‘Twitter Commerce’ leak puts a buy button next to retweet and favorite

The mockup also demonstrates that purchases and package tracking could be handled completely within Twitter’s own app. The images, uncovered by Re/Code, show expandable, sponsored tweets that feature a sales blurb and product image underlined by a price tag and “buy with Fancy” button.com’s website propose a method of selling goods directly to Twitter followers by embedding miniature product pages directly in Tweets. A Re/Code source, however, claims that Twitter is actively working with several companies to produce a working commerce solution.Your Twitter feed is probably already overflowing with breaking news, sponsored ads and play-by-play reactions of the latest Game of Thrones, but a new element may soon grace your timeline: a buy button.

We’d crack a joke about Facebook Gifts, but let’s wait until we hear something official, shall we. Fancy’s images call the setup ‘Twitter Commerce,’ but it’s unclear if the documents are merely a proposal to the microblogging service or something that’s actually in production. Documents found upon Fancy.