Q-Games Doubles Income with Steam Sale

Sometimes I worry that things like the seasonal Steam sales devalue games. But then I hear news like the results of one of Q-Games’ titles being voted into discount by the community. Q-Games’ platformer PixelJunk Eden, originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in 2008, was chosen by voters during Steam’s year-end sale, to go upon sale at a 90 percent discount, making it just 99 cents. After the sale, designer and programmer Dylan Cuthbert wrote upon Twitter, “Thanks to everyone who participated in the Steam community sale for PixelJunk Eden, it sold phenomenally well!!” Cuthbert elaborated by saying that the team “made their income to date, again, in just 8 hours.” The theory I’ve heard is that frequent, scheduled sales like the ones Steam provides, will end up with people waiting to buy games instead of buying them new, missing that crucial period at the beginning of a game’s shelf life while it’s yet getting buzz and being watched by executives. That might yet be the case for the biggest games, but for smaller studios it seems like the Steam sale is more great than bad. Time to profit back to collecting licenses for games I don’t have time to play!