Motorola Smartphone on May 13


These new apps are unlikely to convince any iPhone or iPad owners to switch over from iWork or Office 365 if that’s already their go-to productivity app. Meanwhile, Apple announced updated versions of its iWork apps last fall, which now come free with a new iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, Sheets lets you create, edit and collaborate with others on spreadsheets. The new Google Docs app pretty much does everything you’d expect. Until now, Apple fans were forced to access their Google documents and spreadsheets through the Google Drive appon their smartphone.


Today’s apps are just the latest assault in a growing competition over iOS productivity services.Google released two new apps for the iPhone and iPad today, introducing standalone versions of Google Docs and Google Sheets for iOS. Both apps also autosave as you type, so you never lose any work. You can create new documents and edit files from earlier, share documents, work on one document with others at the same time and even work offline.

Earlier this year Microsoft released a version of its Office suite for the iPad, though you’ll need an Office 365 account to edit directly from your tablet. For Google fans stuck using Drive, however, today’s release will should keep them tied to the company’s services even if they prefer to use iOS over Android. Both applications are available for free, but Google Presentations still has yet to make an appearance. What you think?