Apple’s iWatch and iOS 8 are reportedly fitness-focused

Of course, none of this should come as a tremendous shock though it’s all yet firmly in the rumor bin — word of Apple working on a wearable has been floating for quite some time, and it’s past the point of coincidence. Like it’s name, Healthbook is apparently beautiful similar to Passbook, and you’ll be able to swipe through various “cards” with health information. That’s to say nothing of the dedicated chip inside Apple’s latest iPhone seen above. First, the wearable works in concert with “Healthbook,” a new internal app intended to track various fitness steps, distance, etc.

Between Apple hiring wearable electronics engineers notable ones!, meeting with FDA regulators about “mobile medical applications,” and the competition already staking a firm allegation in the nascent smart watch market, no one following the tech news beast should be shocked.We yet don’t know exactly what Apple’s long-rumored smart watch is, or what it’s called — yes, iWatch is probably right — but a report today from 9to5Mac posits a whole heap of new information. and health metrics blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Second, it looks like Healthbook — at least currently — is a crucial part of iOS 8, and when paired with iWatch or