Sony 4′s new ShareFactory App


On the other side of the coin, though, Chinese gamers are already used to having to go around the legitimate market to get access to console games., they’re seen as distractions from the system’s primary focus. Microsoft will have to address the piracy problem to gain a real foothold. Microsoft announced plans this week to bring the Xbox One to China this September. as the top buyer of new televisions last year.


The ban was specific to devices designed only for gaming, so only devices like consoles and handheld gaming machines were affected.S. As Yusuf Medhi states in the video above, there’s a huge gaming market in China, and a strong presence from Microsoft could give the Xbox One a boost that helps it better compete with the PlayStation 4. It’s not like there aren’t gamers in China.

Television and fitness options could be big parts of the console’s success, whereas in the U. Mobile and PC gaming are huge, with China leading the growing free-to-play segment of the market. As GamesBeat notes, China is quickly becoming more affluent and even passed the U.

Following China’s decision to recently lift a long-standing console ban, we knew it was only a matter of time before consoles started heading into the country through legitimate channels. Because of this, selling a device designed primarily for games might be a hard task at first. Microsoft’s partner, BesTV, can also bring local television content to the platform. This makes the Xbox One, which has a larger media focus on top of its gaming capabilities, especially well-suited to the region.

S. Any comment guys?


Ask Thunderbolt Displays 2K Smartphones

On this weeks episode, Jon riffs on Amazons Kindle Fire HDX tablet. It’ll save you from family calling late at night because they can’t figure out how to work their email.Jon R. is back to discuss various topics in and out of the tech world.

Thanks to this week’s sponsor, GameFly. That’s why the Kindle Fire HDX and its customer service feature, Mayday, is the ideal tablet for anyone in your family who isnt very tech savvy. Next time mom asks what tablet she should get, definitely consider recommending the Kindle Fire HDX. A side effect from working in this industry is having your family think you’re 24/7 tech support. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂

Xbox to China in September

Sony’s PlayStation community manager Sid Shuman goes over the basic functions of ShareFactory in the video above, and it looks to function similarly to the Upload Studio app on Xbox One, albeit with some deeper features. USB Export is now an option, allowing you to plug in a USB drive and copy recorded video for editing and sharing elsewhere. It’s also easier than ever to get your raw video off the console and onto your computer if you’re an experienced video editor.70 firmware allows gamers to turn off HDCP, meaning that you can capture gaming video with whatever capture device you like, using the framerates and resolution that work best for you.The 1.


If the video recording and editing options on the PlayStation 4 aren’t doing it for you, though, this update still has you covered. With all these options for sharing content, the only limit now is yourself. Finally, PlayStation 4′s twitch support has been increased to 720p for live streaming, in addition to introducing stream archiving.

In addition to ShareFactory, the 1. ShareFactory gives PS4 users some pretty advanced editing capabilities that will pair well with the system’s recording feature.70 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 went live today, and it’s the biggest update yet. It brings some important, often-requested features to the system and adds in a new app called ShareFactory. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

These Free For Right Here!


99 FREE / iPad only It’s a well-known fact that no list of apps is complete without a note-taker thrown in somewhere, and NoteLedge Premium offers a great deal more than what you’re probably accustomed to.99 FREE / iPhone and iPad This little gem, which is tailored for iPhone and iPad alike, is the perfect companion to the videographer / wannabe director. It claims to be accurate to 10m, and with a 4. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.5/5 rating after several hundred votes, looks well worth picking up.


NoteLedge Premium 4. Download it from iTunes here. With an abundance of great coloring effects and some robust controls helping you to refine your clips, it’s one of the best video-capturing tools out there, and given that it’s now free, is even more of a must-download. Download it from iTunes here.

You may also like to check out: Popular Paid iPhone And iPad Apps Gone Free April 2014 Edition Be sure to check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Altimeter 0.99 FREE / iPhone and iPad If you like playing tricks on your friends, then Card2Phone will help you to impress folks with some mind-boggling illusions. Download it from iTunes here.

Given that it’s now also free, why not pick it up and showcase your skills Download it from iTunes here. Card2Phone – Magic Trick 3. . Today, we’re going to run through a total of four great apps that can be snapped up for no cost whatsoever over at the App Store, and if your iOS device’s home screen is looking a little scant, then we’ve got the antidote right after the break! Movie360 4.

Developers regularly drop the prices of their apps for limited, promotional periods, and while we tend to gratefully receive whatever discount we can get our paws on, it’s always that bit sweeter when an app or game goes completely free.99 FREE / iPhone only It’s not every day we feature an altimeter here at Redmond Pie, but then again, it’s not every day that one goes free. This little gem will help you to determine altitude using the ASTER Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer. In essence, it’s like a scrapbook maker, offering various vector brushes, marker pens and stamps via in-app purchases, to help you get creative with your notes, whether you’re writing a recipe or scribbling down some rough notations. I guess that is the end of the story.


This The Trippiest See! [VIDEO]

See, even though we’re evolved human beings who should be utilizing the tech available to us in ensuring that we don’t lose stuff on a daily basis, most of us tend to misplace our smartphones in relatively closed-off environments such as a dark spot in our bedrooms. And glow in the dark gadgets are cool. And the Apple iPhone– love it or loathe it – is also considered one of the more fashionable, aesthetically-pleasing handsets on the market. Also, while one might assume that the captivating sand pictures created by the case serve little purpose other than sheer vanity, one would in fact be quite a way off the mark. But while the often arduous task of hunting down said smartphone usually has us resorting to gasp! opening the curtains and seeing the outside world, owning a device that packs glow in the dark sand for a cover should, with any luck, make it a little easier to find.


Below, you can check out a video clip of the Sand Art case in all of its glory, and I’m no sure about you guys, but I’m definitely grabbing one! via: Gizmodo You may also like to check out: This Epic iPhone Case Glows With Incoming Notifications VIDEO You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. So when you combine these three cornerstones of coolness – such is the case with the Sand Art Case – you get a rather unique throwback that simply never gets old. But sometimes, we can’t help but get suckered in by a case that’s just too cool for school, and while this Sand Art Case may well be strong enough to repel those pesky scratches and scuffs, we’re far too mesmerized by the glow in the dark sand art to pay much attention to its credentials! Let’s face it – sand is cool. At a cost of 25, the somewhat trippy case is not too expensive, and while its only practical purpose is, as described, a bit of a long shot, we know most of you nostalgic folk who’re old and wise enough to remember the eighties era will fondly reminisce about the good old days of magical sand art pictures.

Often, we like to present you with reviews and coverage of protective cases for your mobile devices, and for the most part, our primary intention is to help you source the strongest shell for the lowest cost. . Thank you for reading!

The social media terrorist regimes


The United States government puts hundred of billions toward military spending to fighting terrorism each year, but it’s also putting social media to work combating Al-Qaeda and other extremists. In a report released today, the US State Department revealed that its Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications CSCC composed over 10,000 posts worldwide in 2013. There’s even a small selection of state-produced video content that’s part of the tally. “Social media platforms allowed violent extremist groups to circulate messages more quickly, but confusion and contradictions among the various voices within the movement are growing more common,” the report details.


So, what services are being used to pass along the content Those outlets include popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google and more. This is due in part to the government training those affected by terrorism to counter the messages with their own stories. I guess that is the end of the story.

Sony’s your hard to shame

However, Sony might have managed that rare feat with nano-sized tape tech that stores much more than off-the-shelf hardware.It’s hard for magnetic data tapes to stand out from the crowd in an era when it’s easy to load up on legions of hard drives. By optimizing how it sputters argon ions on to film to create magnetic material, the company has produced “nano-grained” tape that’s 74 times denser than what you see today; at 185TB per cartridge, it makes even a 5TB hard disk seem quaint. Image credit: Theilr, Flickr. Sony’s breakthrough won’t come to your home PC, but it could prove a big help to supercomputers and your favorite internet services — many of them need high-capacity tape storage just to keep up with demand. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


McDonald’s give UK free e-books

Kids in the UK are getting something a little more digital with their McDonald’s Happy Meal: an e-book.Forget racecars and Disney princesses. If only the child detectives could forever solve the mystery of what’s actually in McDonald’s chicken nuggets. However, this is the first time Ronald has gotten a digital retailer like Kobo in on the action. Enthusiastic kids who still want to fill the bookshelf in their room or moms afraid of ketchup stains on their e-readers can also snag a £1 coupon with their meal to pick up a traditional copy of the books.

Over the past two years, the annual initiative has passed out millions of books, and is touted as quite a success although we’re not quite sure how “happy” we’d be about getting an e-book rather than a toy. The golden arches is partnering with Kobo to include a download code for one of Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven children’s mystery books with every meal purchased between now and June 3rd as part of its annual “Happy Readers” program. Image credit: Steve Daniels. Let me know what you are thinking.


Amazon Opens Dedicated Wearable Technology Section


Google Glass is expected to hit the public market sometime this year for much less than 1,500, Previous reports have put the final price between 300 and 500, which seems pretty reasonable.96 and followed closely by the collective price of all its non-electric components. Including the cost of assembly, Teardownsays it costs Google just 79.79, while the display module costs 3.


Second, Google has suggested that the 1,500 price barrier was chosen on purpose to attract only the most devoted beta testers.78 to make each copy of Google Glass. So why is Google Glass so insanely expensive There are a few possible reasons.Google continues to offer more people the opportunity to buy Google Glass, but you may want to think twice before shelling out 1,500 for the wearable heads-up display.

66. That controversial camera is worth just 5. Most likely it’s a combination of both, though that doesn’t necessarily excuse this ridiculous tax on Google’s biggest fans and other early adopters. The radio chip, which includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, costs 10.

The most expensive piece of technology found in Google Glass is apparently its processor, valued at 13.comclaims to reveal that the components found in Google Glass are only worth about 80 altogether. We certainly don’t expect Google to start selling the device for 80, even if that’s all it costs the company to make one. First, Google likely put a ton of time, effort and computer power into developing the device, and those R&D costs aren’t factored intoTeardown’s report.

A new teardown report fromTeardown. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂


The Octodad to Heavy Rain


In the video released along with the events, other characters spotted that will potentially also be receiving figures included Nick Fury, Loki, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Spider-Man, Green Goblin and the very odd choice of M. It was confirmed that everything from 1.H. It was said a dozen more figures would join the line, so it seems as though these are all safe bets to be amongst those 12. Beyond the new figures, Disney Infinity 2.


O., took the stage today to introduce numerous Disney Interactive and Marvel personalities, and to talk about the fall release of the 2. With the launch of Disney Infinity 2.99, individual figures will cost 13.

I.D. Beyond just beyond being able to create and download worlds – 10 million have been downloaded thus far – there will now be mini-games like tower defense and dungeon crawlers for you to play with your figures.L.

World creation will also be made considerably easier with the addition of “brushes” that will allow you to define how large you want an area to be; you can then use settings such as city, race track, forest and so on to fill in the area automatically. They will no longer feel like the same character with different looks, and the heroes have distinctly different powers. Jackson appeared on screen as Nick Fury and teased we will learn more at E3 in June, so stay tuned.99 and the power disc packs will sell for 4.

0 will be receiving some upgrades to various aspects of the game, especially the Toy Box.D. Power Discs will also continue on into Disney Infinity 2. Beyond adding the Marvel Super Heroes figures to the series, the team from Avalanche – the designers behind the game – said there are a lot of changes coming to how the figures play in Disney Infinity 2.

Disney Infinity 2.Disney Interactive took the wraps off of Disney Infinity 2. And for those who have been wondering: yes, Disney Infinity 2.0.

At the end of the presentation Samuel L.0 expansion of Disney Infinity, Marvel Super Heroes.99, playsets will sell for 34.0 today, and, as expected, the Marvel Super Heroes are on their way.

0 with 80 discs planned over two release waves.E. Motorcycles are also on their way. There will be some new types, including sidekicks and costume changes, alongside the established varieties we saw last time for environments, enhancements and vehicles.

0 will indeed work with 2.0, of course the big concern is if your original figures, discs, Infinity Base and saves would be compatible. Clark Gregg, better known as Agent Coulson onAgents of S.O.

While it was stressed that the expansion will not focus solely on the Marvel Super Heroes, they were the focus of today’s event to be sure.K.0, so you won’t be losing any of your information, progressions and so on.99.

0 Screenshots Disney Infinity 2.0 will support all of the current platforms and will add support for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.0 Power Discs. All in all it sounds as though the fans have been listened to and there are a ton of changes coming in Disney Infinity 2.

The starter pack will have a suggested retail price of 74.0 when it launches this fall. The leveling up is now capped at level 20, and you will also work on different skill trees so you can upgrade your characters as you want. Only six characters were confirmed by the appearance of their figures on stage: Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, the Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.

You can pick up a starter set if you like, which will come with Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor and two discs, or you can pick up the figures in a style similar to how you do so now. Thank you for reading.


Facebook Introduced For Third-Party Apps


Google’s decision to mine your personal information to sell ads may make you uncomfortable, but that’s the price we pay for free services. The decision follows a court case covering the practice of scanning emails, though Google notes that it never placed ads inside its education apps. The search giant offers a version of its email service currently used by more than 30 million students and school employees, along with free calendar, cloud storage, and document creator apps. The company continues to scan and automatically analyzes regular emails, but following the same practice with its education apps reportedly violates theFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Gmail has always scanned user emails and served up relevant ads right alongside your inbox, though when this system was first introduced it attracted plenty of criticism over privacy violations.


At least now students and teachers will be free from the search giant’s all-seeing eye. Facebook, Twitter and Amazon all do the same thing in one way or another, though Google’s online empire may give it access to more user data than any other company.Google announced on Wednesday that it will no longer scan student Gmail accounts for advertising data,The Wall Street Journal reports.

Of course, that didn’t stop the company from analyzing the data is scanned from emails and using it to target those users with ads anywhere else on the Internet. Any comment guys?


Detailed Final Design Glory [Photo]


Further to our report published yesterday of a dummy illustrating the potential form factor of the larger iPhone 6 and its supposed 5. The camera, as rumored, is protruding, and although, in more recent reports, we’ve heard that Apple’s utilization of electronic image stabilization may allow the module to sit flush with the rest of the rear shell, this particular leak suggests otherwise.5-inch display, we’ve now stumbled across a very promising snap of what appears to be the smaller of the two upcoming configurations of the rumor-besieged handset.7-inch model, which, unlike its larger cousin, isn’t thought to be plagued by delays or production issues, has been snapped by an Italian blog, and since it’s complete with the darker coloring and details, paints quite a vivid picture of what’s allegedly next.5-inch versions of the iPhone 6 are said to be similar to the iPod touch – also taking on board the device’s trademark thinness – it’s likely that no matter what Apple tries with the camera technology, it will simply have to stick out a little, and Apple’s design magicians may have to concede defeat in this case.


it Google Translate You might also like to check out: iPhone 6 Specs, Features, Release Date Rumors You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. . The 4. Usually, we’d be skeptical about a trail of speculation and rumors so far in advance of the purported release, but with so many plausible leaks stemming from multiple sources, it does seem very likely that a larger device with an iPod touch-like form factor will manifest itself around the third quarter of 2014.

Of course, given that this has originated from an unspecified, unverified source, we can’t know for sure whether this is an authentic representation of what Apple has in its plans, but given what we’ve heard so far, it certainly appears plausible enough. The mock-up depicted here is, according to Macitynet, the handy work of a case maker, and the design is said to be final. Given that the design of both the 4.7 and 5.

If this leak were representative of the iPhone 6′s design, do you believe it would mark a step up from the current iPhone 5s Or are you of the impression that the flagship of today should retain the aesthetic charm that differentiates it from other iOS devices Do share your comments below! Source: Macitynet. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂

Facebook Everything You To Know


What do you think Do you believe this is a great push by Facebook in terms of privacy You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. Users will be able to pick and choose what pieces of a profile a given app will be able to see, and Facebook will – as also announced today – be more diligent in scrutinizing apps to ensure that developers aren’t seeking permissions without valid reasoning.” Once logged in anonymously, no information is shared between Facebook and the app in question, and if and when a user feels happy to divulge certain tidbits, then they can opt to share certain info at their own discretion.By its very nature, Facebook has to be more vigilant than most when it comes to preserving user privacy and security. Facebook has offered a couple of videos on its site explaining how Anonymous Login works, although widespread integration with apps isn’t likely to commence with immediate effect.


The new Anonymous Login feature will begin rolling out in the next few weeks, and, with Facebook seemingly taking steps to police apps in much the same manner as Apple and Google do with the App Store and Play Store respectively, hopefully Facebookers will feel better protected and more comfortable when enjoying the wealth of supplementary content now available. . Facebook has made it progressively easier for users to remain abreast of what is shared, but this new login takes things a step further. A handful of developers are currently said to be on board, but in the near future, the social company aims to open the new feature up to the wider dev community.

With well over one billion active users per month, we’re talking about vast swathes of personal information, and to help users enjoy apps and services without having to submit large amounts of private info, the social network has just announced Anonymous Login. There’s no doubt that third-party Facebook apps are vacuums of personal information, and often, the process of looking through the terms and small-print is either too tedious or confusing for a user to fully comprehend precisely what information they’re sharing. A feature implemented to serve the needs of folks “sometimes worried about sharing information with apps” and seeking “more choice and control over what personal information apps receive. Let me know what you are thinking.

Windows you make bite-sized movies

Like its full-size counterpart, the mobile app both highlights articles in its Live Tile and lets you pin favorite reading categories to your home screen. The app lets you distill recorded videos down to minute-long clips with captions and your choice of soundtrack. It’s doubtful that the tool will replace Instagram or Vine in your life, but it may be handy if you’d like to have a little more control over your short-form movie projects.1 apps, Movie Moments and Reading List, that are built solely for its new mobile OS.


Microsoft has posted versions of two desktop Windows 8.The perks for Windows Phone 8. After that, it’s just a matter of sharing the resulting masterpiece to Facebook or OneDrive.1’s early users just keep on coming.

Movie Moments is a tad more straightforward. Reading List is arguably the bigger of the two releases — you can now save articles on your Windows Phone to digest them later on any synced device, whether it’s the handset or your PC at home.


Windows your computer everyday language

The new search feature won’t help you find everything you’d want, but it could save you precious time when it reaches Windows systems this week. You only have to phrase your statement in a way that a human could understand to get useful links.If you’ve ever searched a computer’s apps or settings, you know how frustrating it can be to guess the keywords you’ll need to get a result — why can’t you just say what you want and let the PC figure it out Microsoft must have asked itself that same question, as it’s rolling out an update to Windows 8. Gripe that “my screen is too bright,” for example, and you’ll get a shortcut to the display settings.

1 that introduces natural language searches for common tasks. What you think?

Nanowires could lead paper-thin gadgets

We’re still a long way from either of those becoming practical realities, but the discovery at least shows that they’re technically possible. In blasting single-layered, semiconducting materials with an electron beam, Vanderbilt University student Junhao Lin has created wires that measure just three atoms wide while remaining strong and very bendy.What’s that odd shape, you ask That’s the world’s thinnest nanowire — and it could be the key to a future wave of flexible devices. Since there are already transistors and memory gates made out of the same material, Lin envisions circuits and whole devices that are paper-thin, yet can stand up to abuse; in the long run, he envisions rollable tablets and TVs that could fit in your pocket.

The technique could help produce 3D circuitry, too. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂


Google Sheets Get iOS Apps


Motorola is set to hold a Moto X sale tomorrow, May 1, bringing the price of its Android flagship down to a wallet-friendly 300 off-contract. Well find out what Motorola has planned in just a few weeks. The Moto G was a surprisingly good little Android handset, and incredibly affordable, so were definitely curious about seeing an even cheaper version pop up. The company, now owned by Chinese powerhouse Lenovo, already teased wed see a successor this summer, so the timing is lining up quite nicely.


2GHz dual-core chip and Android 4. Little tidbits about the supposed Moto X1 have already started to turn up, with supposed benchmarks possibly revealing the devices specs. HTC, Samsung and soon LG will all have some big flagships available, and it appears Motorola is ready to join the fight. In an invite sent to press, Motorola teases that its upcoming smartphone will be made to last and priced for all.

4.3-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, 4GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM 1. If thats the case, we might see the device as early as June, which is just around the corner. While many will be hoping for a Moto X successor, we might actually see an even cheaper version of the Moto G, and maybe even a Moto G equipped with LTE.

Motorola has scheduled an event for May 13 in London, where the company could very well unveil the follow up to last years Moto X. The company has held sales before, but this latest could simply be Motorolas way of parting with remaining stock before introducing a brand new model. That certainly suggests a cheaper Moto G; the mystery device is rumored to sport a 4. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.


Motorola Smartphone on May 13


These new apps are unlikely to convince any iPhone or iPad owners to switch over from iWork or Office 365 if that’s already their go-to productivity app. Meanwhile, Apple announced updated versions of its iWork apps last fall, which now come free with a new iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, Sheets lets you create, edit and collaborate with others on spreadsheets. The new Google Docs app pretty much does everything you’d expect. Until now, Apple fans were forced to access their Google documents and spreadsheets through the Google Drive appon their smartphone.


Today’s apps are just the latest assault in a growing competition over iOS productivity services.Google released two new apps for the iPhone and iPad today, introducing standalone versions of Google Docs and Google Sheets for iOS. Both apps also autosave as you type, so you never lose any work. You can create new documents and edit files from earlier, share documents, work on one document with others at the same time and even work offline.

Earlier this year Microsoft released a version of its Office suite for the iPad, though you’ll need an Office 365 account to edit directly from your tablet. For Google fans stuck using Drive, however, today’s release will should keep them tied to the company’s services even if they prefer to use iOS over Android. Both applications are available for free, but Google Presentations still has yet to make an appearance. What you think?

Brand iPad And [Download Links]


But at the time of writing, Google has promised that Slides will be releasing soon for both platforms. As you’d expect, you can use Google Docs to easily create, edit, share and collaborate documents on-the-fly, and with support for offline working, your progress and edits are saved even when an Internet connection isn’t present. By the look of things, it’s a pretty no-frills experiment, keeping things both simple and functional. Again, think easy collaboration, seamless editing and offline support, and you’ve pretty much nailed down the core features of the Sheets app.The productivity apps market is fiercely contested as far as mobile devices are concerned, and while it has taken a while for Microsoft to port its iconic Office suite over to Apple’s iOS, there exists a sizeable batch of useful alternatives.


Download: Google Docs for iOS / Google Sheets for iOS / Google Docs for Android / Google Sheets for Android Be sure to check out our iPhone Apps Gallery and iPad Apps Gallery to explore more apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And if you’re an iPad user and want full-blown Office experience on Apple’s tablet, then be sure to give Office for iPad a shot. Docs, Sheets and Slides are also available on the Web for free and is fully integrated with Google Drive so that your documents are available everywhere. Google Docs apps from third parties have been aplenty on the App Store, but it’s nice to finally have a decent app released officially by the Big G, apart from the official Google Drive app.

But in recent times, we’ve seen several companies present us with more than worthy alternative options, and with Google’s famously free Docs service already used daily by iOS device owners on other platforms, it won’t feel like a newbie having just reached the App Store. Meanwhile, the search company has also pushed Google Sheets, which offers a similar tool set as Docs but for spreadsheets instead. Had Microsoft have gotten its Office suite out there on mobile a couple of years back instead of merely pointing out that tablets and smartphones lacked potency without it, you feel that it would probably be enjoying the kind of locked-down, domineering presence its still maintains at desktop level. .

The Big G has also announced Google Slides for both iOS and Android, which as the name implies, allow you to create presentations on the go, just like PowerPoint or Keynote. Great stuff indeed. You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web. And it’s clear that Google wants to keep things simple by breaking down the Drive app into three parts.

Along with Apple’s own iWork and the aforementioned Office from Microsoft, Google has now sought to get in on the act by releasing an official Google Docs app for the Cupertino’s mobile platform and its very own Android OS, alongside a further ‘Google Sheets’ app for all of your spreadsheet needs. Both Google Docs and Google Sheets are completely free of charge, and can be downloaded right now via the direct iTunes and Play Store links provided below. Details and download links can be found below. I guess that is the end of the story.

PlayStation To Download, New [VIDEO]


It’s completely the prerogative of the publisher as to when precisely pre-orderers will be able to go ahead and download, but it’s a two-way street in that incentivised, hardcore fans will avoid the rush while a title’s creator may be able to yield more pre-orders as a result.1. . Source: PlayStationBlog You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the Web.70, however, this bug will hopefully have been dispelled, allowing those in ownership of the Sony entertainment machine to focus on some of the other neat additions that the Japanese company has brought to the fore.


70 – is now upon us, finally putting an end to the issues with pre-loading games as well as introducing the SHAREfactory video editing utility. Aside from the fix, the PS4 1. However, the fledgling Sony console’s heavily-anticipated software update – PS4 1. So if you’re looking to become the next Chris Smoove on NBA 2K15 and showcase your gaming skills to the masses on YouTube, then SHAREfactory will enable you to do this natively, and hopefully, with ease.

Thanks largely to the release of Titanfall and the affiliated Dashboard update for the Xbox One, news pertaining to the PlayStation 4 has been rather slow of late. Last year’s tech coverage was dominated by news of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with one of the more attractive features of both being the promise that one could begin playing games even while the bulk of the content was still being downloaded.70 update also adds SHAREfactory, a video editing app that allows gamers to record their clips and share them with the world. As well as allowing you to readily share in-game footage on your favorite social hunts like YouTube, Facebook and such, you can also transfer this content to an external USB device — ideal if you wish to quickly re-watch a kill-streak with friends on a different device or simply store in the archives to show the grandkids.

Given the enlarged size of titles for these vastly-upgraded consoles, the step was necessary to ensure that gamers wouldn’t be waiting for hours to enjoy the latest shoot-’em-up, but unfortunately, the feature has been plagued by teething issues. At the discretion of publishers, gamers pre-ordering will also be able to get hold of titles in advance of the general release date. With PS4 v. There are a few other minor tweaks besides, and if you’re a PS4 user, it’s recommended that you go ahead and grab the download right now. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂