Black Edition Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini Announced

The new option is called the “Black Edition” and offers the faux-leather back panel that’s also available on the Galaxy Note III. Right now it looks like the Galaxy S4 Black Edition above and Galaxy S4 mini below devices are only headed to Russia, though we’ve seen Samsung release a color variant in one market and then eventually start selling it in others. We’ve expressed are annoyance by this trend in the industry before, but don’t you wish all of these options were available at launch We totally would have snagged this over the other color choices.Pocketnow said the S4 will set you back 660 while the S4 mini is priced at about 460, which means that you’re spending just a bit more than you would for an unlocked Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S4 mini from another retailer.Samsung quietly revealed a new, slightly more svelte version of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini on Friday.

There’s also a black front panel to match, but otherwise the phones are basically the similar as the Snapdragon-powered versions that launched last year.