as if the water droplets had stopped in mid-air,” he said.When the water began to cascade down over him however he noted with puzzlement that the droplets seemed to be moving in slow motion until they had stopped altogether.push; A man who had suffered an aneurysm discovered that he was perceiving the world as if time had stopped.0 Andrew Mason adsbygoogle = window.

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