Daily Roundup: virtual Facebook concept, ThinkPad X1 Carbon review and more!


San Francisco Giants and most of MLB accept Apple’s iBeacon for an enhanced ballpark experience The iBeacon is a small Apple device that boosts iPhone location services through Bluetooth — and the San Francisco Giants are outfitting their entire stadium as soon as the tech. For the Giants, as adroitly as 19 additional MLB teams associated to encounter, the iBeacon is yet choice mannerism to bring mobile associations as soon as fans to the neighboring level. Some users, however, may not enjoy its accessory “adaptive panel,” which replaces the recognized Fn keys. Facebook Messenger regarding iOS expands to append groups and forwarding Facebook’s latest update to Messenger regarding iOS lets users send messages to a specific organization of intimates in one fell swoop as soon as satisfactory of animal stickers, of course. You can furthermore speak to messages and photos to anyone uncovered of the conversation.


And while that leaves much to the imagination, lawless Moon studios has an idea of what that could see associated to. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some plan. You furthermore might associated to: Microsoft changes privacy policy to ban accessing users’ email Tesla toughens taking place the Model S’ underbody to prevent battery fires Google mandates Android logo regarding device bootup screens. You can pick one taking place for 1,259, but be warned: the X1 Carbon has the shortest battery cartoon in its class.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon review 2014: accessory, but not necessarily enlarged The accessory ThinkPad X1 Carbon brings anything Lenovo fans loved about the original X1 Carbon, just in a lighter, slimmer package. This is the Daily Roundup regarding Engadget, a immediate peek sponsorship at the summit headlines for the appendix 24 hours — all handpicked by the editors here at the site.You might declare the day is never in fact curtains in consumer technology news. This is what Facebook could see associated to regarding Oculus Rift video As you’regarding probably au fait, Facebook dropped 2 billion regarding Oculus VR as soon as the intent to bring “definitely accessory kinds of experiences” to us all.

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