Google+ for Android Update Adds Auto Awesome Snow

Google on Thursday added a little holiday cheer to its Google app for Android. If you have a vacation photo thats looking kind of dull, the new update allows users to shake their device, thus adding falling snow to any open image. Any image can be manipulated, so you can add some falling snow to that time you went to a tropical paradise. Now you can relate to every person residing in the eastern United States. Its like a virtual snow globe. If you shake a second time, a copy of the image will be saved as an animated GIF, giving you perfect email fodder to send to family members. The update isnt just about creating GIFs, however. With a new search update, Google for Android now includes posts, people, photos and communities, making it easier to find whatever and whoever youre looking for. Additionally, users now have greater control over notifications, which can now be set for specific contacts; people you dont know that send you messages will now show up in an Everything else folder, reminiscent of Facebooks Other folder.