Could genetics be the key to colonization ?

These can badly be in poor health everything from how our bodies cope considering than microgravity to how we might react to long-term cosmic ray exposure.artiste’s proclaim of humans in credit to Mars.Potential changes could total preventing unwanted side effects from spending long periods of era in microgravity, protecting our brains from the psychological ramifications of such a vacation and even halting the aging process to make it feasible to travel for centuries to get a unclear destination.To focus on these issues, scientists have suggested that altering the human genome may be a prerequisite to traveling to and live in credit to new worlds. Image bank account: NASA/Pat Rawlings Scientists may be full of energy to shape our genes to make the human colonization of new planets more reachable.

Professor Stephen Hawking has often suggested that if we are to survive as a species we infatuation to have the funds for a complimentary response out in to proclaim and colonize new worlds, but considering than the difficulties inherent in long isolate proclaim travel and the challenges we will meet in remaining in credit to new worlds, is there a way to union the odds and make the idea of live along moreover the stars a reachable one Speakers at a recent HMS Department of Genetics symposium in credit to “Genetics, Biomedicine, and the Human Experience in proclaim” were rosy to bring out that our compound in proclaim is likely to depend in credit to our genes. Any comment guys?