Girl, 16, survives fall of over 3,000ft

Doctors are optimistic that she will be able to leave the hospital’s intensive care unit soon.”I don’t know the particulars of the accident, as I wasn’t there,” said trauma surgeon Dr Jeffrey Bender.Makenzie’s chute failed to deploy properly.As emergency crews rushed to the scene they were amazed to discover that despite some serious injuries, Makenzie was yet very much alive. Instructors had attempted to offer her assistance over a headset, however she appeared to black out and subsequently plummeted more than 3,000ft to the ground.

Image Credit: sxc. “But if she truly fell 3,000ft, I have no idea how she Makenzie Wethington had been on a skydiving trip as a treat for her birthday when disaster struck. The 16-year-old had jumped from the plane over Oklahoma when her parachute became tangled and failed to open properly.

“. The impact had broken her pelvis, lumbar spine and shoulder blade but thanks to prompt medical intervention she was able to pull through.