The 15 Best Video Games of 2013

2013 is done. Gone. Finito. Its been a heck of a year for video games, and we here at TechnoBuffalo are yet feeling a little overwhelmed by all that was out there to play. The gaming staff collected our favorite gaming titles from 2013 into a giant pile. We whittled that selection down to 15, and thats what youll see under this introduction. Two points to note before you dive in and receive all riled up. First, this list is in alphabetical order. Second, its based on personal preference. We each had equal tug when picking our 15 favorites of the year, so save that in mind. Her are the best games of 2013 according to Eric Frederiksen, Joey Davidson and Ron Duwell at TechnoBuffalo. Animal Crossing: New Leaf Joey Its December. I booted up my Nintendo 3DS this morning specifically to play a game that released way back in June of this year. Not many games make me do that, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf does. Thanks to exceptionally tight gameplay and rewarding mechanics doled out on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has become a standard play on my Nintendo 3DS. During downtime, while waiting somewhere and right before bed, I find myself firing the title up just to see whats going on in my village. The world was expertly crafted, and theres a constant sense of newness and objective. Thats awesome. Order This From Amazon BioShock Infinite Ron Columbia is now etched into the minds of gamers as one of the most impressive and fully realized settings in a video game. BioShock Infinite defied expectations by creating a universe more perverse and enticing than its predecessor did back in 2007. Irrational Games was able to overcome its overwritten and bloated storyline by throwing enough hints at genuine world issues like social classes, the dangers of theocracy and revolution against propaganda. BioShock Infinite also found a way to naturally evolve the combat in this series, putting less focus on guns, which receive picked up and thrown out like candy wrappers, and more into the Plasmids and combat from the air with the Sky-Hook. New tactics to approach a combat situation increase drastically with the vertical dimension attacking from the air brings. Soaring through Columbias faux-peace setting was a highlight of 2013, and the twisted ending pulled off just enough justification to account for its protruding writing. Order This From Amazon