To The Moon Gets Free Update with Holiday Minisode

Fans of the indie hit To The Moon should check out the game’s main website for a friendly holiday surprise. Developer Freebird Games has released a little “minisode” for the game designed to bring a tiny lighthearted and festivities to the game’s two protagonists. The free update can be beaten in only twenty minutes, but the idea is that you are supposed to play it through it from beginning to stop without taking a break. The lack of a save feature should lovely much guarantee that. If you purchased the game through Steam, the update will be released in the coming days, but you will yet have to open it from the folder manually. Freebird Games director Kao Gan also offered a tiny update on its next game, A Bird Story, apologizing for its delays. “To be honest, I don’t really know when exactly it’ll be finished. It’s not that long of a game at every, but there are things in it that I’m just yet trying to figure out. It’s also something that means a lot to me personally, and I don’t want to compromise how it turns out.” He made up for its by by teasing a few tracks from the highly anticipated soundtrack, which is now available through Bandcamp. see the link under. Just some friendly holiday cheer from a talented indie developer. happy Holidays!