Surface Pro Price Slashed by $400 at Best Buy

1 for free.6-inch1080 x 1920-pixeldisplay, an Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, up to 128GB of upgradable storage, front and rear 720p cameras, and runs Windows 8 out of the crate but can be upgraded to Windows 8. If you’ve been eyeing the Surface Pro, but couldn’t stomach its high price, now’s your chance. Meanwhile, the updated Surface Pro 2 offers a Haswell processor with improved battery life and a more accurate display, but looks and acts the thesame as its predecessor for the most part.1 easily.

Best buy on Friday announced the biggest discounts on the Surface Pro we’ve seen so far, cutting the Windows 8 tablet’s price from 900 to 500 for Friday and Saturday only. Despite some missteps by Microsoft, this tablet-PC hybrid is a capable device perfect for getting work done, and while Windows 8 can be tough at first for the uninitiated you’ll be able to update to the improved Windows 8. The Surface Pro comes equipped with a 10.

Since the Surface Pro 2 was released last drop multiple retailers have chipped away at the original model’s high price. We’re gigantic fans of the Surface Pro.