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Motorola is set to hold a Moto X sale tomorrow, May 1, bringing the price of its Android flagship down to a wallet-friendly 300 off-contract. Well find out what Motorola has planned in just a few weeks. The Moto G was a surprisingly good little Android handset, and incredibly affordable, so were definitely curious about seeing an even cheaper version pop up. The company, now owned by Chinese powerhouse Lenovo, already teased wed see a successor this summer, so the timing is lining up quite nicely.


2GHz dual-core chip and Android 4. Little tidbits about the supposed Moto X1 have already started to turn up, with supposed benchmarks possibly revealing the devices specs. HTC, Samsung and soon LG will all have some big flagships available, and it appears Motorola is ready to join the fight. In an invite sent to press, Motorola teases that its upcoming smartphone will be made to last and priced for all.

4.3-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, 4GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM 1. If thats the case, we might see the device as early as June, which is just around the corner. While many will be hoping for a Moto X successor, we might actually see an even cheaper version of the Moto G, and maybe even a Moto G equipped with LTE.

Motorola has scheduled an event for May 13 in London, where the company could very well unveil the follow up to last years Moto X. The company has held sales before, but this latest could simply be Motorolas way of parting with remaining stock before introducing a brand new model. That certainly suggests a cheaper Moto G; the mystery device is rumored to sport a 4. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.