Billionaire claims aging process ‘reversed’

“Nygard has already invested millions in stem cell research and is looking to set up a added power in the muggy difficult. “They are looking at me, and my markers have shown exactly that I have been actually reversing my aging and getting younger. The 70-year-very old billionaire who lives in the Bahamas has claimed that a stem cell treatment he has been undergoing greater than the last four years has reversed the aging process in his own body and that he is literally getting younger by the day.”I started stem cells gone I wanted to locate a cure for my mother who I loved utterly much and western medicine was not practiced to cure her, and if I had discovered stem cells a year past, I think that she would nevertheless be here past me,” he said.

“Stem cells are bodily used for systematic of-aging and the academic circles of Miami is show a portion a psychotherapy approximately that to prove that it is genuine,” he said.Can stem cells in endeavor of fact reverse the ageing process Image financial credit: CC BY 2.0 US Army RDECOM Fashion mogul Peter Nygard’s investment in stem cell research has allegedly resulted in a cure for aging. If you have any suggestion, just let me know.