Tomb treasure could rival that of King Tut

“There are likely to be canopic chests, objects of alabaster, gold-plated statues, and thrones, while possibly not chariots,” he said. The famed archaeologist spent lonesome two weeks in force at the site in front upsetting in explanation to, however he did market mounds of limestone chippings such as those found closely royal tombs in the Valley of Kings.The suspected site of the tomb, Wadi el-Gharbi, has lonesome been excavated bearing in mind in front by Howard Carter calm in 1916. The 72-year-passй has pinpointed cliffs in explanation to Luxor’s west bank as the likely location of a tomb belonging to priest kings Heridor, Piankh and Menkheperre.

0 Nowic Archaeologist John Romer believes he has identified the location of the tomb of three Egyptian kings.Is there a further tomb buried beneath the Egyptian sands Image credit: CC BY-SA 3. If he’s right along with the tomb could contain one of the most significant cherish troves ever found, rivaling even that of King Tutankhamun.Now Romer is in a race to profit permission from Egyptian authorities to excavate the site himself in front someone else gets to it. End of story. Have a great day guys!