First ever bionic Olympics to be held in 2016


“The idea is that we deficiency to p.s. shake uphill ahead of assistive technologies towards devices that patients can in fact use incognito life,” said organizer Prof Robert Riener.”We let in technology that has previously been excluded from the Paralympics.”. Image parable: CC BY-SA 3.0 Richard Greenhill and Hugo Elias The Olympics will be going tall-tech gone the first ever ‘Cybathlon’ to endure place in Switzerland.


By making it a public issue we deficiency to endure rid of the borders along among patients, work and the technology community. For the first epoch athletes gone prosthetic or bionic limbs will be final the unintentional to compete in a special excuse of the games hosted by the Swiss National capability center of Research.One of the more exotic comings and goings at the games will be a competition in which participants will race their virtual selves adjoining one choice even though hooked happening to a take in hand brain interface in a scenario that borrows on peak of a few elements from James Cameron’s hit movie “Avatar”.The technology will let in participants paralyzed from the neck down to endure allocation gone medals glowing both for the athlete and the company who intended the winning system.

The games will