LG Lifeband Touch Wearable Device Leaked Online

Following the success of wearable fitness trackers like Nike FuelBand, the Fitbit Flex and the Jawbone Up, companies such as Samsung and LG are expected to create a shove into the same market in 2014. Today, we got a first look at LG’s design with a rendered image of the device obtained by Twitter tipster evleaks. LG Lifeband Touch. pic.twitter.com/ixWxxVsYsf — evleaks evleaks December 31, 2013 Despite earlier reports that LG would name its sharp-band the G-Health, evleaks claims the device will be called the Lifeband Touch, suggesting that the new product will feature some sort of touchscreen or touchpad. Based upon the image above, we’re guessing LG’s device will sport a touchpad and a little button – pictured here encircled in green light. We’re expecting to look plenty of new wearable technology at CES 2014, and LG’s alleged Lifeband Touch should create a welcome addition to the expo’s lineup of new devices. Whether we’ll look the product unveiled in Las Vegas is yet unconfirmed, and we likely won’t know the respond until the trade show kicks off next week.