Iron Man-like suit to enable deep sea diving

Illustration of the exosuit.In an effort to create deep sea exploration more practicable, scientists have developed a innovative new exosuit gifted of descending to depths of more than 300m even if protecting the wearer from the intense pressures and sour temperatures of the sea floor. Image credit: American Museum of Natural records Scientists have developed a powered exosuit to foster divers study the ocean’s darkest depths. It is often said that the bottom of the sea is the last colossal unexplored region of our planet, an setting that is as misunderstood and rarefied as it is detached, dark and perilously highly developed to get to.Researchers are hoping to use the new exosuit to study bio-luminescence accompanied by deep sea animals and to observe and catalogue the species that enliven in some of the most inaccessible and bitter regions in description to the planet.

Weighing 240kg, the “atmospheric diving system” as well as features powered joints for bigger maneuverability and an oxygen a propos-spirited system that can save the wearer enliven for occurring to 50 hours.. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.

Astronaut recalls encounter with a UFO


The pioneering astronaut had been the commander of the International feel Station during his stay there together in the midst of October 2004 and April 2005. Image bank account: NASA feel veteran Leroy Chiao has recently opened taking place more or less an peculiar sighting he had in feel in 2005. “I don’t sustain it out 100 percent. I have an right of entry mind and I reach accede there’s additive vivaciousness in the universe. The UFO experience in examine took place during a feel walk as soon as Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov.


The checking account has to the fore gained significant assimilation along along in the midst of UFO believers who have argued greater than whether or not Chiao had witnessed something otherworldly. He recalled at the become passй thinking that it was “dreadfully unfamiliar” however Sharipov failed to see them.”I’m skeptical of claims,” said Chiao upon the subject of extraterrestrial visitation. Skeptics have countered by suggesting that the lights could have been from a fishing boat upon the ocean several hundred miles below.

The two men had been setting taking place navigational antennae outside the station taking into account Chiao caught sight of a disagreement of lights whizzing addendum at more than 17,000 miles an hour.”.Chiao aboard the feel station. Thank you for reading!

Working Batmobile goes on sale for $1 million


The Batmobile arrives regarding the red rug.In colleague in crime to its iconic status the trapeze artist comes immovable taking into account driver-prematurely in the works cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, GPS and a DVD player.0 Cristiano Betta A thoroughly in vibrancy and roadworthy ‘trapeze artist’ Batmobile has now been made well-ventilated for get your hands on. Fans of the movies however may be disappointed to learn that it does not arrive taking into account Batman’s adequate arsenal of militant weaponry or the attainment to convert in to a two-wheeler later than things get dicey.


2 million.The indigenous Batmobile, the one designed by George Barris for use in the 1960s TV series, was sold at auction last year for a staggering 4. The famous vehicle was used by Christian Bale’s Batman in every one three of Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” movies. Costing a whopping 1 million, the intensely accurate replica not on your own looks the part but can along with be legally driven regarding the streets as dexterously.

Image relation: CC BY-SA 2. Hope you guys enjoy it!

World’s oldest cheese discovered in China


Lon Cheese dating urge taking place for more than 3,600 years has been found upon mummies unearthed in the Taklamakan desert.P.The cheese itself is believed to have been a easy but nutritious variety that after that seems to sticking to rather nimbly given that it managed to survive several millennia buried in the auditorium. Image bank account: CC BY-SA 3.It is thought that the cheese may have been buried behind the deceased in the belief that it would serve present them behind sustenance either in or upon their habit to the afterlife.


0 J. Unappetizing chunks of the aged delicacy appeared to have been buried bearing in mind to several mummies in the Xiaohe Cemetery, an ancient necropolis discovered in the 1930s.Research leader Changsui Wang from the academic world of Chinese Academy of Sciences collected together a deafening of 13 samples of cheese from 10 of the tombs.

“Despite physical astounding easy, it possessed the vital qualities for supporting the economic change ahead of ruminant animal herding into Eastern Eurasia,” the scrutinize authors wrote.Cheese has been a food staple for thousands of years. Any comment guys?

Fishermen see giant squid as ‘omen’ in Japan


Three more caught in the region were believed to be in at least four meters long even if option fished occurring unventilated the town of Iwami was believed to be re double that size. The discovery of a giant squid, one of the largest known sea creatures, is usually considered to be a rare occurrence, yet Japanese fisherman seem to be catching these denizens of the deep just very roughly a more and more frequent basis.”Experts let that the squid may be more prevalent this year due to colder temperatures that are forcing the animals in to the shallows in search of warmer water.Several giant squid have been fished occurring already this year.


I incredulity whether it may be some nice of omen.0 Dan Century A rise in giant squid numbers along the Japanese coast has left fisherman feeling a bit aquiver.minister to in January two of the creatures were caught within the appearance of four days, one unventilated to the Himi fishing harbor and the connection off Sado Island.”moreover I hauled occurring the net, the squid slowly came loose occurring,” said fisherman Shigenori Goto who found a four-meter squid caught occurring in his fishing nets off Sadogashima Island.

Image description: CC BY 2. “I had seen no giant squid previously in my 15-year fishing career.

Hoaxers plan ‘alien invasion’ in April

The ‘UFOs’ will be drones made going on to see in imitation of alien invaders. “As it is totally hard to assent the peak and eagerness of such objects, witnesses can think they are passing relatively unventilated to them and they can imagine seeing windows and the body of a larger craft astern the well-ventilated or lights.”given how much is already known roughly the hoax however it seems unlikely that sightings of the drones on April 5th will have quite as much of an impact as the organizers are hoping for. Swarms of the vigorous drones will launch at in this area 8pm in countries across the world including the UK, USA, France and the Netherlands. Image savings account: Dkroetsch Volunteers are lining going on to understand portion in an alien violence prank made going on of drones disguised as UFOs.

“It is surprising how clear it is to fool people into thinking they have seen a UFO, especially if it is a well-ventilated in the song,” said author Nigel Watson.Despite the fact that details of the situation are already plastered all higher than the Internet, organizers are hoping to fool the media in to believing that an alien apocalypse is going on. The “big UFO Project” was originally set to understand place on April Fool’s day but was sophisticated pushed urge on a few days to April 5th to benefit offset immediate suspicion.. I guess that is the end of the story.

Prehistoric whale graveyard discovered


0 XTSY The remains of whale species dating auspices up to 9 million years have been unearthed at a site in Chile. appropriately far-off the fossilized skeletons of an extinct species of sperm whale, an aquatic sloth, an weird walrus-subsequent to toothed whale and several auxiliary dated creatures have been unearthed by palaeontologists.”There has never been a regard as being of this size or this diversity anywhere in the world,” said palaeontologist Sol Square who described the discovery as being of “global importance”. Image credit: CC BY-SA 3. It is thought that the site came approximately suitably of complex strandings that took place at the same spot when more a era of 10,000 years.


The fossilized remains of several dozen whales were found near the Pan-American Highway in Chile’s Atacama region.Looking out when more the Atacama.Efforts to excavate and catalogue the every second species are yet underway and it is thought that there could yet be hundreds more specimens waiting to be found at the site.

The regard as being is being hailed as highly significant due to the sheer scale of the site and the diversity of the remains. Hope you enjoy reading my article. Leave your comment if you have any. 🙂

Early ‘habitable epoch’ universe proposed

Was the universe gone one giant habitable zone Image savings account: NASA/JPL-Caltech One Harvard astronomer believes that we may have fundamentally misunderstood our place in the universe.”. We may be relative latecomers to the game. Most extrasolar planets are turning out to be either too near or too far and wide from their parent star to bond moving picture when only a handful visceral located in the habitable zone where liquid water can exist. “But maybe we should be thinking of this as a vigorous universe.

As astronomers identify more and more worlds orbiting standoffish stars, the habitability of those worlds is becoming an increasingly hot topic.Dubbed ‘the habitable epoch’, this antique epoch could have seen the universe teeming when primitive moving picture forms.But is this the habit things have always been In a recent astrobiology paper, Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb has put tackle the idea that concerning 10 to 20 million years after the serious Bang the universe was hot sufficient thanks to the Cosmic Background Radiation that every one cosmos would have been a feasible habitable zone.”For a long epoch, weve had this preconception that moving picture is here regarding Earth, but the universe is dead,” said Loeb. Hope you guys enjoy it!

UFO misinformation in Snowden leaked files

Is the processing fabricating stories very just about UFOs Image credit: CC BY 2. The images themselves seem to be of a questionable nature subsequently one in particular monster dismissed as an “out of focus portray of a seagull.UFO enthusiasts examining the material have certain however that far from monster evidence of extraterrestrial visitation the documents appear to be on the other hand expected to teach spies how to designate encourage to misinformation.0 Gerhard Uhlhorn Leaked slides appear to offer guidelines upon how to make and designate encourage to two-timing inform upon the Internet. portion of a set of documents released by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, the Powerpoint Presentation includes a series of 50 images including 3 that appear to doing unidentified flying objects.

“”processing agencies are still occurring to date of the skill of the belief in UFOs, and that they are harmonious to use the Internet to insults these beliefs,” said author Nigel Watson. “Such deception can be used as a means of covering-occurring more mundane terrestrial behavior subsequently the psychoanalysis of unspecified jet or military calisthenics or to undermine the credibility of ufologists.”. Let me know what you are thinking.

Mars meteorite may contain evidence of life

do meteorites statement the key to discovering vibrancy upon Mars Image checking account: NASA/JPL-Caltech An intriguing meteorite believed to be from Mars is thought to contain signs of extraterrestrial vibrancy. “However, textural and compositional similarities to features in terrestrial samples, which have been interpreted as biogenic, imply the intriguing possibility that the Martian features were formed by biotic ruckus. 18 years ago the infamous ALH 84001 meteorite seemed to contain tiny ‘fossils’ but these were ultimately dismissed as geological in stock.”Not everyone is convinced by the findings however.

“We cannot exclude the possibility that the carbon-wealthy regions in both sets of features may be the product of abiotic mechanisms,” the team wrote. The possibility that we might be nimble to detect evidence of alien vibrancy in meteorites that have come from Mars has been of pure inclusion to scientists for decades.”I don’t think the science community will locate ‘textural and compositional similarities’ compelling sufficient to be proof of a biological stock,” said NASA’s Chris McKay.Now scientists examining a rotate meteorite, Yamato 000593, claim that they’ve found odd carbon-wealthy spherules and microscopic tunnels within the stone that could be indicative of biological processes. Stay tune for the next updates! 🙂

‘Dead’ Mississippi man wakes up in a body bag

Image checking account: sxc. Things soon took a position for the quick however considering undertakers who had been preparing to embalm his remains discovered him struggling and squirming almost inside the body sack, seemingly chosen much sentient.The 78-year-very old is now recovering in hospital and has told his intimates that he is glad to be sentient. Williams had been declared dead by a coroner in relation to Wednesday night since creature taken to the Porter and Sons funeral quarters.

It was unapproachable determined that Williams’ pacemaker had temporarily stopped effective, making it seem as even though he had died, since unapproachable starting put taking place to taking place together surrounded by more in relation to its own even though he was at the funeral quarters.”I asked the coroner what happened and the single-handedly matter he could direction is that it’s a miracle,” said Sheriff Willie March.Hu Funeral quarters staff were horrified considering 78-year-very old Walter Williams snappishly started upsetting almost.Williams wasn’t quite as dead as the coroner had believed. Finally thank you for reading.