YouTube Live Streaming Rolls Out To All Channels

If you have verified your YouTube account, and its in good standing, you can live stream straight from your channel. The feature is being rolled out on a large scale over the next few weeks; a new Live Events option will show up under your Video Manager tab. Live streaming on YouTube has been used in the past for music, gaming and news, but it was only available to select users. Now that its open to everyone, the possibilities are endless. Maybe youll even see some live TechnoBuffalo content down the road. YouTube Live is capable of real-time transcoding in the cloud, making your content available in all resolutions and device formats. Multiple camera angles are supported, as are closed captions and ad inserts. Stats can also be tracked for live streams, allowing you to filter stats such as what resolution viewers streamed in, how long they watched, and where they watched from. We already watched a ton of pre-uploaded footage. Is the next step in YouTubes evolution live streaming