The Speeds Than At Home


However, the Korean K-Pop sensation says the record isnt all its cracked up to be. If only we could tell him we like him for who he is, and not because he dances like a drunk cowboy. But never did I imagine the satirical formula and flailing dance would lead to the most popular video in the world. Such is life.


The problem is my music video is more popular than I am, Psy told the BBC, a single tear probably running down his cheek. What a miserable existence Psy must live. And yet… as soon as you click play, its impossible to look away; Gangnam Styles catchy beat somehow manages to ensnare you in its grip of awfulness, hypnotize you beyond your better judgement.Without rhyme or reasons, Psys world-dominating Gangnam Style has managed to surpass two billion YouTube viewsthe first ever video to do so.

Which one of you allowed this to happen Not even Justin Biebers song Baby could take down the Korean juggernaut, only managing to amass a measly one billion views. When Gangnam Style first hit back in 2012, I honestly thought it was a jokeand it kind of is, poking fun at Koreas famous Gangnam District, which rests just below the Han River. Psy actually has three videos in the top fifteen all-time on YouTube, which is mighty impressive. Psys follow up, Gentleman, also holds a record for most views in a day at 38 million; the videos view count currently rests at 700 million, a long way from the record-setting two billion. Thank you for reading!


Psy’s Two Billion YouTube Views


And it could get worse, too, with big providers snuggling up into a Megazord of awfulness. Using its Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration LLCD, researchers at NASA and MIT managed to beam a wireless Internet signal across the 238,900 miles separating Earth and the moon. I might need to have a conversation with my home Internet provider about upping my speeds. NASA actually managed a similar feat late last year, but researchers have plans to present the findings on June 9 about the laser technology. With LLCD, NASA will have the flexibility to send back higher resolution photos and video back to EarthNASA is even hoping to one day provide streaming video.


As it is I have one bar in our office. At the time, NASA said the LLCD initiative is meant to change the way astronauts communicate in space. In addition, NASA said LLCD is a big stepping stone toward an even more advanced system, the Laser Communications Relay Demonstration LCRD, which is set to launch in 2017.

Plenty of studies suggest your home broadband speeds are getting slower. Maybe colonizing other planets in the future wont be such a bad thing after all if the Internet speeds will be so good. I cant even get a mobile signal in some spots around my house, yet researchers managed to download information from the moon at over 600Mbpsand upload data at over 19Mbps. As of now, NASA currently relies on radio frequency RF communication, though its becoming more difficult as the demand for more data rises.

Welcome to Space Age Wi-Fi. But if you would just move to the moon, youd be able to enjoy some pretty lavish speeds much better than what you and I get at home. NASAs Don Cornwell said the advancement of LLCD could lead to a number of potential application possibilities, including the ability to better research deep space. Barely enough to stream music. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂


Humor: iWatch Introduction; Apple Style [Video]


Of course, if the iWatch does show up on Monday morning, can we all just agree to ignore everything we just said Yes Jolly good. The real iWatch isn’t even guaranteed to be a real thing at all, but at this point we suspect that the rumors have just been ticking along for far too long for Apple to not have something up its sleeve – if you’ll pardon the horrendous pun.10 will be revealed at the event thanks to new banners being erected over the last day or two, other details are largely unknown. Basically, imagine three minutes of comedy while fake Apple engineers talk about the iWatch. With that now looking increasingly unlikely, we’re left to enjoy parodies of Apple iWatch unveilings instead, with one in particular catching our eye.


Now that WWDC is just around the corner, all eyes are very much on what Apple will be announcing when Tim Cook and his band of merry men take to the stage. YouTube channel ‘Matthias’ has posted a fully three-minute video that takes the tried and tested Apple product announcement videos and uses them to create their own parody. Expected to tie in with iOS 8, the iWatch being announced at WWDC did make a lot of sense, but the word on the street right now is that there will be no big hardware announcement with Apple preferring to instead focus on the iOS and OS X operating systems instead. You may also like to check out: This iWatch Concept Features A Round Moto 360-like Display Images This iWatch Concept Features Curved Display, Product Page And Video Commercials You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.

While we’re all supremely confident that iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10. Which is a shame really, because the iWatch was tipped to be that new product that would make an appearance at WWDC, with some expecting it to be the big driver for Apple’s whole event. Rumors leading up to this point had suggested we might see a new product category appear, but that’s now looking unlikely. We’re not going to spoil it for you, just watch the video yourselves, and believe us, theyll be 3 minutes of your life well spent, if youre into this sort of thing, which were assuming you are.


This 5 / Full-Blown Telescope!


If you’ve ever looked at the accessories that take iPhones and turn them into other things that would normally be a whole separate device, then you’ll know what we mean. Gone are the days where phones are just there to make and receive calls, and the iPhone is the prime example of the handheld device that encroaches on other areas of our lives. In short, its a complete telescope, with no strings attached, except that its designed to be hooked on to an iPhone. Perhaps the biggest benefit of having a smartphone connected to a telescope though has to be the fact that it can be used to take photographs of the sky, opening up all kinds of possibilities for the aspiring astronomer. And yes, it might say iPhone 5 in the name, but you’ll be good with a 5s regardless.


Featuring a 700mm focal length and the ability to magnify 100 times, the telescope can display what it sees on the attached iPhone, making it possible for multiple people to see what’s going on in the skies. But keep one thing in mind though: the product wont be in stock till June 27th of this year, which gives you an ample amount of time to think if youre going to burn those precious 382 bucks or not. There’s also a 12x magnification lens thrown in for good measure, too. A prime example would be the iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope which takes what would normally be a pretty standard telescope, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s got an ace in the hole; it can hook up to an iPhone.

Isnt that cool Of course it is. If you’re keen on what’s lighting up the night sky and have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s, then you could do worse than to check out the iPhone 5 Astronomical Telescope. The kit itself comes with the tripod and stand as well as a diagonal prism, two ocular lenses and a 1. Were certain most of you just will! via: Cnet You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.

Just make sure you share your best photos! If youre interested in picking up this bad boy, then it’s best to get that wallet ready. .5x erecting lens.While there were smartphones before the iPhone, none had quite managed to garner the same success as the iconic Apple handset. I guess that is the end of the story.


Head internet TV abandons ship


” What we’re more interested in, however, is the future of the OnCue platform now its leader’s departed. Perhaps a set of fresh legs is exactly what Verizon needs to finally create a product that, up to now, has been nothing more than high-profile vaporware. The technology is great, the team is great, the future is secure, the dream lives on,” he told Reuters. While Huggers isn’t leaving for anything in particular, apart from telling the WSJ that it’s simply “time to move on,” he’s apparently got a “couple of irons in the fire.


When Intel formally abandoned its IPTV project in a sale to Verizon, the team behind it transitioned as part of the deal. Now, only four months later, the man who’s been in charge of the venture all along has washed his hands of it, too. Erik Huggers, who originally outed Intel’s plan to create an IPTV service/hardware platform later dubbed OnCue, moved to Verizon and continued on as project lead. There’s no indication that Huggers left on bad terms, or that OnCue’s progression is stagnating at Big Red.

“There were no conflicts at all. That is the news today. Have a great day!

Leak will keep sibling’s sensors


5GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 2-megapixel front shooter and 16GB of expandable storage. You could see a 4. The snapshots don’t reveal what’s inside, but their source claims that the hardware won’t be quite as much of a downgrade as in previous years.5-inch, 720p AMOLED display along with a budget-minded 1.


Would it be as hobbled as last year’s S4 Mini Maybe not. The tip doesn’t include a release date, but it’s coming hot on the heels of the Galaxy S5 Active launch — it’s easy to see the Mini arriving relatively soon. SamMobile has received photos of a purported Galaxy S5 Mini which hint that this smaller device could include the fingerprint and heart rate sensors of its full-size sibling, as well as the water-resistant shell.While many have been expecting Samsung to launch a mini version of the Galaxy S5 given the company’s past habits, there have been questions about just what the smartphone would include.

4GHz quad-core processor; there should also be a decent 1. Not surprisingly, it would also share the Ultra Power Saving mode and other software tricks. I guess that is the end of the story.


Rumor and Apple House Software


When it looks back, though, in 50 some odd years, and looks at the quantity of its work, how do you think the company will react Will it look back and say, ok, maybe we should have focused more intently on a few quality products. Even when all-touch devices were becoming the dominant smartphone design, there were still flip-phone style handsets coming out. A white phone with pink accents thats thicker than a deck of cards. The physical world just wouldnt let go, leading to devices like the one you see above.


I wish I never saw it.I cant help but chuckle when I see devices like this. Out of the year Ive been doing Guess the Phone, this is the very first time Ive seen this device in our office; it somehow got stuffed into the top shelf under other relics of the early smartphone era. The design is just atrocious, terrible, unnecessary.

And I also cant help but wonder who purchased something like this in the first place, and why companies refused to let this form factor go. The battery hadnt even been put it, and the little adhesive plastic screen protectors were also still attached, so I did my own private unboxing, and that was that. Or do you prefer the quantity of quality approach Maybe thats a discussion for another day. When I realized he was serious, I understood why devices like this existed.

Last week’s Guess the Device was very obviously the Nintendo 2DS. But this company wouldnt be where it is today if it werent for this deviceand many others filling similar handset categories along the way. I like this form factor, Jon told. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

Harvest America As of Seasons


Either way, I need to get prepped for Kingdom Hearts III whenever Square Enix gets around to releasing it on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Kingdom Hearts. Via All Games Beta. I was a fan of the series when it was a simple cross-over of Final Fantasy and Disney, but have had trouble accepting the angsty dark turn it seemed to take with its sequel. Six screenshots for Kingdom Hearts II, six screenshots for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, and two for the cinematic representation of Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded.


As far as packages though, I’m a bit more psyched for this one than the previous Kingdom Hearts HD bundle because I have yet to still play Kingdom Hearts II.Tron, Hercules, and Nightmare Before Christmas in its actual Christmas setting look like a blast to play through. I haven’t played it since the first launch, and I don’t really remember the story. I had nearly forgotten that we have an HD remake just on the horizon, but Square Enix has kindly reminded us with a new batch of screenshots.

To enjoy it, I’ll really have to jump back into the first game though. Just look at those villains and their silly zippered dark robes! Time heals all wounds, and I’m prepared to face Kingdom Hearts II now. That is the news today. Have a great day!

Google Form Lets Embarrassing Links


However, the Korean K-Pop sensation says the record isnt all its cracked up to be. Which one of you allowed this to happen Not even Justin Biebers song Baby could take down the Korean juggernaut, only managing to amass a measly one billion views. The problem is my music video is more popular than I am, Psy told the BBC, a single tear probably running down his cheek.Without rhyme or reasons, Psys world-dominating Gangnam Style has managed to surpass two billion YouTube viewsthe first ever video to do so.


When Gangnam Style first hit back in 2012, I honestly thought it was a jokeand it kind of is, poking fun at Koreas famous Gangnam District, which rests just below the Han River. Psys follow up, Gentleman, also holds a record for most views in a day at 38 million; the videos view count currently rests at 700 million, a long way from the record-setting two billion. Such is life. Psy actually has three videos in the top fifteen all-time on YouTube, which is mighty impressive.

If only we could tell him we like him for who he is, and not because he dances like a drunk cowboy. And yet… as soon as you click play, its impossible to look away; Gangnam Styles catchy beat somehow manages to ensnare you in its grip of awfulness, hypnotize you beyond your better judgement. But never did I imagine the satirical formula and flailing dance would lead to the most popular video in the world. What a miserable existence Psy must live. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂


AT&T for the cellular customers


Sprint’s rumored acquisition of T-Mobile could quickly tip the balance, and it wouldn’t take much for AT&T or Verizon to claim an absolute lead. This isn’t to say that either of the big two telcos can rest easily. While Sprint is still bleeding subscribers and dipped to 16 percent of the US market, T-Mobile is thriving — the UnCarrier added twice as many users as its top three rivals put together, giving it a 14 percent slice. No matter what, you can’t count on this state of affairs lasting for very long.


AT&T reportedly leveled the playing field when it bought Leap and added all of Cricket’s customers.AT&T and Verizon have long dominated the American cellular landscape, but there’s always been a top dog more recently, Verizon. It’s difficult to know for sure whether the estimate is completely accurate given the lack of directly comparable official numbers. In the first quarter of the year, however, something strange happened — the carriers virtually tied each other for market share, according to estimates by analyst Chetan Sharma.

While the providers publish different figures AT&T includes virtual networks and machine-to-machine links that Verizon doesn’t, Sharma believes that they both had 34 percent of US subscribers. End of story. Have a great day guys!


Weekends LG unveils and more!


5-inch Quad HD display and laser autofocusing feature. Enjoy! Samsung Chromebook 2 review: A 400 laptop never looked so good Chromebooks are gaining steam, and the Samsung Chromebook 2 is no exception. Inside LG’s G3: How vacuums, focus groups and competitive pressure shaped a smartphone The LG G3 doesn’t just have the nicest display on the market, it’s got an ultra-fast autofocusing laser sensor — all thanks to a coffee break with the company’s vacuum experts. What’s more, we managed to go hands-on with the handset. Samsung is working with Oculus on a media-focused VR headset Yep, Samsung’s building its own VR headset, and with a little help from Oculus VR.


purchased a very expensive business lesson LG’s G3 flagship is a bigger, simpler, higher-res smartphone This week, LG announced the G3, and yes, it is equipped with a beautiful 5. Between its fantastic trackpad, HD display and sturdy keyboard, the Chromebook 2 packs the best Chrome OS experience on the market. Oh, and be sure to subscribe to our Flipboard magazine! With Beats, Apple faces the music Music streaming is on the rise, but it’s still a largely untested source of revenue. But rather than have its own screen, Sammy’s device will use your smartphone as the display instead, commandeering the handset’s processor for tracking functionality.

It’s been a while since you last dusted off your Wii and engaged in a match of Mario Power Tennis, hasn’t it Not to worry, we’ve got a few tricks to help you rekindle your relationship with the 10-year-old console.This week we watched Apple buy Beats for 3 billion, explored the inspiration behind the newly-announced LG G3, learned about Samsung’s new partnership with Oculus VR, investigated the benefits of solar energy and much more. Old console, new tricks: Getting the most out of your Wii Be honest.

Read on as our own Brad Molen investigates the inspiration behind the company’s most powerful smartphone yet. Read on for Engadget’s news highlights from the last seven days. What you need to know about solar energy Most of us realize the basic benefits of harvesting solar power, but did you know it was the second leading source of new energy last year Even still, many argue as to the efficiency of the technology. So click on through for our impressions and photos.

Extreme exposure: Inside GoPro’s burgeoning media empire GoPro doesn’t want to simply build a camera to capture thrilling close-calls and daredevil stunts; it wants to be a media empire. Sure, it’s got a bit of Sammy’s pseudo-leather on top, but don’t let that fool you. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about the business of the sun. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a handy collection of our own expectations for the June 2nd event.

What’s on tap for Apple at WWDC 2014 WWDC 2014, Apple’s yearly developer conference is right around the corner and the speculation is heating up, especially regarding Apple’s supposed entry into home automation. So, is Apple’s acquisition of Beats guaranteed to turn a profit, or have Cook and Co. Read on as our own James Trew investigates how the company aims to transform athletes into viral video creators. Now outfitted with a modernized communications system called CONECT, the B-52 plans to keep on truckin’ in this era of real-time data transmission.

The US Air Force’s oldest bomber is now a flying network The B-52 bomber is one of the most reliable aircraft ever designed, but at over 50 years old, it seems an upgrade is in order. What you think?


Galaxy Images Suggest Is Imminent


There’s a big caveat, though. CNET notes that Alexander accurately predicted Microsoft’s plans to launch a larger 12-inch Surface Pro 3 device, so this isn’t simple guesswork.I want to believe the Surface Mini will one day launch, and a new report today fromCNET gives me new hope. “That’s somewhere we’re watching for later this year,” she said.

Microsoft may still be working to procure parts for the smaller Surface Mini while also waiting for others – like faster processors or other components that it decided to swap out at the last minute. As a bit of background, Microsoft was largely expected to unveil a smaller 7-inch or 8-inch Surface tablet during its New York City press event on May 20. Today, however IHS Technology research analyst Rhoda Alexander, who spoke withCNET,said there’s still enough activity in Microsoft’s supply chain to suggest the Surface Mini is alive and well somewhere. News shortly followed that Microsoft had cancelled the pending launch just days before.

Right up until the night before it was pretty much a given announcement as far as we were concerned. “From the supply side of it, we continue to see activity from them on the smaller Surface product,” Alexander toldCNET. Of course, the event came and all we saw was the Surface Pro 3. Alexander said that there’s still no sign Microsoft has plans to actually launch the tablet in the near future. If you want to learn more about this post, just leave a comment.


Supplier Mini Still the Works


A fresh set of images was shared by Evleaks this week, hinting that the devices unveiling is imminent. If anything, we definitely cant wait to check out those high resolution AMOLED displays in person. The press renders look pretty darn official, highlighting a pretty excellent design complemented with what we expect to be an AMOLED display.4there will likely be many other features announced by Samsung, but for now those are under wraps. The Galaxy S models have appeared in pictures before, though those were of the old school blurry cam variety.


Samsung has already released a handful of tablets this year, but the Tablet S series might be the one to splurge for. Based on previous leaks, were expecting at least one of Samsungs new slates to feature a 2560×1600 screen, 8-megapixel rear camera 2. From a design standpoint, Samsung appears to be favoring the pock-marked soft touch we saw with the Galaxy S5.If there was any doubt Samsung planned on announcing its Galaxy Tab S lineup in New York in June, heres even more proof.

Samsungs presser is scheduled for June 12, which TechnoBuffalo will be attending. On the render, incidentally, is a June 19 date, exactly one week after Samsungs event.1-megapixel front and Android 4.

From what we gather, the Korean companys new lineup will certainly be worth taking a look at. Could that mean a release date Or simply a coincidence Well find out soon. What you think?

Android Debut At 2014 [Report]

Content will be shown in a series of cards, allowing users to browse content like TV shows and movies. After initially being so bullish about a platform that died on the vine, the industry may not be quite so keen to enter into the unknown with Google behind it once again. A card-like display, discovery is reportedly at the heart of what Pano is trying to do.Clearly not dissuaded after the monumental flop that was Google TV, the company behind Android is once again set to enter the set-top fox fray, this time using the power of its smartphone and tablet operating system as a basis for its new kit. We know our eyes lit up at the thought, at least.


With a renewed focus on the television rumored to come at Apple’s WWDC event via the Apple TV, and after Amazon entered the market with its own Fire TV, Google is apparently seeking to avoid making the same mistakes with Android TV that it did with its forbearer. . Gaming is also said to be a focus with Android TV, with Android-based games apparently set to grace the big screen. The phrase ‘Ouya done right has popped up in one report, which should have gamers’ interest piqued.

Of course, if Google does come out with Android TV next month, it will have some way to go to try and banish the memory of Google TV. A new interface will come into play here, with Google’s ‘Pano’ being all about getting content in front of the user rather than making them go digging through menus to find it. While the new TV-based platform is very much Google’s baby, the company will not be making its own hardware and will instead rely on third-party hardware makers to get Android TV off the ground. Google will, according to reports, instead focus on its Chromecast HDMI dongle.

Dubbed simply Android TV, the new platform is set to get an outing at the upcoming Google I/O conference, set to take place in San Francisco next month. And when that happens, well bring you all the details and news pertaining to the announcement, so stay tuned. Source: GigaOM You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. We just have to wait a few more days and Googles TV related plans will be here right in front of us. End of story. Have a great day guys!


Top For This Right Here!


In the name of fairness, we’re today turning our attention to the Google Play Store, with five great apps having just gone free of charge. Flowpaper 1. . Download it from the Google Play Store here. Check out the description on the Play Store for more information.


99 – FREE As the name implies, this little utility will help you turn paper documents into more manageable, digital copies.99 – FREE This great app allows you to create some great sketches from your photos. Download it from the Google Play Store here. You simply take a picture of your letter, spreadsheet or other paper-based fodder, and this magical little app does the rest.

With a robust set of editing tools to boot, Sketch gives you a free pass to express your creative side, and for now, is absolutely free. Camera Scanner 2. If you’ve a lot of paper stacking up and wish to digitalize it once and for all, be sure to give this one a look. More details on how to grab the full version for free can be found in the apps description.

For a limited time, you can unlock the pro version of this app free of charge. Download it from the Google Play Store here. And that concludes our list. Make sure to check out our Android Apps gallery to explore more apps for your Android device.

Download it from the Google Play Store here. Optimized for Android tablets, it’s a great deal of fun, and you’ll enjoy it a little more knowing you didn’t have to pay for it. Download it from the Google Play Store here. We hope you find something here to suit your tastes, and if you do happen to lose yourself in Flowpaper or become quickly addicted to Cubot, be sure to drop us a comment below.

Cubot 1. Swipe-Lock 1.In our quest to help you discover some of the best apps at discounted rates, we’ve featured quite a few App Store gems for those rocking an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.29 – FREE This is one of those puzzlers that could quite easily consume an entire day, and even though you may experience bouts of Flappy Bird-like rage in frustration at Cubot’s inherent trickiness, at least it doesn’t feel quite as pointless.

You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.51 – FREE This app lets you lock your device or put it into sleep mode by performing a simple swipe gesture. Sketch 1.92 – FREE Flowpaper is a bespoke, intriguing app that allows you to create some truly marvelous designs simply by swiping. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂


The deep blue wearable submarine


The “Exosuit atmospheric diving system” ADS will allow wearers to work in deep water without facing problems with decompression. The suit has four 1. While still in testing right now, diver Michael Lombardi will be taking it out for its first full exploration mission later this summer, at a location called Canyons, approximately 100 miles off the coast of Rhode Island.Developed and built by Nuytco Research, this exosuit is made from hard metal and allows divers to operate safely down to a depth of 1000 feet.


6 horsepower propulsion thrusters, fiber optic gigabit ethernet, and a host of telemetry devices. Thank you for reading.


Ratchet Coming to in July


Producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto,character designer Igusa Matsuyama, and pretty much the entire production team has kept the traditions of farming, dating, and socializing fully intact, just under a different name. Story of Seasons represents a new chapter in our amazing tale, says Yoshifumi Hashimoto, Head of Development at MarvelousAQL. Via All Games Beta. I wonder if it going to tell the story of how is scored the rights. I wonder if Natsume just passed up on it, or if XSEED simply gave MarvelousAQL an offer it couldn’t refuse.


Now that XSEED will take over publishing, it has been redubbed in the West asStory of Seasons.XSEED has scored the localization rights to MavelousAQL’s most recent Nintendo 3DSHarvest Moon game, but thanks to some trademark issues, it’s going to require new title. We are creating a new experience that will carry on the spirit of Bokujo Monogatari, and in doing so, will fulfill our loyal fans expectations and desires while ushering in a new generation of games to come. So please don’t be confused when you go about shopping for this new title.

XSEED promises more onStory of Seasons atE3 next month. Ever since the Super Nintendo release of the first game back in 1997, Natsume has been using the Harvest Moon title to distributeBokuj Monogatari,or Farm Story as it is called in Japan, and it is a title and a trademark that the company still owns. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


Official Windows Phone [Download Link]


That means file systems, directory structures and a file manager just like our computers. From what we can see, Files has everything you could want from a file manager, too. Windows Phone didn’t have a file manager as standard, and the company seemed quite happy to keep it that way until Jim Belfiore, VP of Operating Systems took to Reddit earlier this month. During a Reddit AMA session, Belfiore said that a team at Microsoft was working on bringing a file manager to Windows Phone after requests by users. You can create folders, copy and move files as well as rename them should the need arise.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out which of those is the Apple way and which is the Google outlook, but what about the third wheel in this relationship What does Microsoft have to say When Windows Phone first shipped, and until recently in fact, Microsoft took the Apple approach. In fact, files can be opened from within the app as well, so if you keep all your videos on an external card, you can access them all from within Files which may be of use to some. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. With iOS 8 just around the corner – in beta form at least – we can only hope that Apple will start to ease up, too.

Download: Files for Windows Phone on the Windows Phone Store Be sure to check out our Windows Phone apps gallery to explore more apps for your Windows Phone smartphone.Moving files around on smartphones is the kind of thing we’ve been arguing over for years. . Importantly, the app can also access external storage, so those with SD cards can play around with files there, too.

Called ‘Files,’ the app is free and in the Windows Phone Store for anyone to download. There are two schools of thought; one group of people think that seeing as our smartphones are basically little computers, we should treat them as such. And now, a post on Windows Phone blog confirmed that the app is available to download now. The other group of people thinks that we should take the opportunity to dump all that nonsense, hiding the whole thing.

With Apple seemingly determined to keep the iOS file system hidden away, it’s interesting to see Microsoft starting to lean towards the Google way of doing things. I guess that is the end of the story.


Recommended and Kinect physical therapy


getpocket.jsv=1″;var w=d.src=”https://widgets.body.jsv=1″;var w=d.


getpocket.getElementByIdi;;j.appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; White Labs has been providing professional and home brewers with the requisite yeast strains that they need for proper fermentation for years.

Pocket.body.getElementByIdi;d. Until now, NASCAR crews have used video footage and stopwatches to gauge performance, but a company is looking to outfit each person over the wall from Michael Waltrip Racing with RFID Sensors.

Some weeks, you’ll also find short reviews of books that we think are worth your time. By doing do, the effort seeks to maximize efficiency by gauging each turn of the track bar, tightened lug nut and fuel fill-up to ensure that races are won — and not lost — on pit road.Recommended Reading highlights the best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the;j.

getElementByIdivar j=d. With Microsoft recently making the choice to unbundle the Kinect from Xbox One packages, the future of the add-on could be in jeopardy, and Green pleads her case for it to stay. Pocket!functiond,iif!d. Finding relief from her Reflex Neurovascular Dystrophy, Polygon’s Holly Green took to Dance Central for at-home sessions and staying motivated to get the much-needed exercise in.

appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; Kickstarter Helps Revive a Film Ansel Adams Used by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, Polaroid’s popular large-format black-and-white Type 55 film is set to return.getpocket. Not only will direct comparisons be an option, but also discovering exactly how the mapping translates to the final taste and the overall brewing;j.

getElementByIdivar j=d. Most folks are okay to stay at home, so attendance is suffering, but there are some things that can be done to motivate couch potatoes to turn out. We hope you enjoy the read.appendChildj;document,”pocket-btn-js”; Why This NASCAR Team Is Putting RFID Sensors On Every Person In The Pit by Matt Hartigan, Fast Company A fraction of a second in the pits could mean the difference between winning a race and finishing fifth.

The company has sequenced DNA from over 240 strains from all over the globe, reading the 12 million molecules that compose each line by line.src=”https://widgets.getElementByIdivar j=d.createElement”script”;j.

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Meet NASA’s commercial space capsule contenders

Dragon V2 The second-gen Dragon just had its coming-out party, but we’ll recap the highlights. 9,000kg 20,000 lbs Crew maximum 7 Launch Vehicles Atlas V, Delta IV and Falcon 9 Dream Chaser Image credit: NASA The odd duck in the government’s commercial crew program is the Dream Chaser. Dream Chaser Length 9 m 29. In November of 2016, the pint-sized shuttle lookalike is scheduled to make it to orbit for the first time.init” A bit of legwork is still needed before Orion can make its way into orbit, but its first test flight isn’t far off.


Dragon V2 remedies that, providing accommodations for up to seven passengers or less for additional cargo space. Orion Diameter 5 m/16.5 feet long. As if the similarities to NASA’s spaceplane weren’t enough already, it’s set to use the very same runway as its much larger doppelgänger.

56 m 15 ft Height 5 m 16. Returning to Earth for Orion means deploying parachutes and splashing down in the ocean, much like the Apollo missions did. Although it was originally devised as part of the now-canceled Constellation program that aimed to take astronauts to asteroids, Mars and the moon, the space agency’s building a version of the craft — with the help of Lockheed Martin — that’ll become its Swiss Army knife. Ironically, for as much as NASA’s demise is proclaimed, it’ll launch Orion before the CST-100 and Dream Chaser even get their first taste of space’s vacuum.

3 m/11 ft Weight 8,913 kg/19,650 lbs Crew maximum 6 Launch Vehicle Delta IV, Space Launch System Wrap-up Though each of these commercial vehicles is progressing steadily, it may not be until 2016 that any of them are slung into orbit. Eight new SuperDraco engines are fitted into the vehicle, allowing it to land on solid ground with the precision of helicopter, all without using a single parachute. For landings, the craft slows itself down with parachutes and touches down on terra firma. Of course, in an emergency, the vessel can use its reserve chutes and drop itself into the sea.

galleries. CST-100 Diameter 4. In the case of an emergency, however, the vehicle can take a dip in the sea. We’ve surveyed the space capsule landscape and have whipped up a primer on the future crafts that may wind up taking humans to space.

Sierra Nevada’s solution can handle ferrying up to seven folks to space in low-earth orbit, but it’s not fit for long trips to other planets.9 ft Weight 11,300 kg 25,000 lbs Crew maximum 7 Launch Vehicle Atlas V Orion Image credit: NASA, Flickr OK, NASA’s next-generation space vehicle, Orion, isn’t a commercial craft, but it’s certainly worth mentioning. A battery of tests is still in the cards for Dragon V2 before it goes airborne, but it’s expected to fly with humans aboard in 2016. What’s more, it’ll also be able to haul up to six people to the International Space Station if the need arises.

5 ft Height 3. As SpaceX’s workhorse, the original Dragon has sat atop Falcon 9 rockets and carried cargo to the International Space Station, but it hasn’t been able to safely transport humans. Inside SpaceX’s Dragon V2 See all photos 5 Photos when.

eng”eng. Rather than rely on a capsule design, Sierra Nevada Corporation’s built its astronaut taxi by picking up the space shuttle’s mantle.eng”eng. When it’s tasked with taxiing humans, Boeing’s vessel can carry a crew as large as seven.

NASA’s Orion space capsule See all photos 6 Photos when. Although it resembles NASA’s retired 184-foot long workhorse, it measures up at just 29. The Dream Chaser uses an entirely different form of controlled descent from its competition. By gliding down from low-Earth orbit, the contraption is able to land at any airport runway suited for commercial airliners.

galleries.5 ft Wingspan 7 m 22. In fact, Elon Musk’s firm is just one of three private outfits currently competing in a NASA program for commercial launches with their own vehicles.init” CST-100 Image credit: Boeing, PDF Boeing’s entry into the commercial crew and cargo program is the Crew Space Transportation-100, or CST-100 for short.

What’s more, it’s expected the capsule can be used up to 10 times before needing significant repairs.5 ft Weight Approx. Come December 2014, it’ll head 3,600 miles away from our blue marble and land — if all goes well — in one piece.Sure, the Dragon V2 is the latest and greatest spacecraft from SpaceX, but it’s not the only capsule that may one day schlep astronauts to the International Space Station.

No matter which companies NASA ultimately taps for future crew and cargo missions, space aficionados will have the private space race as entertainment. The CST-100 isn’t quite ready to be tossed into the vacuum of space quite yet, but it’s making good progress. While it builds on the shuttle’s strengths, it also inherits some of its weaknesses. Not only does it look like a pint-sized shuttle, but it also functions much like one.

In addition to shuttling astronauts to the International Space Station, it’s intended to carry folks to private space stations like those proposed by Bigelow Aerospace. In February, the hardware that connects it to Atlas V rockets passed muster with NASA, and it’s on track to hit the development milestones the space agency is looking for in 2014. Now dubbed the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle MPCV, it’ll be able to make those same trips using a new rocket setup called the Space Launch System. In an emergency, however, the vessel can safely set itself down on soil. That is the news today. Have a great day!